How To Know An Intelligent Person: 14 Proven Signs You Are Smart

How to know an intelligent person by their signs: Intelligent quotient as a latitude for gaging the intelligence of individuals is undoubtedly very narrow and limited in scope. To underscore the concept of intelligence, one will have to look at it’s components which goes beyond reading and understanding, as opposed to the traditional meaning of intelligence that we know.

signs to know an intelligent person
signs to know an intelligent person

Research has shown that most intelligent people are smart. They easily learn and understand complex issues than their counterparts and because of this, they are also loved by others. Aside from the above, we will comprehensively discuss some of the characteristics of intelligence in this article so that all those salient features that are not covered by the intelligence quotient (IQ) will be unveiled.

Consequently, if you have any of the characteristics mentioned below, it simply means you might be one of those who should be called “intelligent”.

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How to Know an Intelligent Person

Below are top ten signs that shows you are intelligent:

1. You read a lot: It is undeniably true that clever people have an innate curiosity. They frequently read voraciously due to their desire to learn new things. Personal experience has shown me that bright people like to spend their free time learning new things and reading books than doing anything else. If you discover that you fall into this category, you should count your blessings because it makes you more likely than others to learn new things.

Signs of a highly intelligent person
Signs of a highly intelligent person

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2. They have compassion and empathy: True intelligence is not just demonstrated by brilliant innovations or top academic achievement. An intelligent individual is highly genuine, sympathetic, and sensitive to the needs of others. Understanding is tied to cognitive intelligence, while empathy is related to emotional intelligence.

Most brilliant people, according to psychologists, have both a high IQ and a high EQ. As a result, a person with greater verbal reasoning/comprehension scores is also likely to have higher empathy scores. A wise person leads with both their heart and their head.

3. You talk to yourself: Yeah! I know it sounds crazy but it just the truth. Most intelligent or smart people talk to themselves because it helps them navigate life and daily tasks. Usually, after doing this, they get a clearer solution or view on how to approach everything.

How to know an intelligent person
How to know an intelligent person

Some people actually consider those who talk to themselves as crazy people but that isn’t true. There has been many scientific proof that it is just a normal behavior for some people. In fact, people who do it should be happy they have the gift because it helps a lot. But of course, there should be a limit to it too.

Personally, i am very comfortable talking to myself loud anytime and anywhere. However, whenever i notice are people around me are beginning to see me as a weird person, i quickly stop it.

This does not actually mean that everybody who talks to him/her self is intelligent. Nonetheless, it has been confirmed that most intelligent and smart people do this a lot because it helps them solve problems.

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4. You don’t like talking too much: Intelligent people are silent people, usually referred to as silent achievers. They talk only when it is necessary, they are very good listeners who have mastered the skill of listening. Most at times people who doesn’t know them might be tempted to take advantage of them as a result of their cool nature, this explains that intelligent and highly smart people listens and tap the ideas from the dull ones and adding to the reservoir of their knowledge.

Characteristics of intelligent people
Characteristics of intelligent people

However, this doesn’t in any way mean that they are deficient in expressing themselves before their counterparts, but they simply sees that cool nature as a skill which afords you you ample opportunity for ruminating and reflecting over the things they learned recently.

5. You are always Informed: Intelligent guys are always informed on the latest information. This is usually the case in schools, where a lecturer gives out a material or even gives an area of concentration for a particular quiz. They are always on a look out for information that will boost their chances of getting a good grade by keeping up to date with the latest information.

There is a legal principle that: “equity does not favor the indolent“. Intelligent people understand this principle of equity more than their counterparts and they therefore make sure they are updated at all cost. An average student will continue reading wide while an intelligent student has already narrowed his reading through the updated information about the exams.

During exams, those who are indolent will be battling to gather the pieces of the whole course, but intelligent student gives the lecturer what he/she wants, also painting an impression of a student that is always in class.

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6. You are curious: It is said that curiosity kills the cat, but obviously not for intelligent people. They are always very curious, and that curiosity keeps them very uncomfortable and as a result, they ransack everywhere they could satisfy their curiosity.

How to know if a person is intelligent
How to know if a person is intelligent

They ask questions to lecturers and students alike, even when their questions are not given satisfactory answer, they probe further to make sure that answers are provided to their seeming cunondrums. Similarly, they make reseaches, they research by resorting to online materials, especially from highly intelligent opinions about the subject matter.

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7. You are creative: Highly intelligent guys are usually very spectacular innovative craftsmen in creativity. They are usually very innovative and calculative and this affects their manner of refined output.

Creativity is one of the signs that shows you are intelligent
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They are always very intentional about this innovative nature because the only thing that stands them out from their contemporaries is that innovative manner of approach. Suffice it to say that they innovative and objective as well, they shift grounds for superior arguments and immediately adopt that superior view.

8. You are confident about yourself: Apparently, intelligent people don’t stand on wavering ground. They are very confident and convincing with very sound argument supporting their views. It is their level of confidence that gives them the impetus to canvas their argument with very sound logical reasoning, it is immaterial if they are speaking before their superior.

Characteristics of intelligent people
Characteristics of intelligent people

Also note that this does not suggest that they are arrogant, their views are conveyed in the best humane and humble tone, but devoid of any form of intimidation to the person they are talking to.

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9. You love staying alone at some points: Highly intelligent guys are always alone, this is why we established earlier that they are not talkertives. Although people might always want to stay around them, but they always find a good way of avoiding them. Being alone affords them the serene atmosphere for critical studies.

10. You are always busy with one thing or the other: Intelligent guys are good multitaskers, they are always very occupied with different tasks and projects. At every point in time their schedule provides something spectacular doing, and in extreme cases they undertake two to three task at a time. This sharpens their reasoning, making them reason at a very fast rate. This also affects their volume of output.

11. Intelligent people are usually night workers: Research has also shown that intelligent guys are usually night workers. They master the art of working at nights, in most cases they work for very long hours, for maximum results. This doesn’t mean that they don’t work during the day, but as the saying goes, if you want to achieve extraordinary result, you must be willing to undertake extraordinary task. This is the principle they use to stand tall against their equals.

signs you are intelligent
signs you are intelligent

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12. You are always open minded when they face problems: Intelligent guys are always open minded, they are not dogmatic to their own views, especially to their senior colleagues, however after accepting views of others, they subject such views to series of scrutiny. This superior views can stand as a thesis for their research.

How to know an intelligent student
How to know an intelligent student

13. Most intelligent people have high self control and esteem: Intelligent guys have a very high self control even in the face of uncertainties. They do not usually loose their cool. This is a major reason why people believe in them, because they seem not to disappoint at any point in time. This confidence and self control gives them their winning point even during competitions.

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14. You are lazy: This may sound funny but it is actually the truth. Most intelligent people are lazy people. One of the reasons for this is because, intelligent people are deep thinkers and that causes them to be more tired. Another reason for this is not because they don’t want to work but because they alway think there is an easier way to solve their problems.

signs to know you are intelligent
signs to know you are intelligent

Take for example, last week i contacted a very smart friend of mine to help me in a project because i couldn’t finish it alone. When she saw the job, she was put aback by the volume of what she was supposed to do. But even at that, in my presence, she was able to figure out a better and faster way to help me without going through the normal way i showed her even though it took her time.

Apparently, this seems like she is a lazy girl but when she is faced with a problem, she applies very smart skills to resolve them. This characteristic is only seen in very smart people.

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This is where I am going to stop in this article. So far, we have listed and substantially discussed the most significant signs to know and intelligent person. Hope you were able to grasp something from this article? If you did, make sure you drop a comment before you leave this page.

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