Most Beautiful States In Nigeria 2024 (With Pictures): Top 13

Most Beautiful States in Nigeria: Nigeria is considered the most populous black nation, with a population of over 190 million, 36 states, over 500 indigenous languages spoken there, over 250 different ethnic groupings, and a terrain of roughly 923,763 km². This nation is endowed with a variety of resources, including human resources, favorable weather, fertile land for agriculture, and natural tourist attractions.

Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory established in 1976, serves as the capital of this lovely country, Nigeria. The nation’s top industrial and commercial city is still Lagos State, which served as the nation’s previous capital. Nigeria is home to several stunning states and towns, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. Even if these stunning locations are worth visiting, picking one might be challenging.

The most stunning states in Nigeria are, however, those that stand out for their growth and exquisite beauty. These cities are not only home to lovely tourist attractions, but they also have excellent road systems and other types of infrastructure.

If you’re a foreigner wanting to spend a long holiday in Nigeria or a Nigerian awaiting a guest from another country and want to create a good impression, you should unquestionably choose to stay in one of the country’s most attractive states and have a great time. Therefore, we chose these states based on how stunning their capital cities are. Additionally, there is no specific order to this list because we evaluated each state’s attractiveness using a variety of factors.

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Top 13 Most Beautiful States in Nigeria 2024

1. Abuja: The most beautiful state in Nigeria is Abuja, often known as the Federal Capital Territory of the country. As the location of Nigeria’s executive branch, it is more than simply a state; it is a metropolis. The city has an amazing infrastructure and a stunning aesthetic that will leave you wanting more.

Top 10 most beautiful states in Nigeria
Top 10 most beautiful states in Nigeria

The largest park in the city, Millennium Park, is one of several parks and green spaces. In December 2003, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom gave the Millennium Park its formal opening.

The home of the Federal Capital Territory’s Minister is next to another open space park. We also have the city park, which has a ton of inside and outdoor attractions, including a 4D movie, a lawn tennis court, and a variety of restaurants.

2. Lagos State: This primarily Yoruba-speaking state features stunning road networks, amazing night lighting systems, and connecting bridges. This state earned its spot on our list because of the effective utilization of its resources, which allowed for the development of spectacular infrastructure.

Which states is most beautiful in Nigeria
Which states is most beautiful in Nigeria

Lagos was previously the capital of Nigeria and ought should be a developed state as a result. Numerous popular tourist attractions and some of the biggest businesses in Nigeria are found in Lagos State.

The capital of Lagos, Ikeja, is by far the most picturesque town in the city thanks to several well-known buildings including the Ikeja City Mall. Lagos also has a great selection of resorts, hotels, and other places to unwind that boost the state’s GDP and appeal.

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3. Rivers State: This state is renowned for its great waterways and aquatic life. It also offers a stunning nighttime landscape due to its thriving nightlife.

10 Most Beautiful States in Nigeria
10 Most Beautiful States in Nigeria

Nigerian states that produce oil include Rivers State. The name “garden city” refers to the brilliance and elegance of the state capital- Portharcourt. One of Rivers State’s most picturesque locations is Bonny Island, which is situated on the southernmost tip of the Atlantic Ocean. Finima Beach and Bonny Nature Park are only two of Rivers State’s enticing attractions.

4. Akwa Ibom State: One of the nation’s most picturesque states is Akwa Ibom, popularly referred to as the Land of Promise. Uyo, which has lovely scenery and a good road system, is where the state’s capital is situated.
Akwa-Ibom has welcomed a fair amount of visitors due to its appeal, which is a result of its urbanization.

Which state has the most beautiful road in Nigeria
Which state has the most beautiful road in Nigeria

The state now has several popular tourist destinations, including Ibom Plaza Uyo, Ibeno Beach, the National Museum Yo, Lord Lugard’s Residence, and others, owing to its efficient road system and well-built structures. Godswill Akpabio Stadium, which is well-known, is located in the state. Such a state ought to be kind and accommodating, of course.

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5. Enugu State: This charming state in Nigeria has a magnificent capital city with appealing features and a pleasant atmosphere. Because of its stunning beauty and welcoming way of life, it is one of the most sought-after states to visit.

Which part of Nigeria is beautiful
Which part of Nigeria is beautiful

It is a well-liked travel destination for tourists from across the world because of its hotels, which are said to provide one of the greatest levels of comfort. Its capital city has beautiful terrain and other positive attributes. New Haven, Achara Layout, Enugu GRA, and Independence Layout are a few of the state’s most picturesque locations.

6. Kaduna State: The River Kaduna, one of Nigeria’s major rivers, is the source of the state’s name. Green meadows, a few small trees, and bushes are the state’s defining features.

Top 36 most beautiful state in Nigeria
Top most beautiful state in Nigeria

The third-largest city in terms of landmass is Kaduna, which is situated in the country’s north. This state in Nigeria is stunning, and the numerous tourist attractions there only serve to enhance its attractiveness. These fascinating places include the Matsirga waterfall, the Kamuku National Park, the Kaduna Museum, the Kajuru Castle, the Lugard Footbridge, the Trapco Ranch and Resort, and many others.

There is something for everyone, from museums to castles, towns, and waterfalls. There are several sights to see in Kaduna, one of the stunning states of Nigeria.

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7. Cross River State: The southernmost state of Nigeria, Cross River State, is home to numerous stunning locations. Carnivals, museums, hotels, resorts, botanical gardens, seaports, aquariums, and many more may be found in the state.

The most beautiful state in Igbo land
The most beautiful state in Igbo land

It has several wonderful tourist attractions, including the National Museum, the Obudu Cattle Ranch Kwa Waterfalls, Cross River National Park, the Slave Museum, Mary Slessor’s House, her statue, her grave, and many others.

8. Ondo State: Akure, the capital of Ondo State, is one of the most lovely cities in the South West. The capital’s picturesque and unspoiled surroundings are well recognized. The Yoruba tribe calls Ondo State, often known as the Sunshine State, home.

20 most beautiful state in Nigeria
most beautiful state in Nigeria

One of Nigeria’s most stunning states is Ondo. The spectacular natural environs of Akure, the country’s capital, are well known. With rocks dating back to 900 BC, a forest, cocoa, waterfalls, cotton fields, tobacco plantations, and beautiful hills in an urban setting, Ondo State has a fascinating past.

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9. Plateau State: Plateau State, which is located in North Central Nigeria, is frequently referred to as the “northern pearl.” Its beauty transcends the ordinary since it boasts one of Nigeria’s coolest temperatures.

Top 15 finest state in Nigeria
Top finest state in Nigeria

The state is well-known for its abundant columbite mineral deposits, unique fruits and vegetables, and a well-planned road system, which adds to the appeal. Assop Waterfalls, Shere Hills, Riyom Rocks, Wase Rock, National Museum, Kahwang Rock Formation, and Kurra Falls are a few other popular tourist destinations.

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10. Delta State: The oil-rich Delta state is renowned for its natural beauty, particularly in the Warri region. With a functional road system and well-built contemporary structures, the group has produced a masterpiece. The football team Warri Wolves calls the 20000-seat Warri Township stadium home.

the most beautiful state capital in nigeria
the most beautiful state capital in nigeria

The top two modern markets are the Delta Shopping Mall and Uwie Modern Market. The Olu of Warri’s palace, Chief Nana’s Palace, Effurun Garden Park, Abraka River Resort, and the motel to the Golden Tulip Hotels are just a few of the many tourist attractions in Delta.

11. Imo State: Imo State, often known as the Eastern Heartland, is one of Nigeria’s most picturesque states. The Glory of the East is the nickname for Owerri, the state capital. The city is beautiful, with a thriving nightlife and top-notch lighting. The city’s structures are extremely beautiful, and the atmosphere is thoughtfully arranged.

Most Beautiful State In Nigeria That Are Fast Developing
Most Beautiful State In Nigeria That Are Fast Developing

As you approach Owerri, the breathtaking view of the Maria Assumption Cathedral welcomes you. Owerri, the capital of Imo State, is one of the most picturesque cities in the nation and is the location of the renowned Oguta Lake, the Ada Palm plantation, and the Mbari Cultural and Art Centre. The famous Ada Palm plantation is arguably one of the most commercially successful oil palm plantations in West Africa.

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12. Anambra State: In the southeast of Nigeria sits the state of Anambra. The name “Anambra” is an anglicised version of the original title “Oma Mbala,” which is the native name of the Anambra River, which flows through the region and is a tributary of the Niger River, and is based on their oral tradition.

Most Beautiful States In Nigeria And What Makes Them So Special
Most Beautiful States In Nigeria And What Makes Them So Special

Awka serves as the state’s capital. The territory surrounding Awka, which was originally covered in tropical forest, now primarily consists of forested grassland. Awka is located along routes heading from Owerri, Umuahia, Onitsha, and Enugu.
97% of the people in Anambra State are Igbo people, who are renowned for their tenacity and deep love for entrepreneurship. Some evidence of soil erosion and gullying can be found south of the town on the slopes of the Awka-Orlu Uplands.

The Anambra Igbo frequently emigrate to other states in Nigeria and to other parts of the globe. They stand out in all their endeavours no matter where they reside because of their diligence, modesty, and entrepreneurial zeal. “Light of the nation” is Anambra State’s motto.

13. Edo State: The historic state of Edo, which is rich in culture, is the heartbeat of the country. It is the home to many different ethnic groups and was formed in 1991 from the former Bendel state. Benin City is the seat of government for Edo State. In Edo State, Islam and Christianity are the two main faiths.

The most beautiful state in South East Nigeria
The most beautiful state in South East Nigeria

The principal hub for tourist attractions has long been Benin City. There are several tourist attractions in this lovely state, including the Okomu National Park, the National Museum, waterfalls, and Ososo tourism. Several processing facilities and a pancake rubber mill are also located in Benin City.

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Conclusion: Nigeria is renowned for its food, entrepreneurial drive, and oil output. It is the home of a vivacious and welcoming spirit that manifests itself through a wide range of artistic expression. Additionally, its diverse cuisines, islands, beaches, and other natural features make it a special place to visit.

Lists of Nigeria’s most beautiful states are provided on this page. So, if you’re seeking the most beautiful states in Nigeria with the best cities that are well-developed, we encourage you to check out any of the previously listed urbanized and attractive states.