Best Dance Schools In India 2024: Top 11 Most Popular

Best Dance Schools In India: India is which is also the republic of India, is a country in South Asia or an Asian continent and it has a very large population. It is a democratic and constitutional country. It has diverse languages, cultures, traditions, beliefs, religion and also different forest areas. It has also made some advancements in technology. Dance schools are formal institutions or organized program where people are educated, trained and prepared to pursue careers and advance in dancing or become professionals in dancing. It is a structured system where the students learn and  are tested in quizzes, competitions, dance shows or chromatography. Dancing can be a form of creativity, physical exercise, leisure or fun activity. Most people who come together in the school connect, socialize and learn various dancing techniques from their instructors or teachers.

Best Academies to learn Indian Classical Dance Forms
Best Academies to learn Indian Classical Dance Forms

Dancing is a way or method that helps us explore other aspects of life and express ourselves through some body movement or style. Even though it may or may not be an innate virtue which may come naturally to some set of people who may decide to channel their passion and skill to become professional dancers or teachers to those who are keen to learn. Dancing is becoming more acknowledged and recognized in different areas, it is not just a way of entertaining or recreational activity, it goes beyond that.

Dancing communicates stories both ancient and modern, it depicts the feelings or thoughts of the dancer. In this modern age, dancing has gone through a lot of changes and innovations to bring out lovely dance styles suitable or specific to an individua. Some dancing schools award their students with degrees or certificates in dancing, dancing is a beautiful art. Below are listed some dancing schools in India, we will look at a few popular schools and they are:

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Top 11 Best Dance Schools In India 2024

1. The Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan, Bangalore: In this organized and prestigious school, it is known for its standard educational curriculum in the cultural dancing styles of Bharatanatyam and Kathak, Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan is recognized to be one of the finest dance academies in India. It is the main point for tribal and classical dance performance and gives a solid platform for aspiring dancers.

What are some good dance institutes in india?
What are some good dance institutes in india?

2. The Veve Dance, Mumbai: This is situated or can be found on the Charni road in Andheri. Veve dancing academy is the prescribed representative of Egypt embassy. It specifically trains the students on the dance technique called belly dancing the institution is acknowledged because of it distinguishing and various qualifications and merits in belly dancing style in India. It portrays a lot about the Egyptian culture and vibes and performances are both in national and international countries.

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3. The Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai: This approved institute is an affiliation to the University of Mumbai, Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya which is accepted to be a premier institute for the performing arts. It is known or renowned as India’s exquisite institute for classical dance features a lot of tribal and classical dances.

Best Hip hop dance Academy in India
Best Hip hop dance Academy in India

4. The Ballet Repertoire Academy of India, Mumbai: This situated in Dadar, Mumbai. A Ballet Repertoire Academy of Dance known for its solid ground in the western dance form of ballet. This is owned and mentored by The dancing ballerina of India, India’s finest and excellent ballerina Eva Bharucha, is the only agent and representative in the several ballet classes and she teaches a standard work.

Best Dance Institutes in India
Best Dance Institutes in India

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5. The Sri Thyagaraja College of Music and Dance: It is situated in the city of Hyderabad, it offers courses in thirteen various disciplines of Indian classical dance and music, Sri Tyagaraja college is reckoned as one of the best colleges in India.  It is renowned for the courses offered and taught in Kuchipudi.

6. The Latin Dance India: It is situated in Bangalore Latin dance school. This is one of India’s most prominent name in the salsa part of India. This has been home to some of the best salsa dancers in India, LDI has won many awards in this kind of dance. It also propagates western dance performance.

Top Dance Schools in India That Can Build Your Child’s Career in Dance
Top Dance Schools in India That Can Build Your Child’s Career in Dance

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7. The National Institute of Kathak Dance: This is well known as Kathak Kendra, National Institute of Kathak. This type of Kathak dance is located in Delhi and was established or inaugrated  in the year 1964. It stands to be premier and acknowledged dance institution offering Indian classical dance kind of Kathak. The ITA school of performing arts: This is underneath the umbrella of Indian television academy, ITA school of performing arts is well known as ITASPA.

It was once under the leadership of former lead dancer Saroj Khan. It is considered to be the highest dance school that has produced a lot of stars in dancing and it is situated in Mumbai. It provides or offers various courses like basic, advanced, pro and crash courses. The institution offers a variety of courses in semi-classical, hip hop, jazz, Latin American styles and others.

Which is the No 1 dance institute in India?
Which is the No 1 dance institute in India?

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8. Nrityanjali Institute of Performing Arts:
This institute is under the tutelage and administration of Dr. Tushar Guha, Nrityanjali institution of Performing arts is situated in Mumbai and particularly deals on Indian folk and classical dance techniques.

9. The Delhi Dance Academy: It was established or inaugrated in the year 2008 by Shree Bhupinder Singh who is the main administrator of the institute. The Delhi dance academy is sponsored by the government. The Delhi dance academy intends to allow essential dance education and high-class professional infrastructure at low rates. The academy provides specifically on educational practice on a diversity of dance forms and it also intermingles the real essence or flavor of ethnic and western dance techniques or forms to produce an excellent dance performance.

Best classical dance school in India
Dance Colleges in India

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10. Les Danseuses Academy: It is a fantastic dance academy in Pune to fulfill your dancing dreams. Les Danseuses Academy offers a whole new range of modern and ballet dance classes in Pune. They provide professional dancing classes and trainings under good experts for children and adult.Les Danseuses Academy jolds their classes in Pune Maharashtra.

Les Danseuses Academy is one of the approved and best dance academy in Pune to fulfill your dancing dreams. It’s only dance academy in Pune which conduct CSTD Exams and provide certification. Ballet is an art form or dance style that helps teach a person a plethora of physical, mental, and emotional skills or techniques suitable for children and adults. It provides one of the best and acknowledged ballet dance classes in pune. They showcase their dance styles and pass on professional knowledge to the learners.

11. Flyerz dance academy: A suitable place to learn modern moves in Chennai is Flyerz dance academy. They  have made name for themselves and have become a recommended dance academy for young people. The academy attracts a number of people and has choreographers and dancers over the years.

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In conclusion, India is known for its diverse cultural dance performances and it organizes program or institutes to teach the interested participants or students. Any person who puts their mind and efforts in any of these acclaimed schools becomes one of the best in the field and can also train other people. Dancing is not just a recreational activity or skill, or a form of exercise, it bothers on a lot of vast areas, dancing has brought positive expression, money, fame, friends and a lot of advantages to many individuals who have ventured into the art of dancing. It is good to gain such knowledge or skill of dancing.

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