How To Develop a Good Sense Of Humor: 11 Tips

How To Develop a Good Sense Of Humor: Sense of humor is the quality of a person to find certain things funny. It also extends to the ability of a person to create and appreciate humor out of something or events. Why is sense of humor even a thing for consideration? Having great sense of humor is 1a commendable and admirable attribute. It is in fact one of the attributes that dictates one’s level of smartness and one’s ability to Comprehend. Not having sense of humor would keep one behind others in certain given occasions.

Why having a good sense of humor is essential in life
Why having a good sense of humor is essential in life

In fact, a person with great sense of humor is naturally ahead somewhat. People who have great sense of humor are enjoyable. They are the people’s choice. Ladies prefer guys with great sense of humor and it is the same for guys. People with great sense of humour can be free-hearted and easier to relate with.

They tend to be very understanding. They can be innovative and insightful. They tend to be happier and will always grab the fun in every giving circumstance. The quality of having great sense of humor can be inherent. Some people manifest this attribute with little or no effort. Being inherent, it can be developed, and working for its development does not necessarily require a conscious exercise.

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How To Develop a Good Sense Of Humor

1. Stay connected and updated: You would be missing a lot of humor if you are not connected and updated. Staying Connected affords you opportunity to stay informed. Humors are created from the events happening in life. It could be from trends and past occurrences, and this is always the case. You will not be able to perceive humor or relate to certain jokes if you do not know about the trends or history.

Ways To Develop A Good Sense Of Humor And Impress Others
Ways To Develop A Good Sense Of Humor And Impress Others

If you desire to develop a good sense of humor, you have to operate at the same pace with the happenings around you and beyond. Stay Connected with the world, follow trends; be it politics, incidents, misfortunes, Medias and so on. Get interested to grab every bit of information.

2. Listen to and watch Comedies: Comedies are humor defined. There are people who make their money with their great sense of humor. Comedians are able to distill information that is capable of inducing laughter on the crowd and present it in a humorous manner. This is a lot of skill and ability. Constantly engaging yourself with watching stand up comedies, drama and Comedy Clips will contribute massively to the development of your sense of humor.

One is that it is a very interesting engagement. You get yourself relaxed while learning the skill effortlessly. Stand up comedies are most recommended. As you pay attention to the information, process them and find the fun in them, your sense of humor develops. This also contributes a lot to your level of understanding and smartness. You can also get updates from comedies because majority of the comedians base their contents on real life happenings in a humorous manner.

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3. Associate with humorous people: Sense of humor can be infections. When you associate yourself with people that have great sense of humor, one is that you will be having the most fun filled time.

How to Be Funny
How to Be Funny

Another is that your sense of humor will surely improve. You will get to learn subconsciously how they distill humors from every little piece and how they are quick at perceiving humors. One can easily learn by association all the time.

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4. The use of certain literary figures: Humors are life outside the real life; they are never to be taken serious and depend wholly on how you present your jokes. You can make use of exaggeration where suitable and even understatement. There are similes and metaphors to use. Then, here comes your vocal tone.

Mood, tone and choice of language are what define humor. This can be tricky if you are not skilled. You can create humor by using Sarcasm. It is your mood, tone and diction that prescribes what it actually is, whether a joke or something mean. It also requires the knowledge of this to perceive humor.

5. Test your Jokes: Yes, jokes can be put to test. You can start by testing it on yourself. Is the content funny to you? Then ask yourself whether it is possible for others to find it funny. You can then proceed to telling the joke to your close pals and a fewer number of persons. You must learn to make your jokes at the right time otherwise it becomes something else.

Ways to Encourage Your Child's Sense of Humor
Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Sense of Humor

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6. See the funny side of every thing: There is always funny a side to everything, even at worst situations. Try to identify the funny aspect of the situation. You can achieve this by being perceptional from the all sides. Look at things from the other angle. It’s that simple.

7. Don’t try too hard: Humors are meant to flow smoothly. If it is not funny, it is not funny. You can always pretend that it was not a joke if you find yourself trying too hard to create a humor. You can always try again at another time. And when you do not perceive a joke instantly, there is nothing embarrassing about it on the surface unless if others got the joke but you did not. But then, you can always ask for explanation even though you may be fighting for your pride. But you have got nothing to loose, rather you get developed when the explanation is given.

Ways to Develop a Sense of Humor
Ways to Develop a Sense of Humor

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8. Render you humor at the right time: The setting (place) of rendering your jokes is as much important as the joke itself. You can always throw in jokes to light up the environment but the setting matters lot. Knowing this will save a lot of embarrassment and the mastery of setting is a boost to your sense of humor.

Jokes must be due and not timely. Sometimes it is not about what you say but when and how you present it.

9. Mood: The mood for creating and perceiving humor ought to be a relaxed one. Jokes are never serious; they can only be expensive. The mood therefore should be less formal in manner that one can effortlessly tell that humor is being distilled.

Tips to Improve your Sense of Humor
Tips to Improve your Sense of Humor

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10. Be mindful of crossing the line: Jokes that are two sensitive can be too expensive. Personal jokes must be avoided. If they so interest you that you would die if you do not tell the joke, you should begin the joke with a Caveat. This goes hand in hand with great sense of humor. It is about knowing what to say, when to and how.

11. Accept Humors: If your sense of humor must be developed, you have to be open to taking Jokes. Jokes are not to be taken personal. You just need to perceive the funny side of it and laugh it off even if it was directed at you. If you are too sensitive to Jokes, that’s a poor sense of humour that you have got. To develop your sense of humor, you must learn to see jokes as one and react to it accordingly by laughing it off.

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Having a great sense of humor is a bonus to easy life. It presents before you a life filled with fun, peace and understanding. It is an attribute which is inherent on every person although the level in each person may differ, hence the need for working towards its development.