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Best Law Firms In Kenya 2021: Top 10

best law firms in Kenya

Top ten Best Law Firms In Kenya: Law firms are needed in the legal industry. They are firms headed and owned by lawyers with the aim of providing legal services like; representing people who come to them for legal representation, provision of legal advice, offering solicitors services, and in return collect fees from them. The people who come to firms for such services are called ‘clients’ or ‘prospective clients’.

There are a vast number of firms in Kenya, and choosing top ten from the list is going to be herculean. However, the major criteria which will be used in determining the best top ten are popularity, size and confidence.

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The top ten best law firms in Kenya are:

1. RAALC law Firm: Co-owned by Ehab Essam being the CEO, this firm has been in existence for thirty years. They pride in raising the standard of ethics and work, whilst providing quality services to their clients. The law firm also combines technology with law, with the aim of serving their customers better.

RAAC law firm has a variety of refined lawyers from all over the world, with passion for excellence. They offer expertise in criminal law, litigation and dispute resolution, banking and finance, arbitration and Mediation, Insurance, Trademark registration, Real estate, Intellectual property law, Corporate and Commercial law, Taxation law, Maritime, Aviation law, Construction and infrastructure, Medical negligence, Global hotels.


Their services include giving legal counsels, legal training, offering advice on exit strategies for business and taxation and accounting services. It is important to note that the firm has up to two hundred and forty nine employees.

2. Miller and Company: This firm, formed in 1998, comprises of highly qualified lawyers/ professionals up to date with recent technologies. Miller and Company, is known for its accessibility and has branches in Nairobi office and Mombasa, both in Kenya.

best law firms in Kenya

best law firms in Kenya

They offer services in the following areas:

Alternative dispute

Media, Advertising and Marketing

Corporate practice and company law

Commercial law

Criminal law

Employment and labour relations law

Environment law

Intellectual property law

Health law

Real estate law

Banking and financial institutions

Election petitions

Cross border practice

Agribusiness and investment law


Mining and natural resources.

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3. Musyimi & Company: Musyimi & Company was initially established with conveyancing as its sole practice with corporate clients. However, over the years the company expanded its services and grew other departments as its client base increased along with expansion to other states.

top law firms in Kenya

top law firms in Kenya

The firm is a value driven law firm, aimed at ensuring the efficient rendering of legal services to clients. It is note -worthy that the company has been in existence for over twenty four years and has served in twenty countries.

The practice areas of the firm include; adoptions & guardianship, commercial and corporate law, convenyancing and property law, litigation, family law, and mediation. It is located in Nairobi, kenya.

4. Coulson Harney LLP: This is one of the biggest law firms in Kenya, it is known for having quality legal services, premium customer service and quality representation.

best law chambers in Kenya

best law chambers in Kenya

The firm, partnering with Bowman Gilfilan, since 2009, has ensured that the reputation of the company is at its highest given their progress so far with their actions in court and outside, with regards to the cases of their clients.

Areas of specialization include dispute resolution, intellectual property, corporate and commercial, banking and finance.

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5. Denton Hamilton Harrison & Mathews (HH&M): It has been in existence since 1902, and over the years, has built a reputation of excellence and innovation. Therefore, it is usually a ‘go- to’ firm for prospective clients in need of legal services, due to its continuity, reputation, and experience in the legal field. It is often referred to as “home of experts”, as they only employ the best of the best.

which law firm is the best in Kenya 2021

which law firm is the best in Kenya 2021

The areas of specialization include; Arbitration, Business set up;, Trust and consumer protection, Constitutional and Administration,  Employment and employee benefits, Estate planning, Mergers and Acquisition, Joint ventures and private equity, Restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy.

6. Walker kontos: This firm was founded on 1988 and has since then strived for excellence. Reputably, it is inarguably one of the best law firms in Kenya and has been recognized as such by reputable journals, two of which are Legal 500 and IFLR.

free legal aid in Kenya

free legal aid in Kenya

Walter Kontos law firm has experienced expansion as they have grown and extended their services to East, Central and West Africa. They also have great expertise in:

Banking , finance and administration law

Corporate and project finance

Capital markets

Banking and Complex real estate

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7. Iseme, Kamau & Maema (IKM) Advocates: This firm was founded by late Micheal Iseme, in 1987 and it ranks among the best law firms in Kenya. This is no surprise as the firm is in alliance with DLA piper, another strong law firm. Two heads they say are better than one.

8. Prof Albert Mumma & Company Advocates: Prof Albert mumma & company advocates is one of the best law firms in kenya. They are reputed for quality consultation and representation of clients in their best capacity.

Their areas of specialization include; Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Public- private partnerships, Property law, construction law and governance, Employment and labor relations, Public procurement, and Non- profit organization law.

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9. Mmc Law Africa: MMC, formerly known as Muriu Mungai and Company advocates is a law firm ranked among the top best law firms in Kenya. It was created in 1995, and has since then strived for excellence. This has paid off, as the company now expanded, leading to it having two headquarters in Nairobi and in Mombasa.

The firm is a strong believer of giving back to the society, and helps in its way to empower the populace.

The areas of specialization include:

Mergers and Acquisition

Intellectual property

Banking law

Finance law

Real estate law

Dispute resolution

Due diligence

Labour law and employment law


10. Daly and Inamdar Advocates: Daly and Inamdar Advocate is one of the best law firms in Kenya and has branches in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya. The law firm is a merger of two of the strongest and oldest firm in Kenya namely, Daly and Figgis.

One important feature of this firm is its love for the community, as they always source means of giving back to the community. A few of their charity works are:

Operation smile: this is a charity work aimed at providing surgeries to correct deformities in children.

The standard chartered Nairobi Marathon

Safricom Challenge/ Lewa Foundation: a charity project for building schools for the Lewa community.

The areas which the firm specializes in include:

Dispute resolution

Providing legal services and backing in real estate and construction


Privatization and projects

Banking and finance

Capital market

Foreign direct investment


Mining and energy


Regulatory compliance


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In conclusion, there are so many law firms in Kenya, and in making a choice as to which firm you would like to patronize, it is important to note their area of specialization as it would be important to helping your case. When you want the best, you see for experts in that field. The law firms listed above, are no doubt the best in the field they major in.

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