How to Show Someone you Love Them: 10 Simple Ways

How To Show Someone You Love Them: Love is a profound and caring affection towards another. Love is something natural. Whilst loving someone is one thing, knowing how to show it is another.

Love is different from infatuation. Infatuation is a strong and obsessive desire for another, usually at the early stage. It is temporal and is usually based on interest or admiration to the person of another. Whereas love is a mix of long lasting emotions, behaviours and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth and respect for another. Love is gradual, settled and deeper. Deeper in the sense that it is beyond admiration and possessiveness.

Ways to Show Your Love
Ways to Show Your Love

Love has been described as an action word. This suggests that loving someone or admitting to be in love with someone is not enough.  Love is therefore meant to be shown and practiced. Some of these actions required by love come naturally. While some people may have a poor understanding of love or some kind of uncertainties, there are good numbers of ways to show people that you love them. While signs of infatuation may be ambiguous, love language is not so. It is a certain language which everyone generally understands.

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Best Ways to Show Your Love to Him/Her

Here are the few ways to show someone that you love them:

1. Get interested in the Person’s life: Here, it is important to first ascertain the extent of your relationship between you and that other person, otherwise you may become nosy or a meddler, that is, interfering in something not being of your concern.

how to show someone you love them when they don't believe you
how to show someone you love them when they don’t believe you

When you love someone, you can show that by getting interested in the person’s life and welfare. During day to day conversation, you can chip in questions that leads to a concern about well life is treating them. Genuinely ask about how the person’s day went. Ask about his or her family. During conversations, talk more about his or her interest. Try to observe little details and pay attention to them. After you have got interested in the person’s life, try not to be judgmental.

Of course it is expected that you must have accepted the person’s personality at the very first instance. There are better ways to suggest corrections. If this principle is observed wrongly, it tends to affect the root of the relationship. This is because the person begins to see you as a threat or an opposition. From there he starts to shield those insecurities away from you, and any further effort to remain interested in the person’s life makes you nosy and less trusted.

You can show someone you love them by keeping their best interest in mind even when it is difficult to do so.

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2. Expression and Reaffirmation of Love: When you love someone, do not hesitate to let them know by expressing your genuine love to them through words. This seems to be the simplest way to show someone that you love them.

Ways to Tell Someone You Love and Appreciate Them
Ways to Tell Someone You Love and Appreciate Them

It does not cost anything to voice out love. However, it becomes meaningful only when the love so expressed is a genuine one and not a mere flatter or that coupled with ulterior motive. Of course you can as well flirt with your lover, depending on the relationship. People love to hear how much they are loved.

3. Body Contact: When you love someone, touching them is never a problem. It is something you would do at any slight of their proximity to you. Sometimes you may find yourself doing it subconsciously. Body contact is an amazing love language. Do not hesitate to extend them to your loved one.

How to show someone you love them with words
How to show someone you love them with words

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4. Active Listening: Human nature craves for a reasonable degree of attention. When you share love with someone, giving the person attention during conversation is a clear sign of love and respect. The act of active listen suggests that you are much more interested in that person. Even when one do not share love with a person, ethical standards prescribes that you listen actively to a person with whom you are into conversation with. How much more for a person you love?

Active listening involves, first, allowing the person to take charge of her own turn in the conversation. This is achieved by avoidance of any form of interruption. Try not to cut your loved one short during conversation. Active listening also involves eye contact and interest.

Interest can be manifested through body gestures, asking questions for clarifications amidst the conversation, and proper response indicating flow in the conversation. In all, your loved one does not want to be sounding like a radio when she or he talks to you. It is absolutely lovely to suspend what you are doing and listen to your loved one actively. The conversation definitely will not take the whole day.

5. Celebrate their Success: When you are overly excited over another’s success, it is a sign of unadulterated love. You can show people how much you love them by celebrating their success with them.

How to show someone you love them long distance
How to show someone you love them long distance

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6. Be Available for them: Availability is a love language. It is a bunch of sacrifice to remain available for people. Not everyone deserves your availability. Yet, your availability is your lover’s entitlement. Availability here implies that you are to remain in touch with people you love, also that whenever they need you, you’d always deliver.

You can show people that you love them by being there for them in their success, and more importantly, by being there for them when success does not arrive. In addition, let your availability have an impact. It could be that of emotional, financial, recommendation, and any other thing positive. But firstly, ascertain your position in the person’s life.

7. Be Supportive: When you love someone, supporting them becomes a natural cause. Being supportive may be essentially by way of encouraging the person; giving him or her reasons not to relent on their ambitions. When you love someone, you support them in their choices and decisions even when you do not always agree.

How to express my love for her
How to express my love for her

Support may be of material nature or otherwise. It could be by way of goodwill. Being available for your loved one is also a way of being supportive. In all, they are ways to show someone you love them. When you love someone, you support them, prioritize their interest, employ pleasant choice of words for them, and entertain their concerns.

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8. Appreciate their Kind Gestures: Some people have the problem of not knowing when a favour has been extended to them. How then would they ever appreciate? When it comes to matters of love, it is important to pay attention to details. Ordinarily, as of right, nobody owes the other certain kind gestures.

Kindness is merely a moral virtue which is owed to another strictly on honourary grounds. Appreciation is an application for more. Your loved one certainly would not feel good to have shifted his or her position and made some sacrifices without it being noticed, let alone being appreciated. That was why I pointed out in the beginning, the need to pay attention to details. Genuine appreciation is a love language.

When you appreciate a kind gesture extended to you by your loved one, it simply implies that you noticed the sacrifice made, and that you accept it wholeheartedly. Ordinarily, people do not accept sacrifices extended to them by a person whom they do not love. Hence, there could be no need for a genuine appreciation.

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9. Compliment them: When you love someone, you do not hesitate to compliment their effort, their unique nature, the beauty of their existence and every damn thing worth being complimented. Nobody compliments a person or thing which he abhors.

10. Buy them gifts at Interval: Gift is an unequivocal sign of love. Nobody gifts a person whom he does not love. At intervals, try to get gifts for your loved one. Let it be something suitable for his or her state of life. This is what makes gifts valuable.

How to show someone you love them with words
How to show someone you love them with words

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Love which is not communicated is not love at all. Love is a daily activity. You can employ several of these means interchangeably and even concurrently to show people how much you love them.  In all, respect and trust are natural attributes of love. When you love someone, you do not hesitate to respect them. However, when you do not trust them, it does not entirely defeat the existence of the love, rather it renders the love wanting and unfulfilled.