Best Books For Lawyers And Students 2024: Top 20 Must Read

Books are working tools of a Lawyer and as such a Lawyer can not do without books same way a pastor can’t do without a Bible. Asides the books needed in every day practice, there are numerous books which every Lawyer or law student must read and be abreast with the details in such book in order to aid their professional growth, knowledge and open their eyes to realties which cannot be acquired from Legal books. These write-up considers fifteen of the best books for lawyers and law students.

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Top 20 Recommended Books for Lawyers and Law students

Below are the top 20 law books for lawyers and law students: 

1. The Street Lawyer by John Grisham: This book is undoubtedly the best legal book every lawyer and law student should read at some point in their lives. It gives so much insight about the how the Legal profession works in the real world. The novel also explain how laws can be different for the poor and the rich in the society.
The Street Lawyer by John Grisham
The Street Lawyer by John Grisham
The author, John Grisham tried to explain how the poor are been deprived of their rights even when there are law firms which could help them. This inequality between the poor and the rich was clearly pictured.
In summary, the story talks about Michael Brock, a legal luminary who is doing absolutely fine in his profession but discovered a secret about the firm where he works while trying to help a poor man. This landed him in the street and he became a street lawyer.
In my opinion this book the best for lawyers and that is why we have made it available for everyone to read. To purchase this book, kindly click on the button below.

2. How to win friends and influence people

books for lawyers and law students
books for lawyers and law students

A classic book written by Dale Carnegie which hinges on the ability to express ideas, assume leadership, communicate with people and arouse enthusiasm amongst people.

As a Lawyer this is a needed skill especially when you want to start up a Law firm or already have one you are managing. Therefore, reading this book will give you this needed skill.

3.  The Happy Lawyer: Making good Life in the Law

The Happy Lawyer: Making good Life in the Law
The Happy Lawyer: Making good Life in the Law

This book authored by Nancy Levitt and Douglas Linder examines the causes of dissatisfaction amongst lawyers and the unpacked mystery of why so many lawyers seem to be living life’s of silent desperation. The authors further discusses the paths to a happier and more  fulfilling legal career, as well as the science of happiness and the working of a modern law firm.

These amazing content in the book makes it a delight for every lawyer to read and that’s why it tops my list.

4. Stop putting out fires: Building more efficient and profitable Law Practice

books for law school
books for law school

This book was born out for the experience and growth of Jeremy Richter as a Lawyer. He put his own struggles and early development on paper in order to inspire other Lawyers to strive for more.

Jeremy Richter in this book discusses why Lawyers cannot afford to be disorganized with the management of their firms, and he also shares how Lawyers should alter their daily decision making process with a more proactive mentality in order to succeed in the Legal world.

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5. 50 lessons for Lawyers: Earn more, stress less, be awesome

legal books for law students

An explosive book by Nora Riva Bergman who is a business coach for Lawyers. In this book, she shares series of lessons on the subject of productivity, marketing and leadership in a Law firm.

With the knowledge you will acquire from this book, you will easily grasp ideas that will transform your firm for the better and will also improve your personal life.

6. Legal upheaval

how much is Lawyers books

Michele De Stefano, a Professor in Law takes all lawyers through an important journey of Innovation, Creativity and Collaboration in this book.

Reading this book will implant the DNA of innovation in you and it will help you acquire the mindset and service skills which delights clients. Furthermore, this book will teach you what you must do to stay ahead of today’s constantly evolving Legal world.

7. The introverted Lawyer (a seven step journey towards authentically empowered advocacy)

where to buy lawyers books

From her wealth of experience as a Legal writing Coach,  Heidi Brown an associate professor in Law decided to write this book having noticed that the best writers, most thoughtful problem solvers and the deepest thinkers in her class were often the Law students who were hesitant to speak in class.

In this book she shares knowledge on how to thrive in a seemingly extroverted legal profession and  seven top notch steps to help the introverted, shy and socially anxious individuals amplify their authentic lawyer voices.

This book will be of good help to all Lawyers who are introverts.

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8.  From Rookie to Rainmaker

best law books
best law books

Joryn Jenkins shares knowledge on the right path young lawyers should follow in building their firms and marketing in legal practice that will help every Lawyer attract clients.

This book will imbibe in you the confidence of selling yourself in the competitive Legal world.

9. The rainmaking mindset for attorneys (attracting clients, winning business and increasing profit)

books for every Lawyer
books for every Lawyer

Liz Wendling a business Consultant who has worked closely with top Law firms and has witnessed their struggles in converting their marketing leads into closed business and new clients; wrote this book to teach Lawyers strategies and ideas that will help them succeed in today’s Competitive Legal world.

10. Winning Arguments

top book for lawyers
top book for lawyers

As a Lawyer, argument is our daily bread because  it’s impossible to do without arguments. Even if  you are not appearing in Court, you are still required to draft brief or written address which involves Argument.  Therefore this book by Jay Heinrich’s will be a good read as it will give you advice on how to structure your ideas, use clever rhetorical techniques and make a boring argument compelling and interesting to read.

10. The End of Lawyers

best books for lawyers
best books for lawyers

The author Richard Susskind provides an insightful analysis of the way in which emerging technologies is transforming the landscape of the Legal profession.

As the world is becoming more connected, information  shared more easily, there is increasingly more pressure to reassess the way Legal services are provided and to make them more efficient and less costly.

The author argues that the current market can no longer bear the weight of expensive Lawyers billing for tasks that a paralegal can and should perform at much lower rates and this will lead to the obsolescence of traditional Lawyer who fulfills these roles today.

Furthermore, the author provides a variety of tools and tips to assist Lawyers in planning for the Future.

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11. Jeremy Hutchinson’s case histories

Jeremy Hutchinson was a very good Lawyer and the most formidable Advocate of the 1960’s and 70’s where his brilliant and stylish advocacy made him achieve success in cases that looked unwinnable.

This book reviews and discusses his most interesting cases.

12. Everyday Public relations for Lawyers

legal books every Lawyer should read
legal books every Lawyer should read

A lawyer simply cannot do without Public relations. Therefore, as a Lawyer it’s important to develop your public relations skills by working on yourself and reading books. Everyday Public relations for Lawyers is one of those books you need to read as it discusses the practical public relations strategies, models and success tips that will enhance your professional image and improve your communications.

The fact that this book is written by Gina Furia Rubel a Communication expert, Lawyer, author and publicist who knows her onion well in the area of Public relations and communication adds icing to the wonderful contents  of this book.

13. Bleak house

best books for law students
best books for law students

It is regarded as one of the greatest novel of Charles Dickson. It’s compelling, educative and entertaining nature makes it a top pick amongst fictional Law books.

The novel revolves around the theme of loss, Law, Social Class, Secrecy, inheritance and the effect the process of Law has on clients and their businesses.

14.  To kill a Mockingbird

best books for lawyers and law students
best books for lawyers and law students

This novel is written in Tactile brilliance and it centers on racism in the  1930’s society in the United States of America.

Atticus Finch the prominent character in this Novel is a Lawyer tasked with defending a man shunned by everyone else.  Finch represents the Legal ideals of Justice and equality, and serves as a  source of inspiration for Lawyers in the Contemporary society.

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15. Wrong Neck in the Noose

read law books
read law books

This is the last and one of the most important on my list. It’s  the best Legal fiction I have read as the captivating writing filled with suspense will take you into the murky Waters of Politics, Corruption and Justice.

It’s little surprise that this book is a masterpiece considering the fact that it is written by G.C Nnamani, an amazing author, Judge, and the Current President Enugu State Customary Court of Appeal. You know what happens when a person highly skilled in Legal writing and  Fictional writing comes to give a piece addressing the three major issues in Nigeria (Politics, Corruption and Justice), you will expect an explosive piece of writing  and that’s what you will get in this book.

16. Storytelling for Lawyers by Philip Meyer: The Storytelling for Lawyers is one of the best books for lawyers and law students who are interested in litigation and law practice. It is a book that clearly explains how good lawyers make arguments in court using stories that end up convincing the judge to give judgement in their favor. This is a technique used in both criminal and civil cases and it goes a long way to make the argument of the lawyer more real to the judge(s).

recommended books for lawyers and law students
recommended books for lawyers and law students

Philip Meyer, the author, really did a great job in this book. As you may already know, Meyer’s books are always top notch and this is not an exception. The reviews from lawyers and law students who has read the book shows that it has a lot to offer.

Trust me, Storytelling for Lawyers by Philip Meyer is one of the books that can change your law practice for ever.

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17. The Devil’s Advocate: A Spry polemic on how to be seriously good in Court by Lain Morley QC

The author of this book did attain the peak of the legal practice as a Queen’s Counsel. He was generous enough to share his tricks as to how be an excellent advocate through this narrative writing. The book is a reflection of the author’s experience in the legal practice; how things actually are as opposed to how they may be thought to be. The author used simple and clear English language in his narration.

best law books for non-lawyers
best law books for non-lawyers

This work exposes readers on the art of advocacy, winning in court, best approach to legal writing, case preparation, leading the minds of the tribunal, an influential way to address a judge, the art of examination and cross-examination and persuasiveness in court, and so on. The writer’s language is stylish. He employed a gender-sensitive style by his continuous use of “she” in referring to generic terms as opposed to the regular “he”. This book will give you the right view of the court system.

18. Learning the Law by Granville Williams: Students and lawyers are most encouraged to have this book as a handbook and study it occasionally, as it captures holistically the tenets of legal practice in the English legal system. The author through this text exposes readers to the court system, various legal principles, critical thinking and legal reasoning, sources of law and the duty and place of judges in the legal profession and the society.

Best Books for Lawyers to Read for Career and Personal Growth
Best Books for Lawyers to Read for Career and Personal Growth

The book was first published in 1945. Since then, it has been revised severally to meet the new developments in the legal system. The author’s writing and communication skill is commendable for its simplicity and clarity. This book is relevant in all parts of the world today, and the contents represent what is generally applicable regardless of the jurisdiction.

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19. The Jurisprudence of Lord Denning by Charles Stephens: Every person in the legal profession must have encountered the judgment of Lord Denning. Charles Stephens took this piece to reflect on the judicial prowess of Lord Denning, a highly influential judge of his time whose relevance and propositions are still indispensable in the understanding and practice of today’s legal system round the world.

best books for law students
best books for law students

The writer through this piece did a critical analysis of prominent judgments of Lord Denning in various aspects of law and offered a philosophical approach to them. The writer reflected Lord Denning’s attitude to interpretations and represented his intelligence in employing sound reasoning to arrive at justice and fairness. This book is most recommended for its exposition and the practical knowledge it offers.

20. The Firm by John Grisham: John Grisham is a renowned fictional writer. He is notable for basing his fictions on legal practice. Through his literary skill, the readers are greatly informed with more pleasure on the art of the law. “The Firm” is a legal thriller fiction through which the writer narrated a story of a law graduate who started his legal practice with Lambert and Locke law firm; there he discovered that the firm is involved in some illegalities ranging from money laundering and the likes.

The young graduate lawyer fought for a just cause to uncover the illegalities even when the associates of the firm constituted threat to his life. This is one of the best of John Grisham, and the narrative has been adapted into stage plays and TV series.

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So far, i have highlighted and discussed some of the best books every Lawyer and Law student must read. Hope this article was helpful? If you was, kindly drop a comment at the comment section. You can even make recommendations of the best books for lawyers and law students if you have any.

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