How To Stop Loving Someone: 10 Tips

How To Stop Loving Someone: A times, one may find himself in the middle of not wanting to love someone any longer. This could be necessitated by occasions where someone loves another but that other person does not reciprocate the love. In fact, the other person does not feel the same way. Such situation can also result where continuing to love someone may pose as a risk or threat of any kind to the person who so loves. As we all go through our lives, we will meet people with whom one could fall in love with, whom we admire, and to whom we are or would be attracted to.

How long does it take to stop loving someone
How long does it take to stop loving someone

It could be anyone, but some factors may render the circumstance less desirable. Sometimes it could be the age difference and incompatibility, life circumstances, social factors such as social class and religious indifferences. It could also be that in a relationship, one outgrew the bond while the other did not. While it is possible that you cannot stop loving this person, since love is a natural and independent occurrence; it is possible to render the love cold.

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Tips to Stop Loving Someone You Love

1. Ascertain your actual feeling and position: The first thing to do is to ascertain what exactly it is that you feel. Do you really love this person or are those mere infatuations? If this is answered in the affirmative, then proceed to determining your position.

How to Fall Out of Love With Someone
How to Fall Out of Love With Someone

What exact purpose are you striving to achieve? In this case, the answer should be that you wish to stop loving the person. If the answer remains so from all indications, then, these preliminary self assessment exercise will enable you prepare your mind towards the goal which you intend to achieve. Remind yourself that it is very okay to have decided not to love someone.

2. Ascertain why you desire to stop loving the person: Under this heading, you are to discover by yourself the various reasons why you have decided to stop loving the person. There must have been a reason or reasons why one would not want an existing love setting to continue.

how to stop loving someone who doesn't love you
how to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you

The reasons are always in your favour; so you should not be scared of discovering them. Find out those reasons and rub them in your face whenever a thought of that person comes up in your mind.

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3. Focus on yourself: For the fact that you have loved that person, it is ordinary to have focus on him. The thought of that person may become incessant. You’d probably worry about getting rid of this love all the time. This takes back to the thoughts about that person.

How do you let go of someone you love?
How do you let go of someone you love?

To stop loving someone, you should spend more time focusing on yourself more than you focus on any other. Spend ample time with yourself; worry about yourself instead. Since in a love relationship, the worry and thoughts is always about “us”. You should detach yourself from that circle and normalize the thoughts about just you. Give yourself the best possible treat and try to acknowledge how well you are doing even without that person. Getting busy with your life will make you to worry less about people.

4. Detach yourself from the person Online: Trying to stop loving someone? You should consider becoming less visible to that person online.

How to unlove someone psychology
How to unlove someone psychology

You should unfollow that person on all online platforms, after all when you unfollow people; they are not notified by the media system. Remember this is someone whom it is difficult for you to stop loving. Removing traces of him online will give you peace and keep you far away from him.

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5. Detach yourself physically: This does not suggest that you should avoid occasions of having physical encounter with the person. Seeing the person frequently will reawaken the feeling of uncertainty in you.

How to stop loving someone while in a relationship
How to stop loving someone while in a relationship

You may become uncertain as to whether you really wish to stop loving this person. Remember that you have passed this stage before which was the stage of ascertaining your actual feeling and position. There is no point going back there. The longer the physical distance is, the more opportunity it affords your feelings to stop loving the person.

6. Prioritize other relationships: That person whom you so desire to stop loving is probably never the only close relationships you have made. You have your family and friends well surrounded.

How to Deal With Loving Someone You Can't Have
How to Deal With Loving Someone You Can’t Have

You should focus on having the best of those relationships. By prioritizing your family and friends, it helps you to get over the person whom you so desire to stop loving. Then, you should channel the energy to your family and friends and see how much of ease you get.

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7. Accept the Rejection: In a case where it was you who got rejected, you should accept the rejection and move on, remember that it could have been the other way round, and if it was, you would still consider the fact that it is in your favour as a valid reason. The feeling of love can never be imposed, learned or acquired, but you can get over it and render the feeling cold.

Any further persistence for the person to accept you back would be an imposition. The outcome is always not fair. You should save yourself some respect and accept the rejection. That is the only way you can feel better. Remind yourself that when someone rejects you, there is no reason to continue loving that person. The fact that he rejected a golden you is enough provocation to stop loving him.

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8. Constantly remind yourself of your objective: Never forget for a moment that you are purpose driven to stop loving this person. This also will help you to avoid the occasions of physical and possible online encounter with the person.

9. Focus on the Future: The future has a lot in stock for you. There are so many people out there. Why channel the right energy on the wrong person? Love not appreciated is a love wasted. It the desire to stop loving someone was necessitated by rejection, you should move on to the next. Where it was necessitated by social circumstance, incompatibility and other factors, then you should constantly bear the future in mind, which is the purpose which you intend to avoid.

Think about the possible consequences of those indifferences, and then balance it with the anticipation of the better stock which the future has for you. These thoughts will help shield your mind away from that person whom you so desire to stop loving.

10. Consider seeing a Therapist: Therapists will guide you towards attaining your purpose when it concerns emotions and psychology. Seeing a therapist will go a long way in getting you over someone whom you wish to stop loving.

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If you love a person, you want their happiness. If you love a person, you can accept that they cannot be with you, that their life needs to be in another sphere, that there are reasons for this, even if you wish they were not. The choice of not wanting to love someone any longer is a very possible occurrence. It is a thought which could be necessitated by any reason whatsoever. The center point however is that, if for any reason the thought comes up, the effect of taking that decision is always in the favour of the person taking it, as long as the reasons are valid, and the rejection real.