Best Ways to Make Life Easier: 9 Simple Life Hacks

Best Ways To Make Life Easier: Many of us live in a state of disarray and confusion in addition to financial hardship. These include factors like overcrowding our homes with items we don’t need or use, having spending issues, being in debt, being dissatisfied with your job, and so on. When you live with so much mental confusion and clutter, you might experience a lot of emotional tension. You may be sad, worried, or have poor self-esteem, among other things.

It’s also simple to start comparing your life to others, believing that they have it so much easier and are much happier. It’s tough to go ahead or spend time doing what makes you happy when you’re so focused on keeping the chaos and mess under control. If you’re overwhelmed by money and personal stress, finding methods to make life simpler is one of the greatest strategies to achieve your objectives while juggling everything else.

Learning to make life easier allows you to devote more time to things that are more important to you. It can assist you in removing any mental or physical clutter that is hindering you from attaining your life goals. Consider making minor modifications to your viewpoint and thinking to make your life simpler. You may have more control over your life, waste less important time, and save money by understanding how to make life simpler. When discussing life’s difficulties, proponents of the Zen mentality frequently use water as an example.

Life is similar to swimming in that if you have proper technique, you can glide along smoothly and effortlessly. If you don’t have good technique, the water will oppose you more, causing you to burn a lot of energy flailing around in circles. Simply said, if you take the appropriate perspective and strive to make life simpler, you will find yourself moving through life with less resistance.

How to make life easy and simple
How to make life easy and simple

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Best ways to Make your life Easier, Enjoyable and Simple

1. Concentrate on the essentials: Life may be stressful, and time management is one of the most significant issues individuals face today. The most serious issue with time management is that individuals view time incorrectly. We are trained to conceive of time chronologically from a young age, with each minute having equal worth.

What are the best ways to make your life easier?
What are the best ways to make your life easier?

In terms of time management, we must alter our emphasis to recognize that the worth of a certain unit of time, such as one hour, is defined by how we use that unit of time, i.e. one hour spent working on a critical job is significantly more valuable than one hour spent working on a meaningless activity. Attempting to do too many tasks is a common mistake that practically everyone commits.

It is preferable to do fewer things and concentrate on the most important ones. According to the 80/20 rule, 20% of our everyday tasks yield 80% of our good outcomes. Almost all of what you do every day is pointless. You will make better use of your time, generate better outcomes, and make life simpler for yourself if you concentrate on the 20%. Reduce your wasted activity and avoid wasteful distractions when concentrating on these critical chores.

A timer can help you stay focused for a certain amount of time. You must have a clear and distinct set of objectives in order to recognize what is essential in your life.

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2. Have fewer possessions: If you are honest, you will likely discover that you own items that you do not require and never use. Having the things you don’t need or like wastes money, causes headaches, and throws you off course. Furthermore, having more stuff means having more things to look after or worry about.

How to make life easy and happy
How to make life easy and happy

Ask yourself, “Do I truly need this?” before you buy or acquire something. Also, go through your belongings on a regular basis to identify objects that are no longer useful to you. You may always give them to someone who needs them or donate them to a charity store.

You’ll notice that having only the things you truly require or like makes life easier and lighter.

3. Organize your finances: Many families, like their physical and emotional clutter, also have a lot of money clutter. Most households maintain a variety of accounts on a daily or weekly basis, including bank accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, and vehicle loans, among others.

Learn how to make life easier & more enjoyable
Learn how to make life easier & more enjoyable

Downloading an app like Personal Capital is one of the most beneficial things you can do to make your life easier, especially your financial life. Personal Capital allows you to combine your bank accounts so you can examine your full financial condition in one place.

You may link your mortgage, bank accounts, credit card accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, and other accounts. Personal Capital is also completely free.

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4. Pay off your debt: Without debt, life is so much easier. Paying off debt is important to me not only because I’m a personal finance writer, but also because I’ve seen firsthand how being debt-free allows you to finally start enjoying the life you desire.

Ways I've Learned To Make Life Easier
Ways I’ve Learned To Make Life Easier

When we consider all of the mental baggage we have, debt might be a significant cause. Debt can create a lot of stress, so getting rid of it as a method to make life simpler offers a lot of advantages. Paying off your debt will result in lower spending, allowing you to put more money toward long-term financial goals such as investing or saving for retirement.

Paying off debt, whether it’s student loan debt, credit card debt, automobile debt, or anything else, will make managing your money easier – there will be less debt to worry about.

5. Gradually change your flaws: It’s tempting to want to adjust everything all at once when you’re angry with life. You want to wake up earlier, eat healthier, exercise on a regular basis, and enhance your social life all at once.

You rapidly learn the hard way that being successful on this route is exceedingly difficult. Instead, concentrate on one task at a time. Give it a couple of weeks before introducing something new.

And take your time with each item. It’s critical to have patience while making a major shift to ensure your success.

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6. Get organized: Putting processes and procedures in place to improve your overall organization, efficiency, and productivity may make life simpler and easier.

How to make your life easier and enjoyable
How to make your life easier and enjoyable

You achieve this in some of the following ways:

Meal planning and buying should be done on a weekly basis.

Filing cabinets for papers and critical documents, as well as spreadsheets for budgeting.

7. Learn to say no when needed: A simple approach to simplify your life while living your best life is to Stop adding to your already overburdened schedule by saying no. Accepting more than we can handle is one way we add clutter to our lives.

While I encourage you to go outside the box and say yes to everything, there are times when you should probably say no. Saying no is an excellent method to simplify your life, especially when you say yes to everything and find it very difficult to meet up with your responsibilities.

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8. Automate your payments: Automating your payments will help you get rid of a lot of your debt. You may have your paychecks direct deposited (many people still deposit checks manually), set up automatic payments for your bills, and even set up automatic payments for your monthly credit card payments.

Going paperless might sometimes result in reductions on some of the payments you make on a monthly basis. Automating your payments might even help you keep track of your finances. Even if you verify all of your transactions and spending, you may still need to automate many of your actual payments so that you never forget something or are late, especially if the majority of your expenses are consistent from month to month.

9. Save for your future: Because you are establishing a plan for your future self, saving might make your life simpler. If you don’t want to work for the rest of your life, starting to save for retirement now is critical. Investing is a great method to save money since it involves putting your money to work for you.

How to make life easy
How to make life easy

Your money would be sitting in a bank account earning nothing if you didn’t invest. Furthermore, because investing involves long-term financial planning, the earlier you begin investing, the more you will make. The issue is that many people do not know how to invest or do not believe they have the funds to begin.

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Some simple life tricks

a. Make a cheat sheet with the information you frequently require so you can simply copy and paste it.

b. Instead of retyping the same report week after week, utilize Microsoft Word’s “Quick Styles” feature to apply your formatting with a single click.

c. Find your golden hours and use that highly motivated time to get things done.

d. To avoid multitasking, limit yourself to only one browser tab. Switching gears on a regular basis isn’t good for you.

e. Before bed, take a hot bath to help regulate your body temperature and to indicate to your brain that it’s time to sleep.

f. If you can’t put your phone down before night, set it to Night Shift mode to prevent disrupting your circadian cycles.

g. To keep your productivity momentum strong, choose a theme for each day of the workweek.

h. Label optional activities on your calendar so you can immediately understand what needs to be done and what may be ignored on your busy days.

i. Do an activity that you’ll have to do again and over again. It can help you relax, as bizarre as it may sound.

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Trying to manage your life, particularly your finances, may be difficult. You may be preparing for retirement, emergencies, and more in addition to paying your bills and raising a family. Trying to keep up with all of your financial duties may be exhausting. Human beings subconsciously have the tendency to make things more complicated than they need to be.

The unnecessary difficulty and tension are not isolated from complexity. Simplicity does not imply a reduction in complexity, it aims at getting rid of the junk in your life so you can spend more time on the things that matter to you. You may reduce stress and increase performance by adopting simplicity and making life easy.