Best Websites to Learn Content Writing Free: Top 8

Best Websites to Learn Content Writing: Online marketing campaigns thrive on properly written, structured and captivating content. It is a veritable tool for reaching new users and turning them into regular customers. Needless to say that any brand or organization looking to improve and make the most of its online presence must ensure that it churns out fetching content on its sites to keep visitors of the site hooked. This is the reason more than half of digital marketers prioritize content creation in their work.

From large to small business brands, content writers are highly sought-after for their expertise in writing high-quality content for directories, business websites, marketing campaigns, blogs, and so on. Content writing is that skill that can fetch you lots of money but you must have the requisite skills that will stand you out of the crowd and get you those well paying gigs. You need to learn how to use paraphrasing tools, how to structure your text to be unique, and how to keep readers hooked on your content.

In this piece, we have listed the best sites where you can learn how to finesse your content writing skills. They provide courses and certifications ranging from free to paid which you will find very helpful whether you are a newcomer or a veteran to content writing.

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Best Sites to Learn Content Writing

Ready to start or rejuvenate (if you have already started) your content writing career? Here are some websites that will help you in your journey.

1. Skillshare: Skillshare is a popular website that offers visitors with interesting and highly sought-after courses in technology, creative arts and business. Under the creative arts section, there are courses for content writers as well.

Free Courses For Writers & Content Marketers
Free Courses For Writers & Content Marketers

You can choose either the paid or free courses. The time frame for the lessons are very flexible, spanning from as short as 15 minutes up to an hour. You can also see the number of students undertaking each course and this will help you make a choice of which of the courses are very good based on popular demand. Whether you are a beginner, still finding your way about in the content writing industry or an expert looking to upgrade your skills, you will find this website very helpful. Some of the key features of this site include online videos, captivating lessons, free trials, affordable fees, and so on. Students give the site a 4.7 out of 5 stars!

2. Lynda: Lynda is a well-known online educational hub. It hosts hundreds of courses which are available in the form of video tutorials which users have to subscribe in order to access. There are varying prices depending on the type of content writing courses you want to take. However, most of them go for as low as 25$ per month, a price many students agree is affordable.

Best Content Writing Courses For Freelance Writers
Best Content Writing Courses For Freelance Writers

Depending on your knowledge, you can choose the skill level you want to start learning from, that is, beginner, intermediate or expert. There are also options of software such as Microsoft word, WordPress and so on to choose from. Lynda allows you to choose from various organizations and authors providing courses and certifications.

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3. Coursera: Coursera is another popular website where you can learn content writing through the online content writing courses. You can bag certifications in your choice courses from top universities all over the world such as Stanford, John Hopkins and Penn State University. The courses are fully structured with pre-recorded quizzes, tests and projects that help to make the lessons interesting and for the students to take an active part in the learning process. The courses come in English, Spanish, Turkish, French, Chinese and Portuguese.

best Writing Websites That Will Make You A Better Writer
best Writing Websites That Will Make You A Better Writer

There are paid and premium versions of the courses. You will find that the premium version is quite affordable. Certificates and awards are issued directly from the real Universities offering the courses. The content writing course is structured to cover three aspects of content writing, namely: short story, long form essays or content, and memoir.

You’ll learn the techniques that will help you write a captivating story with unique characters and style of writing. The courses are simplified such that students can quickly understand the concepts of creative content writing even if they had no prior knowledge of the art. There are tests at the end of each courses and no prerequisites are required before you can start the courses.

4. The Uni Square Blog: The Uni Square Blog has a content writing section which contains a slew of resources on content writing. While the site does not actually offer courses on content writing, there are available articles in the area of content writing. The articles and tips provided on the site can give your content writing skills the needed finessing at no extra cost to you.

Content Writing Courses Online
Content Writing Courses Online

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5. Udemy: Udemy like most popular websites, provides online content writing training resources to young and budding writers. Uniquely, it has a larger assortment of courses. You will discover different types of content writing courses that you can try.

Where can I learn content writing?
Where can I learn content writing?

The available topics that you can choose from include: marketing strategy, blogging, SEO, copywriting, and so on. You also get to choose the schedule and price that suits your budget. Be sure to choose the popular courses as they have higher ratings. The courses are divided into short lessons for ease of learning, you can also download some of the lessons! The site is just what you need to learn how to write content that cannot go unnoticed!

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6. Content Writing Training: If you are looking to improve your content writing skills, or even any other type of writing such as copywriting, technical writing, article writing, travel writing, and copy editing skills then you have to log on to this website! This site provides you with the requisite skills and strategies that you need to write quality content in the shortest time possible.

How to Learn Content Writing For Free
How to Learn Content Writing For Free

For instance, the Professional Certification in Content Writing (PCCW) course is one high-quality course that can provide you with the training you need to be a badass professional content writer. Simply log on to the website at and enjoy some of the free content writing courses available.

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7. Copy blogger: Copy Blogger offers visitors to the site a slew of e-books spanning different topics on content writing. You would find materials on copywriting, effective marketing techniques, landing pages, and so on.

Free Courses For Writers & Content Marketers
Free Courses For Writers & Content Marketers

Some of the perks of learning on this site is the free and fast registration and the courses are top quality, covering various branches of content writing. Visitors to the website can learn at their own pace and can structure the learning plan to fit in their schedule. That way, they learn at a steady pace, not rushed,  and fully assimilate the lessons.

8. Emphasis Training: This site is a leader in the business content writing training industry. It provides visitors with a number of content writing courses that have been specially prepared for the 21st century content writer.

For instance, courses such as the open writing skills courses are available and can be accessed by both individuals and corporate bodies. You can choose from  either the free courses or the paid courses.
One of the free writing courses is the grammar and punctuation course. It is a 7-part crash course complete with a 64-page guide that explores everything you need to know about professional writing.

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Final Words

Content, they say, is king. Content writing has overtime become an indispensable tool for successful online marketers who use it to boost their business marketing campaigns. Today, content writers are in high demand and so is the demand for training on the skills needed to produce excellent content.

We know that information is power. You may already be into content writing but it certainly never hurts to learn more. Besides, in our fast developing world, there is no end to new information and techniques that you must catch up with to stay relevant in the tech industry. There are numerous types of content writing courses that you can find on different platforms online. You may visit any of these sites to pick the site that best suit your learning goals.

Be sure to consider relevant factors such as language, duration, cost and so on when choosing which course and site to learn at. These sites have one uniform goal– to help you finese your content writing skills and grow. Maximize the opportunity they present to you. Best of luck!