Best Law Firms In Nigeria 2024: Top 18 Most Popular

Finding the right lawyer to handle your legal matters can be very difficult, especially if you can’t afford to engage the services of the best lawyers within you jurisdiction. This is why law firms are created. So, what exactly is a law firm? Well, a law firm is simply a business entity formed and owned by one or more lawyers to engage in the practice of law.

There are many reasons why it is better to go for a law firm rather than a particular lawyer. One of it is because, law firms have lawyers who are specialized in different fields of law. Since it is made up of lawyers who are gurus is different areas of the law, your case will be handled by that particular lawyer who knows it best.

Currently, there are more than 2000 law firms in Nigeria and it is very difficult to point out the best of them if you are not a lawyer or law student. So, today, i will be disclosing the best law firms in Nigeria and why they are the best. It is pertinent to note that the list below is not arranged in any particular order. I mean, when you talk about the best law firms in Nigeria, all the firms below are doing excellently well.

I recommend that you check out the firms below is you really want a good and competent lawyer to handle your case in the court.

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Top 18 Best law firms in Nigeria 2024

Below are the best law firms in Nigeria:

  1. Olisa Agbakoba Legal (OAL)
  2. Aluko & Oyebode
  3. Banwo & Ighodalo
  4. Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie
  5. Wole Olanipekun & Co
  6. Sofunde, Osakwe, Ogundipe & Belgore
  7. F.O. Akinrele & Co
  8.  Ikeyi Shittu & Co.
  9. Olaniwun Ajayi LP
  10. Jackson, Etti & Edu
  11. ACAS-Law (Adepetun, Caxton-Martins, Agbor & Segun)
  12. ǼLEX
  13. J-K Gadzama LLP
  14. Gani Fawehinmi Chambers
  15. G. Elias & Co
  16. Templars
  17. Aarndale Solicitors
  18. Abdulai, Taiwo & Co

Above is a list of the top tier law firms in Nigeria 2024. If you wish to know more about all the law firms listed above, I enjoin you to continue reading as I will give you detailed information about them (One after the other). This will guide you when choosing a firm to work with.

1. Olisa Agbakoba Legal (OAL): Olisa Agbakoba Legal Also known as OAL, is a leading law firm in Nigeria that provides world-class professional legal solutions to clients in diverse sectors of the Nigerian and international economy. The firm is flooded with experts in diverse areas of law worldwide. These lawyers are well-equipped to handle any international legal matters and provide comprehensive legal services to clients across different jurisdictions.

Types of law firms in Nigeria
Types of law firms in Nigeria

OAL has represent many big companies, personalities and organizations. The firm has represented and gotten judgment from national and international companies. The firm has also been recognized and awarded several times by Who’s Who Legal (WWL), IFLR 1000, Legal 500, Mondaq among others.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +2349121397097

Location: Lagos, Abuja, Nigeria

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2. Aluko & Oyebode

Location: Lagos

Tel: +234 1 462 8360-71


No doubt, Aluko & Oyebode is the leading law firm in Nigeria. This fact has been corroborated in the works of many Nigerian and foreign Lawyers. In 2018, Aluko & Oyebode was ranked the No.1 best law firm in Nigeria by Global Chamber (One of the prestigious rankings of law firms in the world).

Accordingly, the firm was the winner of the prestigious African legal awards in 2020. Just before that award, they won the Esq Nigerian Award (2019). From these facts, it is apparent that Aluko & Oyebode is still the leading law firm in Nigeria.

Aluko & Oyebode provides legal services to national and multi-national companies and clients for their commercial law matters, whether it’s related to Banking & Financial Law, Labour Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Trade Law, Environmental Law or Real Estate Law.

If you have been searching for a good and reliable law firm you can work with in Nigeria, this should be your 1st choice. Aluko & Oyebode is indeed the best law firm in Nigeria.

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3. Banwo & Ighodalo

Top law chamber in Nigeria
Top law chamber in Nigeria

Location: Awolowo Road, South West Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +234 9060003561-2

Email: [email protected]


Banwo & Ighodalo is another super-cool law firm in Nigeria. It is one of the most popular law firms in Nigeria as at the time this article was written.

According to global chamber, Banwo & Ighodalo is among the top 5 (five) law firms in Nigeria. This should tell you that Banwo is not just any kind of law firm. I have a friend who was an intent in this law firm in 2015.

According to him, he is being paid N50, 000 for being an intent in the firm. Now tell me, if a common intent should be paid that kind of money, how much will be paid to partners and associates of the law firm? Of course, it will be a huge amount of money.

From a thorough research, I found out that Banwo & Ighodalo is one of the best when it comes to Litigation, Arbitration & ADR Matters; Energy & Natural Resources; Intellectual Property & Technology; Corporate, Securities & Finance and Shipping, Aviation & International Trade.

If you have been searching for a law firm that specializes on any of the above areas, kindly locate this firm now!

4. Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie

High paying law firm in Nigeria

Location: St Nicholas House, (10th, 12th & 13th Floors) catholic Mission Street, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tell: +234 1 4622307-10

Email: [email protected]


Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie is one of the oldest law firms in Nigeria. It was founded by Udoma Udo Udoma, as Udo Udoma & Co. in 1983. Formerly, the firm specialized in oil and gas matters only.

However, as time went on, Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie began to entertain matters on other areas of the law. Conversely, the fact that Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie started to entertain other matter does not mean that they have completely leave the area of oil and gas.

In fact, they are probably the best when it comes to oil and gas. I highly recommend this firm for people who have matters concerning oil and gas.

For EMEA, Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie is the best law firm in Nigeria. It is one of the leading law firms in Nigeria as at the time this article was written. You can give this cool firm a try.

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5. Wole Olanipekun & Co

Law firms in Nigeria
Law firms in Nigeria

Location: Lagos State, Nigeria

Tell: 234 (0) 1 4605267, 234 (0) 1 9035864

Email: [email protected]

Wole Olanipekun & Co is also one of the oldest law firms in Nigeria. The firm was established by Wole Olanipekun (A Sinior Advocate of Nigeria) in 1980; to help in the development and growth of Nigerian Legal System. I do not know how much this particular firm pays to their lawyer, but for sure, it will not be a chicken change.

It will surprise you to know that Wole Olanipekun & Co entertains matters on any facets of law.

Whether it is a matter that has to do with Pre & Post Election Dispute Resolution, Oil And Gas, Energy, Natural Resources or Extractive Industries, Company Law and Shareholder Disputes, this law firm can handle it.

Well, the reason for this is not far fetched. Olanipekun & Co has large number of employees that are vast in different areas of law.

6. Sofunde, Osakwe, Ogundipe & Belgore Lafiaji

best law firms in Nigeria

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: + 234 (1) 4622502, + 234 (1) 8972065


If you have not heard of this law firm before, then you are obviously not a lawyer or law student in Nigeria. Sofunde, Osakwe, Ogundipe & Belgore Lafiaji is one of the top ranking law firms in Lagos state, Nigeria. Just like the law firm I explained previously, Sofunde, Osakwe, Ogundipe & Belgore Lafiaji is vast in different areas of law.

In fact, one of the partners of that law firm is the president of NBA (Nigerian Bar Association) particularly in Lagos. This should bring to your mind that Sofunde, Osakwe, Ogundipe & Belgore Lafiaji is well known and respected in the country.

To the best of my knowledge, Sofunde, Osakwe, Ogundipe & Belgore Lafiaji is one of the internationally law firms in Nigeria. Though their head quarters is in Lagos, Nigeria, they still provide legal services to clients in Europe, USA and other countries in Africa. Indeed, if you are searching for a world class law firm in Nigeria, Sofunde, Osakwe, Ogundipe & Belgore Lafiaji should be your first choice.

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7. F.O. Akinrele & Co

Best law firm in Lagos

Location: Lagos

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +234-1-4630470(2)


Next on my list of the best law firms in Nigeria is F.O. Akinrele & Co. This is another well known and prestigious law firms in Lagos and in Nigeria at large. Scholars have testified that F.O. Akinrele & Co is one of the law firms in Nigeria that has contributed greatly to the development of the legal system of this country. This can be seen in the firm’s value, where it is written that “In a developing Country with developing business structures and cultures, the value of a firm with longstanding traditions, values, experience and reputation in the corporate and commercial sector is essential.”

After going through the profile of this great law firm, I saw that it is flooded with smart and prestigious lawyers in the society. 30% of all the partners of this firm are SANs (Sinior Advocate Of Nigeria). For example, Ademola Akinrele, SAN is one of the partners of this great law firm. No doubt, F.O. Akinrele & Co is one of the leading law firms in Nigeria. You can give them a try.

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8. Ikeyi Shittu & Co

Located at: 1st Floor, 21 Boyle St, Lagos Island, Lagos

Tel: +234-42-290904


Believe it or not, Ikeyi Shittu & Co is one of the outstanding law firms in Nigeria as at the time this article was written.

Though I haven’t been to the law firm myself, but my friends who are currently working and interning in the firm say a lot about the firm. Based on my research, Ikeyi Shittu & Co is one of the top law firms in Nigeria with international business experience.

They provide their clients with a full range of legal, business advisory and transaction support services with a guarantee of skill, knowledge and professionalism.

9. Olaniwun Ajayi LP

top law firms in Nigeria
top law firms in Nigeria

Location: Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +234-1-2702551, +2348180022551


Olaniwun Ajayi LP is one of the leading law firms in Nigeria that is recognized both here in Nigeria and in some part of the world. As one of the best law firms in Lagos, Nigeria, Olaniwun Ajayi LP specializes on different area of law. Some of which are:

  • Administrative and Constitutional Law
  • Antitrust and Competition
  • Arbitration
  • Asset Management
  • Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Corporate Governance and
  • Compliance
  • Dispute Resolution and more.

According to IFLR 1000, Olaniwun Ajayi LP is one of the most distinguished and successful law firms in Nigeria. More so, The Times of London has also confirmed that this firm is a good law Firm in Africa. In my view, this is the best law firm in the sector of oil and gas. You can give them a try too.

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10. Jackson, Etti & Edu

best law Chambers in Nigeria

Location: Wuse Zone 1, Abuja

Email: [email protected]

Tel : +234-1-4626841/3, +234-1-2806989


If you have been searching for the best law firm in the commercial law sector, Jackson, Etti & Edu is one of them. In fact, you cannot make a list of the best 5 commercial law firms in Nigeria without mentioning this outstanding law firm. That notwithstanding, Jackson, Etti & Edu is also vast in areas like:

  • Banking & finance
  • Commercials intellectual property
  • General commercial
  • Corporate, mergers & acquisitions
  • Litigation & dispute resolution
  • Immigrating advisory & compliance
  • Intellectually property
  • Real estate
  • Regulatory & compliance

After going through the website of this law firm, i discovered something that was not present in some other law firms listed above.

At Jackson, Etti & Edu clients who demand the service of the firm are allowed to login into their website and select any lawyer they want.

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11. ACAS-Law (Adepetun, Caxton-Martins, Agbor & Segun)

top law firms in Nigeria

Location: Amazing Grace Plaza, 52 Emekuku Street, D-Line, Port-Harcourt

Tell: +234(084) 463 438

Email: [email protected]


Trust me; ACAS-Law (Adepetun, Caxton-Martins, Agbor & Segun) is the best law firm that specializes in Energy & Project Finance in Nigeria. However, that is not the only area where this firm is specialized in.

They entertain matters on other areas of law too. In 2019, ACAS-Law (Adepetun, Caxton-Martins, Agbor & Segun) was awarded the leading law firm in Nigeria by Global Chambers.

Just before that award, a member of this was awarded the practice administrator of the year. This award actually contributed to the popularity of the firm.

Following its establishment in 1991 (by Sola Adepetun and Afolabi Caxton-Martins), the vision of the firm has been to be the top law firm in Africa known for providing practical and tailored solutions to complex legal problems with the shortest possible turnaround time.

12. ǼLEX

popular law firms in Nigeria

Location: 4th Floor, Marble House, 1 Kingsway Road, Falomo Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Telephone: (+234-1) 4617321-3

E-mail[email protected]


Okay! The last law firm in my list of the best law firms in Nigeria is the prestigious ǼLEX. ǼLEX is also located in Lagos state, Nigeria. It is sole bent on providing services in commercial & dispute resolution law. According to IFLE 1000, is the “top tier law firm in 2019.”

It will surprise you to know that ǼLEX is just few years old. The firm gained its popularity after a merge in 2004. In a statement written by Chambers Global in 2019, “ǼLEX has lawyers that specialise in different aspects of the law, and pool lawyers with specialised expertise to handle relevant cases.” This is a confirmation by the prestigious global law chamber ranking website. Like i said before, ǼLEX is one of the outstanding law firms in Nigeria. You can give them a try now.

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13. J-K Gadzama LLP

top tier law firms in Nigeria
top tier law firms in Nigeria 2020

Location: Plot 1805, by Kabo way, Damaturu Cres, Abuja

EMAIL: [email protected]

Phone: 09 6233 600


J-K Gadzama LLP is another powerful law firm in Nigeria. It is owned by one of the richest lawyers in Nigeria, Chief Joe Kyari Gadzama SAN. This firm is undoubtedly the top tier law firms in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

Research shows that J-K Gadzama LLP was established in 1989 by the principal partner of the firm with the aim of establishing a frontline law firm in Nigeria with International focus and experience. Accordingly, the firm has a keen focus on Client’s needs and concerns.

Below are some of the practice areas of the firm:

  • Corporate Services, Taxation and Management
  • Litigation
  • Power, Telecoms and Infrastructure
  • Criminal law, Evidence and Procedure
  • Capital Market Processes, Privatization, Mergers and Acquisition
  • Intellectual Property
  • Financial Services Law and Regulations
  • Real Estates and Land Economy and more.

In Abuja, J-K Gadzama LLP is one of the largest law firms too. Making a comment on the size of the law firm, Esan Abiola Benard said that

the building and facilities are great. I was there for seminars and the facilities are good. It also has a big car park and wheelchair accessible entrance

This should prove to you that J-K Gadzama LLP is indeed, one of the biggest law firms in Abuja. I cannot actually tell whether J-K Gadzama LLP accepts internship applications from just any person.

14. Gani Fawehinmi Chambers

top tier law firm in Nigeria
top tier law firm in Nigeria

Address: Lagos, Nigeria

This is another top tier law firm in Nigeria. Obviously, it was founded by the famous Gani Fawehinmi SAN. In Nigeria, he is one of the best lawyers during his time and since he died, his chamber has been respected because of his good works. Gani Fawehinmi Chambers may no actually be the best in terms of salary of workers, working conditions etc. But it is one of the best when it come to proper handling of cases.

The firm is currently located at 35, Adediran Ajao Road, Ajao Estate, Anthony Village, Lagos but has branches in other parts of the country as well. Aside handling case laws, Gani Fawehinmi Chambers is also the official publisher for the Nigerian Weekly Law Report (NWLR), which is the most reputable law report in Nigeria currently.

In light of the above, there is no doubt that Gani Fawehinmi Chambers is one of the best in Nigeria and will always be one of the best.

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15. G. Elias & Co: G. Elias & Co is a full-service business law company that has been in operation since 1994. An experienced legal team at the company serves customers in the banking and finance, energy and natural resources, telecoms, and aviation sectors, among other industries. For its exceptional legal services, G. Elias & Co. has won numerous accolades, including Law Firm of the Year at the 2019 Nigerian Legal Awards.

What is the largest Nigeria law firm?
What is the largest Nigeria law firm?

The company has a strong reputation for excellence in the fields of corporate and commercial law, banking and finance, and conflict settlement. They have acted as customers’ representatives in some of Nigeria’s most complicated and well-known deals, such as mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and project finance transactions.

The firm’s expertise in these fields has made it a top option for local and foreign clients wanting legal guidance and representation in Nigeria. The firm’s dedication to excellence is exemplified by its highly qualified team of attorneys, who are knowledgeable about Nigerian law and have a thorough grasp of the neighborhood’s business climate.

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16. Templars: A top-tier Nigerian legal company that focuses on capital markets, energy and natural resources, corporate and commercial law, and conflict settlement is Templars. Oghogho Akpata, a well-known Nigerian attorney, established the company in 1995, and it has since grown to be one of the most reputable law companies in the nation. Templars has been acknowledged as one of the top law companies in Nigeria, with several accolades to its credit.A group of knowledgeable attorneys at the company offer cutting-edge legal solutions to customers in a range of industries, including banking and finance, telecoms, technology, and real estate.

Top commercial law firms in Nigeria
Top commercial law firms in Nigeria

Templars’ attorneys are renowned for their knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.  With a team of attorneys who have provided legal counsel on numerous high-profile projects in the oil and gas industry, the firm’s experience in energy and natural resources is especially noteworthy. The intellectual property department at Templars is also well-known, and the company offers legal counsel and advocacy to clients across a range of sectors, including technology, media, and entertainment. The firm’s use of technology and emphasis on delivering prompt and effective legal services both demonstrate its dedication to offering customers cutting-edge solutions.

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17. Aarndale Solicitors: Another prestigious legal company in Nigeria is Aarndale Solicitors. The company’s main office is in Lagos, where it was established in 1991. The business and commercial law, energy and natural resources, intellectual property, and conflict settlement are the areas of expertise of Aarndale Solicitors. The firm’s legal team is renowned for its proficiency and experience in managing complicated and prominent legal issues.

Tier 1 law firms in Nigeria
Tier 1 law firms in Nigeria

The ability to offer customers specialized legal solutions is one of Aarndale Solicitors’ main advantages. The company places a strong emphasis on comprehending the special requirements and aims of each customer and creating tailored strategies to meet those needs. Aarndale Solicitors has a proven track record of success in litigating cases and using other forms of conflict settlement.

18. Abdulai, Taiwo & Co: A well-known legal company in Nigeria with its main office in Lagos is Abdulai, Taiwo & Co. Since its founding in 1995, the company has made a name for itself as a premier supplier of law services. The legal team at Abdulai, Taiwo & Co. is made up of skilled professionals with a range of legal specialties, including corporate and business law, intellectual property, banking and finance, energy and natural resources, and conflict settlement.

Best law firms in Lagos
Best law firms in Lagos

The company has made significant technological investments and created a cutting-edge legal administration system that enables quick and effective service delivery. In order to keep its attorneys abreast of the most recent legal advancements and trends, Abdulai, Taiwo & Co. puts a strong stress on continuous learning and development.

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These law firms are undoubtedly the best in Nigeria this 2024. If you have been searching for the leading law firms in Nigeria, i trust that you got what you were searching for in this comprehensive article.

Nonetheless, if you are still confused about any information in this article, kindly tell me using the comment section. Accordingly, you are advised to also send your contributions and comments using the comment box.

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