Are Lawyers Liars? The Truth About Whether Lawyers Are Liars or Not

Are lawyers liars? This is one of the ever-raging questions that has not been given any definite answer yet. Some scholars has given different answers on the question, but no answer has been settled yet. While some people actually thinks that lawyers are actually liars, some do not.

For now, I am not going to take a stand on this topic. What I mean is that, I will not be telling you that lawyers are liar or that lawyers are not liars. What I will be doing today is to critically analyze the two stands and from there, we will be able to reach an answer that will probably resolve this controversies.

Are lawyers liars

Conversely, I strongly enjoin you to read this article very carefully so that you will be able to understand my own view about this hot question. Meanwhile, I think it will be important we define who a lawyer is first, before discussing this topic in full.

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Who is a lawyer?

The Advanced English Dictionary defines a lawyer as a professional person qualified as by degree or bar exam, and authorized to practice law. That is, to conduct lawsuits or give legal advice. However, for the purpose of making this article more understandable, we will lay more emphasis on the type of lawyer called a litigator. A litigator is a skilled lawyer who is employed to litigate (that is, to argue in court). They are the once generally referred to at liars.

Rationale behind the argument that lawyers are liars

Now you may be asking, “Why do people call lawyer liars?” The answer is simply because; they believe that lawyers always liar to save their clients. In reality, that proposition is totally wrong because some lawyers actually liar or twist a particular case to favor their client.

However, I am not also saying that it is completely truth because, not every lawyer do that. Accordingly, some lawyer believes that what they do is not actually lying. But don’t worry, as we continue I explain more clearly.

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Rational behind the argument that lawyers are not liars

This proposition is mostly argued by most lawyers and law students. They are of the view that lawyers are not liars because (1) what laymen conclude to be a lie may not be a lie in the actual sense (2) every human being liars so lying should not be ascribed to just lawyers.

When I was discussing with a lawyer friend of mine on this topic, he gave me an instance that justifies the second reason above. He said that in a criminal matter where somebody commits a crime, the lawyer of that criminal will not come to court and argue that his client did not commit the crime. The lawyer will not also say that his client committed the crime because he owes a duty to that client. What the lawyer will do is to ask the opposing counsel to prove to the court that his client committed that offence. And if the opposing counsel is unable to do that, the lawyer might win the case because everything must be proved in the court to be admissible.

From the instance I gave above, it is clear that lawyers do not actually lie. They only hide the truth from the court. Now the question is, “Is hiding the truth the same as lying?” I enjoin you to think very well before answering that question.

Why are lawyers liars

Are lawyers liars?

From what we have discussed to far, lawyers do not lie. They might only keep the truth from the court if they know about it, so that they can either reduce the punishment of their client or save their client from any punishment or liability at all.

However, this not always true in reality. Some lawyers go to the extent of implying facts in a case just to keep the truth away from the court, which is apparently lying with style.

OK that is my position on the question as to whether lawyers are liars or not. With this article, I believe the controversies as to whether lawyers are liars have been completely resolved. However, if you still have any question or contribution to make on this work, our comment section is open for comments. Simple tell us what your opinion is immediately.

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  1. Abana Joseph

    But to the best of my knowledge those lawyers that hide the truth from the court are actually liars. They are just there to make their earns meat.

  2. Edeh Samuel

    You are correct Abana. However, some lawyers don’t agree with your proposition. They believe hiding the truth is different from lying.

  3. Faraday Jonah

    What is the difference between hiding the truth and lying?

  4. Andrew unlessGod

    The difference is that you do not say it , you are trying to cover it with other words, but lying, you tell the person that there is nothing like that, when there is something like that

  5. Nazzy cris

    Covering a crime, pretending as if it does not exist, and u professing that it does not exist are all lies, and they is a purnishment to liers.

  6. Lahee

    Lying only occurs by Act not by ommission.Thus, not saying something at all is an omission and cannot qualify as lying since there was no act (i.e) since you never said anything to distort the truth.
    For example, if you know I killed someone but you don’t disclose it,it is not lying but hiding the truth.However, if you go and say that I did not kill the person when you know I did,it is then lying

  7. Nelson

    I want to be a lawyer but my people want me to be a medical doctor with their reasons. Please, what do I do?

  8. Ebere Obiora

    Lawyers are not liers, they only give the exact meaning of each word. For instance you directed someone to perform an act by saying he may or will do the act, then it means he has a choice to do it or not to do it.
    Or in a case where someone slapped another, and that person collapsed and died. Spectators will call the accused person a murderer while the lawyer will disagree on the name

  9. Malik

    Lawyers are not lairs they only do what they are paid for take me for example if i kill someone and the law supected someone else and a court case must be done i will not tell my lawyer i killed the person instead i will tell him i did not kill the person if the lawyer i hire says that in the court does it means he lied no that is lawyer aren’t liar but the help me look good when i am not so stop criticizing them they are not witch

  10. Esther

    Yes you are right experienced lawyer can swift the truth
    just to benefit their clients it doesn’t actually mean they are liate

  11. Princess

    You answered it correctly cause they speak based on the info that you gave them and when someone speaks based on wat u told him or her dosent mean that he or she is lying and that can never make him or her a liar cause the person speaks based on d information u gave him or her

  12. Ila jagdhani

    Truth always prevails over it is better to speak truth.if you are lawyer or not,it does not make any difference.

  13. Ila jagdhani

    Truth always prevails over it is better to speak truth.if you are lawyer or not,it does not make any I have just write it down,not copied.

  14. Anji

    Am seeing people saying that lawyer are still liars and that there is punishment for lying. So those that mean being a lawyer is a crime and all lawyers are to be punished for doing what they use 7 years to study or for doing their job?
    Please I really need an answer desperately

  15. Anji

    Very right

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