Best Law Apps: Top 12 Legal Apps for Lawyers & Law Students 2024

Do you wish to know the best law app for lawyers and law students in 2024? This article discloses the top 12 apps for lawyers, law students, barriers of the law and attorneys. Law is apparently one of the most prestigious professionals in the world currently but it is also one of the most difficult too. To be a good lawyer or law student you must be accustomed with the strenuous legal research process which every lawyer go through so as the equip your self whenever you come to the law court to defend a client or assert any legal right.

With the increase in technology, the world seems to have gone global and everything you need is at your thumb. Rather than running to physical libraries, looking for case laws, court documents, legal maxims, and other books that could help in legal practice, it’s easier to look it up, using the apps or the internet. Apps have made things easier as you could read any document, you want to, with or without data, depending on the app.

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Top 10 apps for lawyers and law students in 2023
Top 10 apps for lawyers and law students in 2023

Top 12 Most Popular And Best law apps for Lawyers and Law Students

As a law student/lawyer, there a variety of apps you need in practice and learning, and a few of them would be listed below:

1. LFN App (Laws Of the Federation of Nigeria): Accessing Nigeria’s vast and complex legal system has never been easier! LFN App is your one-stop solution for quick and optimized access to all the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria. Seamlessly navigate through an extensive collection of statutes, acts, regulations, and legal frameworks at your fingertips.

Legal apps for lawyers
Legal apps for lawyers

Here are some of the features of the software:

a. Enjoy offline access to 50+ Laws of the federation of Nigeria, international treaties, court rules and state laws.

b. Receive notifications when new laws are made or repealed by the state/national assembly.

c. In-built audio system to read out provisions of the law clearly.

d. Faster legal research with our easy-to-use bookmark feature.

2. B-Legal: is currently the best law app for lawyers and law students all over the world. It contains laws from different common law countries, legal dictionary (2nd Edition of the Black’s Law Dictionary), court Judgements and Law reports. Aside from the above, B-legal has other awesome features like: Legal notebooks, Legal dictums from notable judges, important principles of law etc. It is worthwhile to also note that B-Legal was developed by us (Bscholarly LLC) and we are working hard everyday to improve the features of the app.

B-Legal Law App for Lawyers and law students
B-Legal Law App for Lawyers and law students

Below are some of the significant features that should make you use the app:

a. Law reports for lawyers and law students from different common law jurisdiction.

b. Legal Tags for different fields of law to enable easier and faster legal research.

c. Notable law dictums and legal principles for legal practitioners in the field of litigation.

d. Acts, Constitutions and other Laws of different common law countries such as UK, US, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Australia, India, Ghana, South Africa and more (available offline).

e. Simplified legal dictionary with over 5,000 English and Latin terms from the second edition of the black’s law dictionary.

f. Law library for lawyers to store court judgements which are important to them.

g. Advance notebook for easier law practice.

3. Black’s Law Dictionary: It is a very big book. A law dictionary, and has the definition of almost every law related word. Due to the size, it is practically mission impossible to carry it everywhere, as you might need to know the definition of certain law related words. So, thanks to technology, it has been codified in an app.

 It can be downloaded in both android and iPhones for free. The dictionary has gone through several editions and is a very valuable app to lawyers who may need it for research and law students, for better understanding of law related words in law courses.

Download the Black’s Law Dictionary app here!

4. Lexisnexis Get Cases: a good app for researching cases, especially if you want to know the facts of the cases, the issues and what the court decided. It is free to download, however you may have to pay to subscribe. The only difficulty however, is that you have to search the case with their names and case number.

Some schools subscribe for the students and as long as you have the password, you can access it.

Download Lexisnexis for free here. 

5. ABA Journal:  Short for “the American bar association journal”. This app is for law students and lawyers and provides up to date information on legal news, legal articles, and recent legal news.

It also allows for sharing of articles and starring news to read later. It is available in android, and apple devices/ smart phones or laptops.

apps for lawyers
apps for lawyers

Download ABA Journal for Android here.

6. Law Dojo: This app is an app for testing your knowledge or quizzing yourself to know how well you know your courses. It comes with game-like quizzes, on torts, criminal law, evidence, real estate law and so on.  It is free, and available on android and apple devices.

useful apps for lawyers
useful apps for lawyers

Download this app here!

7. Drop Cloud: computer crashing is not something new, and it could happen to anybody. Drop cloud can serve as an alternative to store legal articles, notes, cases and lecture notes for safe keeping.

It is more dependable, would never crash and can be for as long as possible, even when you change your device or it gets stolen. The app is easy to download and doesn’t occupy much space. It is also operative on apple and android devices.

best law apps
best law apps

Download Drop Cloud for free here.

8. Scanner Pro: Scanning documents in hard copy can be stressful and time wasting. The documents could even go missing. Scanner Pro is an app dedicated to making scanning in soft copies, easier and faster. it is an app for scanning documents, and with your smartphone or laptop you can scan documents and keep them handy in your phone or computer.

apps to learn law
apps to learn law

This app is available for android devices here.

9. Ivoice: this is practically an app for recording voices. You could use it to record your voice, while doing revision or preparing for a speech. Even better, as a law student, it could be valuable for recording classes/ seminars, especially if you intend to listen to the class again. It is free and could be downloaded on smart phones (android and apple).

law apps in Google play store
law apps in Google play store

Download Ivoice from Google play store here!

10. Class Timetable: This is a sort of calendar-like app and good for timetabling. You could record dates and time for lectures, workshops, even seminars, and it takes it up from there, by reminding you. A very colorful and effective app; just what you need, to lead an organized life free from stress. Bother only about imputing these dates and schedules on the app.

apps lawyers in India, US, UK Australia, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria etc.
apps lawyers in India, US, UK Australia, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria etc.

Download the app for Android here!

11. Google Keep: This is an app that collects notes, checklists even pictures for reference purposes and even for safe keeping. It also records and translates user’s audios, into notes and converts them into document format. Instead of making notes in classes, you could simply record the class, and have ‘Google keep’, translate the audio into notes and save them in document format. Way to go. This app is available in android and apple devices.

best apps for lawyers and law students
best apps for lawyers and law students

Download Google Keep for Android users here!

 12. Study Blue: This app allows for creating online flash cards, study guides and quizzes. Like cloud, it is saved and backed up online, so even when the smart phone is missing or laptop is having issues, you could easily input your password and the document becomes available to you, without stress. This app uses data, and is available on android and apple devices.

Download Studyblue for Android here!

This list is not comprehensive, as there are other apps like forest, for helping you stay away from social media, ‘Spotify’, a music app known for its huge library of songs. It is important for clearing your mind and easing off stress, especially after reading or even before. Access is dependent on your subscription. There’s also ‘Goodnotes’, for importing pictures or files. It is available for apple products.

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Furthermore, there is ‘Ref me’, a powerful app used to store footnotes and references. It also has a scanning feature, as it allows scanning barcodes of physical books. ‘On the case’, also is an app for researching cases. Researching the cases could be by name, date or citation.  It makes researching law cases easy and fun. There is also ‘Evernote’, which allows you to type notes and sync them across various devices. It also has a feature that reads out your notes to you.

You can also create a to-do list of articles for later reading. It is available on App store, or Google store. Finally, there is ‘Squid’, an app that allows you to sketch ideas, using your fingers to sketch interface. It also affords for copying and pasting words from pages of your notes into the app. There is also the ‘zoom’ feature on the app, that allows you to view pictures clearly in the app. It is available on IOS and android devices.

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In conclusion, there are a thousand and one apps, created to aid legal studies and research. There are also apps that codify laws, like constitution of countries, acts of legislation and even common law rules. Even Latin legal maxims apps, to aid understanding legal maxims, when confronted with them in law court, classrooms, or in a random article, book or journal. Technology is already making the legal profession easier, in form of apps, and it would be a sin not to use them, when available.

Hope this article was helpful? So far, I believe I have mentioned and explained the best law app for lawyers and lawyers all over the world.

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