Differences Between Hardwares and Softwares (With Examples)

Meaning and Differences Between Hardwares and Softwares: In our Modern society, technological advancements, internet connectivity, and a couple of other personal or office tasks has made it essential for us to either have or make use of a Computer System.

A Computer System  can be defined as an Electronic device which input, output, process, and store information. Such a Computer system is made up of two major components, namely: Hardware and Software. It is therefore imperative we consider the meaning of these components of a Computer System.

differences between hardware and software
differences between hardware and software

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Meaning of Hardware

A Hardware otherwise known as Computer Hardware is the physical component which a computer system needs to function or operate properly. In other words, a Hardware refers to the physical and visible components which make up a Computer system.

hardware vs Software
hardware vs Software

These physical components of a Computer System includes: Monitor (for display), CPU (The Central Processing Unit used for Interpreting and executing commands of the Computer), Keyboard (for inputting text into the Computer system), Mouse (an input device), Hard disk (for storing data), Printer (for printing out data from the Computer System), RAM (for storing and processing information).

Other types of Computer Hardware includes: Desktop image Scanner (an input device for transferring images to a Computer), USB Flash drive (a storage device for a Computer system), Joystick (an Input device for a Computer game), Projector (an external device which enables one to experience visuals generated from a Computer), Speakers (an Output device used for listening to Audio and videos in a Computer), and Motherboard (a Hardware Component which houses the Central processing Unit of the Computer).

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Meaning of Softwares

A Software is a set of instructions, programs, procedures, and data which tells the Computer system what to do, direct the Computer Hardware to perform a task, and is necessary for the operation of the Computer System.

Meaning of software and hardware
Meaning of software and hardware

A Software may also be defined as a programming code which is executed on the Computer hardware for facilitating the Completion of a task by a Computer System. An example of  Software include: System Software such as Operating System (Windows, Mac Os), Utility software (Debuggers), Firmware (Basic Input and Output System BIOS) and Application Software such as Word Processors, Multimedia software, Spreadsheet, Graphics, Web Browsers, M.S Word, and Email clients.   

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Differences Between Hardwares and Softwares

The following are the differences which exists between a Hardware and a Software:

similarities between software and hardware
similarities between software and hardware

1. A Hardware is physical, that is to say that you can see, touch and handle it, while a Software is virtual, that is to say that it can only be seen but not touched.

2. A hardware is tangible and may be fragile, while a Software is intangible.

3. A hardware can be easily damaged, and when damaged can be replaced with a new hardware component. For example, if my Keyboard spoils; i can replace it with a new keyboard. On the other hand, a Software can also be damaged. However, when damaged unlike a hardware such Software cannot be physically replaced with a new software, rather it can only be reinstalled.

4. A hardware is developed using electronic and computerized materials. In other words, a hardware is manufactured or produced, whereas a Software is developed using a programming Language.

5. As the definition illustrated, a Hardware is the physical element of the Computer, but a software is just the programs or collection of instructions necessary to tell the computer how to perform a task.

6. A Software is susceptible to virus, whereas a Hardware cannot be susceptible to Virus.

7. A Computer Hardware Component may wear off over time, while a Software can never wear off, it may only be affected by virus, bugs, and glitches.

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8. A Hardware maybe either an input device, Output device, Secondary storage, or Internal Component. But a Software may be either System or Application Software.

9. A hardware can be moved from one place to another, while a Software cannot be moved from one place to another.

10. As illustrated in the aforementioned difference, a Software may only be moved or transferred electrically. A Hardware on the other hand, cannot be transferred electrically.

11. A hardware majorly operates outside and within (inside) a computer system, while a software just operates within the Computer System.

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In Conclusion, in the light of the contents of this Article, I trust you now understand and have knowledge of the differences between a Computer Hardware and Software? It is further important to note that both a Computer Hardware and Software are very instrumental to the proper functioning of a Computer System, as a Hardware cannot perform any task without a software, and vice versa. Thus, these two components which make up a Computer are simultaneously important to the proper functioning of a Computer System.