How To Avoid Being Friend Zoned by a Girl: 11 Tips

How To Avoid Being Friend Zoned by a Girl: Friendzone or friend zone is in popular culture, a conceptual situation, or place which is describing a situation whereby one person who is in a mutual friendship with the other, wishes to make the friendship more by making it a romantic relationship or probably sexual with the other person meanwhile the other person does not want it to be so. Such person who gets friend zoned could either be a boy or a girl but for the purpose of this article, we would be discussing how to avoid being friend zoned by a girl.

Ways Nice Guys Can Avoid The Friend-Zone
Ways Nice Guys Can Avoid The Friend-Zone

The concept of friend zone has been greatly criticized especially by the misogynistic, owing to the fact that they belief that the concept of friend zone implies an exception that the woman should get romantically involved with a man she has no interest in just because he is has been a nice guy to her, this shouldn’t be so. A woman should romantically be with a guy because she wants to and not because of any obligation.

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How To Avoid/Escape Being Friend Zoned by a Girl

The nightmare of being in the friend zone is really traumatizing and most times regardless of how much you try to avoid the nightmare, you may get to experience it. Girls could comfortably mislead a guy into believing she is interested in him while she is not. It’s about time guys stop falling into this trap and brace themselves then learn how to avoid being in such situation. Below is how to avoid being friend zoned, they are:

1. Break the ‘nice guy’ or ‘best friend’ stereotype: Most of the time, the guys who lands in the friend zone circle are those who adopts the ‘nice guy’ or the best friend’ role. Once this situation arises, it could be very difficult to express how you truly feel about her because from the beginning you have already set yourself in the part that is difficult to get free of.

How to deal with being friendzoned
How to deal with being friendzoned

However, one could still get out of this zone but you have to let your crush know about your feelings and that you want to be more than just friend but this is not certain as it could jeopardize your relationship with her.

2. Getting too Close: Most men do make the mistake of getting too close to a girl on a normal level. Doing this and getting too close to a girl on a very comfortable platonic level is not healthy and greatly ruin ones desire to not be in the friend zone.

One may think that doing such is the best bet and would get the girl to know you better. She will know you better of course but as a friend and that just where it will end friendship.

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3. Be a friend with a difference: Guys make a mistake of trying to be just like her other friends, especially filling in the gap of her female friends but this is just an express ticket to being in the friend zone and probably when you make your intentions clear or known, she wouldn’t want to jeopardize the relationship she already has with you. If you must be her friend, do not talk nonsense for hours or waste time talking about her personal problems.

Ways To Make Sure You Never (Ever) Get Friendzoned
Ways To Make Sure You Never (Ever) Get Friendzoned

Instead talk about places which she has visited, the movies she has watched, the plans she has made for the weekend. Talk about the normal things people talk about in dates or talk about dates with her, she will notice the chemistry in the air.

4. Talking to Her When She is Alone: When her other friends are around, talk to her if you must but if not, just avoid talking to her. This is because you cannot ask her out when she is around bevy friends therefore you should try talking to her when you are alone with her.

 golden rules to avoid being friend zoned
golden rules to avoid being friend zoned

When alone, do not forget to turn on your charm then impress her. You could also chat her up. If in the process of talking to her alone a friend comes by, you could make a joke out of it and say something like “just when I thought I would have some alone time with you”, then laugh. By doing so, you have passed across your massage.

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5. Complement Her When She Deserves It: Women loves to be flattered, therefore doing so would get you her attention and put you on her good side. Whenever you get the opportunity, flatter her pants off; when and if she looks good let her know she looks hot. When she dresses up to go out, remind her she looks her best.

How To Avoid Being Friend Zoned by a Girl
How To Avoid Being Friend Zoned by a Girl

If by chance you see a hint of cleavage and you are caught staring, just laugh or smile while apologizing and telling her you couldn’t resist such beauty. Do this while also giving out a few sexual remakes and you will not be friend zoned.

6. Treat and Touch Her Like Your Girlfriend: When implementing this method, you have to be careful. Treat her like your girl but do so respectfully and respect her boundaries. The ways to do these are by clasping her hand while you cross the street, open doors for her when it’s just the two of you.

How to Avoid the Friend Zone and Make Her Desire You
How to Avoid the Friend Zone and Make Her Desire You

Make her feel like a queen and give her all the attention and I bet you she would love it. However, when you have friends around, do not give her any form of preferential treatment, this way, you are making her realize that you are special to her only when it’s just the two of you.

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7. Make Her Feel Special and Exclusive: There are ways to achieving this and one of them is through gifting. Gift her something which is personal and probably small and do not forget to tell her to keep it secret. When secrets are created, sexual chemistry are being built and the suspense comfortably leads to romance.

8. Jokingly ask her out: When in a conversation, you could bring up the topic of asking her out probably for coffee or for launch, then get her responds. When she does respond, change the topic within few seconds, and continue with the conversation.

You could also probably not wait for her answer and make it seem like a joke that you asked  but this will leave her wondering if you really want to date her or not. Try to avoid making things awkward by waiting for a while before speaking up. The aim is to keep it simple and funny yet revealing the intentions and all the thoughts in your mind.

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9. Give Her Some Space: In as much as you love being around her and spending time with her, one of the basic keys to capturing her attention is by letting her feel your absence and the incompleteness which comes with it. In other words, you could limit the attention you give to her and allow her miss you and also realize how much she cares about you.

10. Don’t Be Her Pretend Boyfriend: Regardless of how much you are tempted to be her boyfriend, do not go through the part of being her pretend boyfriend. Allowing her to treat you as her boyfriend when you are not, gives her the leverage of being in a relationship with you, when she is not, and also gives her the perks of being single.

An example is if you are taking her out on nice dinner paying for her drinks and all, she might think she could eat her cake and still have it, and this is because she gets all the benefits of a relationship without having to be in one. If you are doing this, then take a step backwards in other to put yourself in the right position you want to be in.

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11. Appear attractive to the other person: You ever wondered why the person you are attracted to isn’t as attracted to you? The main reason isn’t that you ended up being just friends. I know women who are attracted to their friends but will never go ahead to tell them, this is because their friends have made themselves attractive. Merely creating a feeling of attraction and comfort (like a friend should) isn’t going to do much for you as regards attraction, lust and seduction. In this way, the individual simply does not awaken the chemistry to make the other person want them, therefore, the attraction is one-sided.

Ways To Escape Friend Zone And Make Them Fall For You
Ways To Escape Friend Zone And Make Them Fall For You

Make yourself more attractive by putting on some good clothes, smelling nice, adopting a better body poature, being bold, confident and making people around you to smile. You could go to the gym and beef up during weekends, take a jog to burn out some fat. You can also learn to develop social skills such as approaching others with confidence, creating stimulating conversations, showing physcial closeness (with the use of non-sexual touching), and not appear unattainable or needy.

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It is very easy to avoid the friend zone, all that is needed to be done is that few hints should be dropped and given in the appropriate time and place in other to let her know your real intention and that you are not up for being in the friend zone, at least not for too long. With this method, you could be with your crush without getting to hurt yourself all the time.