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Most Corrupt Countries in Africa 2022: Top 11

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Most Corrupt Countries In Africa: The 2021 reports from Transparency International on Africa’s corruption index is quite detailed and the opposite of encouraging, especially that of Sub-Saharan Africa. The Corruption Perception Index (CPI) of many countries rise and fall in the face of various factors including the coronavirus pandemic and economice decline.

Sub-Saharan Africa comprises of countries such as Burundi, Seychelles, Nigeria, Cameroun, Kenya, Cape Verde, Lesotho, the Gambia, Djibouti, Ghana, Angola, Ethiopia, Liberia, etc. which lie to the South of the Sahara desert. They have been recorded to have the lowest Corruption Perception Index in the whole of Africa, show little or no signs of improvement and is in need of speedy intervention.

With COVID-19 came a fresh spread of economic hardship, in addition to exposing the more corruption loopholes in the system. People were told to stay at home by an order of lockdown, and the sick and infected ones among them did not all have access to proper medical care, due to the very poor healthcare systems in place. Despite the fact that this happened as a result of misuse of appropriated funds, a typical example of corruption in modern day Africa, the corruption rate continued to rise, fuelled and fanned to greater heights by the economic decline. Things were so difficult and harsh for many that riots, revolts and protests broke out in several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially during the pandemic.

People were not going about their businesses as they used to and so the chain of commerce suffered. A working solution or alleviation would have been the issuance of palliatives to those who need it. However, this too was hijacked and misappropriation by corrupt officials. Prices, especially food prices, skyrocketed. Cases of bribery also increased; reports from the Global Corruption Barometer showed that about one in every four persons in Africa has had to pay a bribe to access essential services supposed to be duly provided by the government in place.

It is no use that a place high up on the corruption radar has only dealt serious harm to the continent of Africa. It is also a huge barrier to the achievements of all their development goals and targets, as well as economic improvement. Only a united and decisive action against the further decay of the system can save the continent from further plunging into the depths of its current state.

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Top 11 Corrupt Countries In Africa

Still on the Transparency International reports, the countries with the least Corruption Perception Index include Mauritius, Rwanda, Cape Verde, Namibia, Botswana, Seychelles, etc. They are some of the countries with the least propensity to corruption in the continent of Africa. The most corrupt countries in Africa are listed below.

1. Somalia: Somalia tops the list a most corrupt country in Africa. The high corruption rate in the country is further facilitated by the unrest, state of anarchy and insecurity in the country. Bribery is also the order of the day, as some government officials allow themselves to be bribed, and therefore, look the other way when illegal and unlawful acts are carried out.

most corrupt countries in Africa

most corrupt countries in Africa

Even though Somalia’s constitution clearly prohibits many forms of corruption, the process of implementing said laws is no being carried out.

Institutions and parastatals are in a disorganized state, and unable to support resistance against the cloud of corruption upon the country. There is no framework or set rules for the regulation of state activities, and the economy is bound and unable to grow in such state.

2. South Sudan: South Sudan rank high on the list because it is especially plagued by bribery. It seems like most things, including engaging in commercial activities will not be successful unless bribes are given. To run one’s business without qualms, one has to have some form of government affliation, or rather ‘buy‘ it.

countries with the highest rate of corruption

countries with the highest rate of corruption

The judicial system in South Sudan is nothing to write home about either. It is crippled by corruption too and unable to help the issue in the country.

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3. Equatorial Guinea: Reports have it that the corruption control in Equatorial Guinea is incredibly low. The citizens no longer have faith in the ability and performance of the public officials. This is because these authorities only work for their own public benefits.

corrupt countries in Africa

corrupt countries in Africa

4. Sudan: Sudan is on the list of most corrupt African countries because of the profound permeation of corruption in nearly all sectors of the country, particularly the economic sector. The corruption in the country also reigns in the political realm where authorities abuse their powers and favoritism is the order of the day.

ranking of the most countries in Africa

ranking of the most countries in Africa

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5. Libya: Ever since that collapse of Gaddafi’s rulership in 2010, Libya has been thrown into a state of absolute turmoil. The economy fell drastically and the public and industry sectors have taken a nosedive into a deep trench of corruption. The once booming oil sector is now plagued by corruption and vandalism.

why is Africa so corrupt

why is Africa so corrupt

The commercial industry is in a constant tug-of-war with businesses run by the state, as the latter arbitrarily and unlawfully takes over the market and stifles any form of competition form private ventures.

6. Democratic Republic of Congo: DR Congo is a country that seems to thrive on oppression and suppression, especially of those who speak out against the corrupt asutem or take measures to curtail it. The democratic system in place is rather frail and doesn’t challenge the corrupt whims of politicians in the country.

Most corrupt African countries 2022

Most corrupt African countries 2022

The country’s internal security is also in jeopardy, as it is not in control of it’s own armed forces. There’s a constant struggle for control and power tussle between the country’s already depleted forces and local militia both within and along its borders.

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7. Guinea Bissau: Guinea Bissau was listed as 7th on the top ten most corrupt African nations. Corruption has invaded the system and caused a malfunctioning of the otherwise organised government departments.

8. Congo: Congo is the 165 least corrupt nation out of 180 countries, and the eighth most corrupt country in Africa according to the 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International.

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9. Burundi: It seems to be that only a societal analysis and a review of policies will salvage the state of Burundi. This is because the current policies and agencies put in place to combat the corruption in the country has failed to dent the burden of corruption upon the country. The corruption rate is steadily on the increase and is a deep cause of alarm, so much that it has caused a state of unrest and instability in the country.

10. Chad: In addition to security issues made worse by insurgency, Chad is also pervaded by corruption. Its economy suffers a huge blow as a result, and the rule of law is barely enforceable. Many people act in a corrupt light, in a way that suggests that they are above the way.

There is however, an existence of legislation against corruption with sanctions harsh enough to deter any person. But this doesn’t deter the perpetrators of corrupt acts in Chad; they instead target, entrap andΒ  impose these sanctions and punishments on perceived enemies of the government or members of opposition.

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11. Zimbabwe: On the 11th place, we have the Republic of Zimbabwe. Research has shown that Zimbabwe is one of the countries that has the highest rate of corruption in Africa since she gained her independence till today. According to Transparency International, Zimbabwe losses over $5,000,000 everyday because of the high rate of corruption in her public sector.

Most corrupt African Country

Most corrupt African Country

There has also been reports of unaccountability of many public heads for money which were supposed to be for public use. Government of the country has also passed many laws in other to benefit themselves rather than the country at large. For example, the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Bill.

Of course, there are also several government agencies that was put in place to stop corruption but they all seem not to be working. For example, the Zimbabwean Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) actually has little or no power to stop corruption in the country.

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It is clear that this deep plunge into the well of corruption is detrimental to the progress of the continent. Transparency International is of the opinion that Africa can tackle corruption by taking certain immediate actions such as: regulating public services and funds injected into the sector for such purpose to curb embezzlement, reinstate the principle of checks and balances as well as the true spirit of democracy.

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