Best Websites To Learn JavaScript Online 2024: Top 14

Best Websites To Learn JavaScript: Technology has made it possible for us to take use of a wealth of resources, including free lessons, books, and courses, to study anything we desire.  Literally, you can study everything you want, including coding, web development, mobile development, database management, cloud computing, machine learning, and more, without having to spend a lot of money.

Learn JavaScript online
Learn JavaScript online

But there are many places that offer JavaScript tutorials where you may study JavaScript online if you are interested in the lovely world of Web Development. Some of these online tools are free, meaning you don’t have to pay any fees; nevertheless, in order to take full benefit of them, you’ll need a strong internet connection.

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Top 14 Best Websites To Learn JavaScript 2024

Website to learn JavaScript includes;

1.  Codecademy: In a nutshell, this site offers the best free JavaScript lessons. However, the greatest website to learn JavaScript online is undoubtedly this one. It is one of the top platforms for learning new technologies online.

What is a good website to learn JavaScript from?
What is a good website to learn JavaScript from?

CodeCademy gained its fame with an interactive JavaScript course that you could study online at your own leisure, despite the fact that it today also provides courses in Java, Git, UNIX command line, and other topics. As of right now, there are more than 5 million students enrolled in this course, which is a very high amount for any free online course. In conclusion, CodeCademy is among the greatest online resources for learning JavaScript, therefore you should make use of it.

By the way, if you enjoy using the CodeCademy platform, you can sign up for CodeCademy PRO, a premium programming membership. With an annual subscription, you may access all of CodeCademy’s classes, quizzes, and projects for only $15.99 each month.

Best Places to Learn JavaScript for Web Development Beginners
Best Places to Learn JavaScript for Web Development Beginners

2. Udemy: One of the top locations for online learning is here. You may get free online training in the most recent programming languages and technologies, like Java, Spring, Data Structures and Algorithms, Selenium, REST, etc. Both free and paid materials are offered.

What is the best free website to learn JavaScript?
What is the best free website to learn JavaScript?

The following courses and JavaScript tutorials can be used to master some of the fascinating technologies:

a. Build Practical Projects with The Complete JavaScript Course 2023.

b. The Bootcamp for Web Developers.

c. Build Real World Applications using JavaScript.

d. JavaScript Essentials.

When they have a flash sale, which happens pretty frequently, you may get the premium materials for just $9.99. Colt Steele, Rob Percival, Stephen Grider, Jose Marcial Portilla, John Purcell, and other outstanding educators are all represented in it.

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3. Coursera: This is another fantastic online learning resource that offers a ton of JavaScript courses and tutorials. The Stanford academics Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller created it, and it provides online degrees, specializations, and courses.

Learn JavaScript online
Learn JavaScript online

The best feature of Coursera is the availability of online courses from a variety of prestigious universities, including Stanford, University of Michigan, University of London, Colorado, Imperial College of London, and others.

It offers online courses and specializations that are both free and paid. Many Coursera courses are available for free auditing, so if you don’t require certification, you may watch them for FREE.

4. JavaScript 30: One of the greatest free resources for learning JavaScript is this website. There are several free JavaScript classes and tutorials on it. This excellent free tool was made by Wes Bos specifically for JavaScript developers. Visit JavaScript 30 to improve your JavaScript skills with entertaining side projects.

The following are some of the highlights of my preferred free JavaScript tutorial:

a. Coding Challenge in Vanilla JS for 30 Days

b. Build 30 items using 30 instructions in 30 days.

c. There are no libraries, compilers, or frameworks.

d. Null Boilerplate.

Online Resources to Learn Javascript for Every Level
Online Resources to Learn Javascript for Every Level

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5. Pluralsight JavaScript courses: One of the greatest websites for learning any technology, including programming languages like Java, mobile development, web development, and frameworks like Angular, React, Spring Framework, Hibernate, etc.

The website also offers a variety of helpful courses for learning JavaScript from scratch, including:

a. JScript Foundations Author: Liam McLennan

b. From Scratch: JavaScript by Jesse Liberty

c. JavaScript Programming Fundamentals Through Kyle Simpson

Additionally, it just bought CodeSchool, which formerly allowed you to practice learning web technologies. By the way, you’ll need a Pluralsight subscription to enroll in this course, which is about $29 per month and $299 annually (with a 14 percent discount), but is well worth it. Alternatively, you may view this course for free by signing up for their 10-day trial.

6. One of the greatest community websites available for free coding instruction, developing useful projects, and seeking work as a developer. For learning JavaScript, Data Structures & Algorithms, Frontend Development, and other topics, it includes a significant library of interactive lessons and exercises.

sites to learn JavaScript
sites to learn JavaScript

This is a pretty great location to start your coding adventure and was founded by Quincy Larson. Their freeCodeCamp publication on Medium is the most major Medium publication for programming topics, and they even have a sizable Facebook group (freecodecampearth) where you can ask questions and discuss your learning experiences.

Hundreds of free classes on subjects like Python, Git, GraphQL, SQL, database schema design, and many more advanced topics are available on freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel.

Websites to Learn JavaScript for Beginners
Websites to Learn JavaScript for Beginners

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7. Mozilla Developer Network: Mozilla is a serious learner, a programmer that enjoys working independently, and merely wants to study up on the subject and test out some of the examples in their own environment.

This website not interactive, in contrast to Codecademy and The Educative Team, yet you will still discover extensive material. Mozilla is also the recognized authority on JavaScript. This website has excellent reference materials for JavaScript. It is jam-packed with knowledge, and you may do the same.

8. Code Combat: Although adding JavaScript features to your website might be rather simple, learning JavaScript on your own can be challenging. Students may use the platform CodeCombat to learn computer science while engaging in a realistic game.

Even for instructors with little to no prior programming knowledge, courses have been explicitly play tested to perform well in the classroom. There are various web development courses there that cover the fundamentals of JavaScript.

In other words, a website more suited to new users and students. If you adopt their particular approach, you can quickly master the fundamentals of JavaScript.

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9. CodeMentor: Another excellent website that offers a JavaScript lesson is. On this website, you may enroll in a 4-week course to learn JavaScript. You can also arrange for a 1:1 lesson with a mentor for a fee of about $15 per hour. You will gain knowledge not just of the fundamentals of JavaScript but also of other well-known JavaScript libraries and associated ideas, like Ajax, Json, jQuery, Angular JS, and others.

10. First Steps by The Educative Team: If you’re unaware, Educative is another online learning platform that is flourishing because to its interactive, text-based learning modules. Reading is typically faster than viewing, so if you’d rather read text than watch videos, check out this site.

Some of the greatest courses to prepare for coding interviews are available there, including Grokking the Coding Interview: Models for Coding Questions and Grokking the System Design Interview.

It also includes many free materials, such as this free JavaScript lesson, that may be used to master important technologies. You may sign up for this course for free, but if you want to get the most of the platform, I recommend purchasing a subscription, which costs $17 (with a 50% discount today) per month and is well worth it for programmers and software engineers that need to constantly learn new things.

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11. SoloLearn: Popular online learning tool SoloLearn provides a variety of programming classes, including JavaScript. JavaScript may be learned using SoloLearn’s interactive environment, which has short courses, tests, and coding challenges. You may practice coding skills with this hands-on method and get immediate feedback.

JavaScript practice websites
JavaScript practice websites

You can study JavaScript while you’re on the move thanks to SoloLearn’s iOS and Android mobile apps. There is a sizable community of learners and mentors in the app that may offer advice and assistance. Additionally, the JavaScript course gamifies the learning process by giving out points, badges, and ranks as you go. This gamification component makes learning more enjoyable and motivating.

12. TutorialRepublic: A well-organized online resource called TutorialRepublic provides free lessons on a variety of web development tools, including JavaScript. JavaScript lessons from TutorialRepublic offer a wide range of topics, including fundamental ideas, sophisticated methods, and practical applications. Both novice and seasoned coders can benefit from the well-organized and simple-to-follow lessons.

What is the best free course to learn JavaScript?
What is the best free course to learn JavaScript?

The interactive code examples that TutorialRepublic uses in its lessons let students explore with the code and see the effects in real-time. This practical approach encourages practical application and strengthens comprehension. In addition to lessons, TutorialRepublic also provides extra materials including tests, exercises, and downloadable code examples.

The principles presented in the tutorials are reinforced by these resources, which also offer more practice. The website of TutorialRepublic includes an easy-to-use layout that makes it simple to explore and access the JavaScript tutorials. An outstanding learning experience is made possible by the simple design and concise explanations.

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13. edX: A well-known online learning platform called edX collaborates with prestigious institutions and businesses all around the world to offer top-notch courses. Leading institutions have created JavaScript courses on edX, guaranteeing a rigorous and academically sound curriculum. These courses are created by knowledgeable professors with backgrounds in web development and JavaScript. With the ability to access course materials at their own speed, edX is the perfect option for people with hectic schedules. Through recorded lectures, interactive activities, and discussion forums, the platform offers flexibility.

Best Online Resources to Learn JavaScript for Free
Best Online Resources to Learn JavaScript for Free

After completing a JavaScript course, edX gives students the option to obtain certified certificates as official acknowledgement of their accomplishments. These qualifications may improve your CV and show employers how dedicated you are to studying. Additionally, edX offers a range of JavaScript courses that are catered to various learning goals and ability levels. No matter if you’re a novice or an expert developer wishing to specialize, you’ll discover courses that are appropriate for your needs.

14. Dev Docs: JavaScript is one of several programming languages and technologies covered in-depth by the extensive online documentation portal known as Dev Docs. A comprehensive collection of JavaScript documentation, including syntax, built-in functions, libraries, and frameworks, is available from Dev Docs. The documentation is clearly laid out, simple to explore, and offers thorough justifications and examples.

Best websites to learn javascript github
Best websites to learn javascript github

With the help of Dev Docs’ robust search function, students may easily locate the information they want. This function speeds up access to particular JavaScript concepts or subjects and saves time.The offline accessibility of Dev Docs is another noteworthy feature. Without an internet connection, students can view the JavaScript documentation by downloading it. For people who prefer on-the-go learning or locations with restricted internet connectivity, this function is very helpful.

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These top websites to learn JavaScript online are all that they are. If you’re serious about studying JavaScript, you should get to work creating some practical projects utilizing tools like jQuery, Angular, React, and Node JS. This will help you build the skills that employers look for in a JavaScript developer.

In addition, Head First JavaScript is one of the finest books to learn JavaScript from scratch if you prefer to read books over websites.