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Can I Learn Programming With a Phone? 8 Coding Apps to Use

Can I Learn Programming With a Phone?: Programming (or coding) is one of the skills that is becoming increasingly popular. Because it is so popular, even high schools have begun to include programming in their curricula. Learning to code has become a must of the times, with every task becoming digitized and becoming smart, and automobile with AI technology. Anything that you can conceive of can be done using an application or a website, including booking or hiring a cab, placing food orders online, shopping for electronics online, viewing movies and purchasing movie tickets online, and even participating in online classes. Because the demand for developers and programmers is growing as more businesses become digital, knowing a software programming language is helpful.

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Can I Learn Programming With My Phone?

Yes! It is possible to learn programming with just your smartphone. However, there are certain tasks you may not be able to perform with a smartphone, no matter the quality of your device.

Learn programming with your smartphone
Learn programming with your smartphone

Currently, there are a plethora of amazing (and free!) coding tools available for anybody to learn this in-demand talent. Many of these app-based coding environments also include desktop capabilities. Adding the correct coding software to your phone can help you improve your computer science abilities dramatically. Any of the apps listed below can help you obtain useful coding experience, regardless of your skill level.

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Mastering Programming on Your Smartphone – The Best Programming Learning Apps

These days, mobile phones are essentially little portable computers. Many of the capabilities that you can obtain with a standard laptop may be found on the greatest gadgets on the market. As a result, programming with a smartphone is highly feasible. All a developer needs to know is which tools he or she should get.

1. Mimo learn to code app: Mimo is great software for anyone who is just getting started with coding. This fun software, created with novices in mind, teaches users how to code through a series of fun games and quizzes. You’ll be rewarded with coins after finishing your daily courses, which you can use to unlock special in-app features.

Best free apps to learn programming
Best free apps to learn programming

While Mimo is aimed at beginners, it covers a wide range of programming languages, including HTML, Python, JavaScript, and C++. Mimo will ask you right away if you have any coding expertise and whether you’re interested in Web Development or Python to assist customize your experience.

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2. SoloLearn: SoloLearn is a smartphone app that teaches you how to code. SoloLearn, like Mimo, is a beginner-friendly program that starts with the fundamentals and progresses to more advanced topics. You may start taking short courses on important topics like JavaScript, C++, Machine Learning, and HTML as soon as you download the SoloLearn app.

Can I learn coding on my phone for free
Can I learn coding on my phone for free

Before going on to the next course, you must complete a brief quiz after reading each lesson. SoloLearn is available for free download as well as a paid “Pro” subscription. It is available on both PCs and smartphones for your convenience.

3. Grasshopper: Grasshopper, another game-centric software created by Google, is a wonderful alternative for beginning coders. Each course in this adorable software uses a combination of quizzes and games to teach you the essentials of programming, such as variables, loops, and if statements. You should be able to design your first web page without breaking a sweat as you move through the tiers.

Can you learn programming via phone?
Can you learn programming via phone?

One thing to keep in mind with Grasshopper is that it only supports JavaScript. While the Grasshopper app may be a good introduction for beginning students, it will be of little help to intermediate and experienced students. Still, it’s difficult to grumble when Grasshopper is available for free on both your phone and your computer.

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4. Programming Hub: Programming Hub is undoubtedly the most well-known of the various coding applications presently accessible in the worldwide computer industry. Indeed, both Facebook and Google have given their “stamp of approval” to this research-based software. Without a doubt, the courses in Programming Hub’s huge collection are admired by some of the industry’s biggest names.

How can I learn programming with just a phone
How can I learn programming with just a phone

To keep students engaged, all of Programming Hub’s professional courses incorporate interactive games. HTML, SEO, and CSS are just a handful of the things you may study for free. If you upgrade to the premium Pro membership, you’ll get access to a wealth of advanced content, including Java Spring, SQL, and ethical hacking. After each course, you’ll receive an e-certificate that you may add to your LinkedIn page.

5. Programming Hero: Why not use the Programming Hero app to create your own video games instead of playing them? This entertaining smartphone software teaches users the fundamentals of coding while also allowing them to create an amazing interplanetary game.

Can I Learn Programming With My Phone
Can I Learn Programming With My Phone

Users of the software will study more sophisticated topics such as Python, algorithms, data structures, and OOP in addition to Game Development. Programming Hero also has a Coding Playground and a forum where users may talk about their coding projects and show off their work.

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6. Codecademy Go: Codecademy is without a doubt the most popular online coding learning platform, with over 45 million users. Despite the fact that Codecademy is most known for its web-based courses, it now has an attractive iOS and Android app.

Best free coding app for Android
Best free coding app for Android

Students may examine concepts related to coding languages including HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript using the “Codecademy Go” app. Using Codecademy Go as a standalone app, on the other hand, isn’t the best option. The creators planned to use Codecademy Go solely in conjunction with their web platform. Consider Codecademy Go as a portable “study guide” that can help you review key ideas on the go.

7. Datacamp: Passionate about your coding profession? Datacamp is a good place to start. Datacamp exclusively teaches three languages: SQL, Python, and R, unlike the other programs on this list. Datacamp’s particular focus will be most beneficial to anybody interested in a professional Data Science career.

Programming apps for Android
Programming apps for Android

Despite the fact that Datacamp has a free edition, you will have to pay to access all of the information. Datacamp is more sophisticated and expensive than other programs, but it can be a suitable fit for intermediate developers looking for a “boot-camp” experience.

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8. Enki: Enki is a famous coding software that employs mini-courses to teach coding fundamentals. It was formerly an Apple “App of the Day.” Enki users might “exercise” their coding abilities every day by reading a brief explanation and completing a quiz.

Can you code on a phone?
Can you code on a phone?

This app also includes a few new games in a variety of coding languages to keep you entertained. The Enki app includes advanced topics such as Git, Linux, SQS, and Python in addition to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

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Tools You’ll Need to Get Started Programming on Your Smart Phone

a. Text Editing Software: A source-code editor is the first item you’ll need to get started coding on your smartphone. In essence, an editor lets you create and edit text files in a number of computer languages.

This is where you write your code, in other words. Your Android tool, like a desktop editor, should be simple to use, flexible in terms of text size, color schemes, and cut, copy, and paste functions. You may also want your editor to have the ability to handle UTF-8 encoded text and highlight syntax.

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b. A File Manager: If you ask an Android fan why they prefer it over iOS, they’ll probably answer it’s because Android comes with a file manager program that allows you to create folders and move things around.

However, for a coder, these applications are typically rather limiting, owing to the fact that they do not display all of the data on your phone. Because any application or app you create on your Android device will be displayed as a file, you’ll need an explorer that allows you to discover and change files as needed.

c. A View-Source Handler: A View Source handler is required when constructing a web-based application. It allows you to open your source code in a browser simply by inputting the URL address. View Source Mobile is a browser extension that works with Opera Mobile, Dolphin, and Firefox. Alternatively, you might download VT View Source, a standalone browser that has all of the same functionality as the add-on plus a few developer-specific features.

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Getting your hands dirty and creating actual code is the greatest way to learn to program. It’s fine to read programming books or watch courses, but they’re useless if you don’t put what you’ve learned into practice. If you’ve ever attempted to read a book on coding without actually doing it, you’ve probably run into instances where an idea made perfect sense when you first read it, but when you tried to duplicate it, you couldn’t remember what the syntax looked like or where to start.

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