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Free and Secure Way to Download Facebook Story with Music

Ways to Download Facebook Story on Desktop and Mobile

Free and Secure Way to Download Facebook Story with Music: Facebook is now one of the biggest story video-sharing platforms. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow users to download stories from the platform. Most Facebook users are concerned about this because stories only last 24 hours. The good news is that an app called Snaptube has been specially designed for you to bypass Facebook story downloading restrictions. With Snaptube you will be able to get the original audio and video quality of the video. Don’t skip this post, continue reading to learn why millions of people use Snaptube for Facebook story video downloads with music.

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Features of Snaptube Facebook Video Downloader App

We’ll first define Snaptube before getting right to the reasons why you should use it as your FB story saver with music. Snaptube is an all-in-one Android application that allows you to watch and download Facebook story video with music in high quality. Snaptube is very easy to use and reliable, and it is absolutely free; there are no in-app purchases or premium versions, so you will not have to pay anything.

How to download Facebook story without app

How to download Facebook story without app

Let’s go over the features of Snaptube that you can’t miss out on:

1. No sign-up or registration required: Snaptube does not require your personal information, you don’t need to sign up or log in regularly when you want to use the app.

2. Supported by over 50 platforms used daily: Snaptube has access to a plethora of video and photo-sharing platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, DailyMotion, 4shared, TikTok, and others.

3. HD videos and HQ music download: With the help of Snaptube you can download Facebook video stories with music in their best possible quality.

4. 100% free and unlimited Facebook music story download: One of the main features of Snaptube is that it is free and it comes with no restrictions. You can download as many Facebook stories as you want.

5. High speed and batch downloads: when it comes to downloading speed Snaptube beats all it also allows you to download batch files all at once.

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How to Download Facebook Story With Music Using Snaptube

When using Snaptube to download your favorite Facebook story you won’t go through any difficulty. Follow the steps and you will understand how to download Facebook story video with music in a few clicks.

1. Get the app from the Snaptube’s website: To start the process you have to download the Snaptube app on your Android phone. Since Snaptube is not available on PlayStore, kindly visit Snaptube’s website. On the website, you will be able to get the latest version of Snaptube.

Ways to Download Facebook Story on Desktop and Mobile

Ways to Download Facebook Story on Desktop and Mobile

Once on the page, click the Download button to download the apk file automatically. Similarly, you can download Snaptube from your phone’s app store, such as uptodown or apkpure.

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2. Install the Snaptube apk file: Since Android phones do not allow users to install applications from unknown sources to install Snaptube you will have to change this default setting.

Change your browser permission

Open your settings app on your android phone

Tap on Apps

Locate the browser

Tap on permissions

To change the permissions settings, select “Allow”

After granting access to your browser, locate the file, tap on it, and install it by following the on-screen instructions. Once the installation is complete, you can change this setting back to its default.

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3. Launch the Snaptube and log into your Facebook account: Launch the Snaptube app, then tap the Facebook icon on the “For You” page. Once you click the icon, the Facebook website will open. Log into your profile by providing the required information. After the first time, you don’t need to provide user login information to save a Facebook story.

Free and Secure Way to Download Facebook Story with Music

Free and Secure Way to Download Facebook Story with Music

4. Find the Facebook video story: Browse Facebook using Snaptube’s native interface to find the Facebook story you want. You won’t have any trouble finding the Facebook story because the Facebook interface on Snaptube is identical to the Facebook website and app.

How to Download Facebook Story with Music now

How to Download Facebook Story with Music now

Also, you can copy the URL or link for the Facebook story directly from your Facebook app and search for it on Snaptube by pasting the link into Snaptube’s search bar. Any of these two methods will yield the same results, so choose the one that works best for you.

5. Download the Facebook story with music: Every video on Snaptube includes a download button. Now, click the “Download” button and choose your video format and size. Wait for the video story to completely download; once completed, you can access the video on the “My Files” page whenever you want.

Download Facebook Story Online

Download Facebook Story Online

With these few steps, you should be able to get a Facebook music story download done in less than a minute.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Can I use Snaptube for Facebook videos download on my iPhone?

As of now, Snaptube is only available on Android devices. If you download Facebook story videos in high quality you can take advantage of a high-quality Facebook video downloader called FBVideoDown.

Q2. Why is Snaptube not on Google PlayStore

Google Play does not permit video download apps on its platform. Snaptube in all of its forms on Google Play is a forgery.

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