How To Create Paypal Account In Nigeria 2024 (Step by step)

How To Create Paypal Account In Nigeria: I believe it’s essential to clarify what Paypal is before demonstrating how to build a Paypal account that is 100% functioning with your Nigerian IP address.

With the help of PayPal, you may send, receive money, make payments, and conduct other types of online commercial operations. The largest internet wallet service and a worldwide marketplace are both called Paypal.

What are the requirements for opening a PayPal account in Nigeria
What are the requirements for opening a PayPal account in Nigeria

The United States, Canada, Luxembourg, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, etc. all have registrations for this business.
A number of news publishing portals stated in July 2014 that PayPal had banned Nigeria and a few other African nations as a result of the high rate of credit card fraud and other fraudulent activities.

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Benefits Of Creating Paypal Account In Nigeria

A. Transactional security.

B. Online shopping is stress-free.

C. Online payment platforms are more adaptable, offer more possibilities, and are more affordable.

D. Easy and quick.

E. Easy to use interface.

D. Outstanding client care.

What Is Required To Open a Paypal Account In Nigeria That Is Verified?

The majority of individuals have been wondering if it is feasible to verify a Paypal account in Nigeria and have asked this query. The response is “Yes!” Be aware that you must possess certain papers in order to establish a PayPal account in Nigeria.

How to Make Money with PayPal in Nigeria (2023)
How to Make Money with PayPal in Nigeria

A. A functioning number. When I test Glo and Airtel, they frequently have trouble obtaining OTP from PayPal, therefore I suggest MTN and 9Mobile instead.
B. A legitimate National ID. Keep in mind that the name you provide to open this Paypal account will match the name on your ID card.

C. An active email address (keep in mind that you need to have an email account you can access at any time and have never used with PayPal.) You may open this account using your smartphone as well.

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How To Set Up a Verifed Paypal Account In Nigeria

These are the easy procedures to follow in order to sign up for and validate a Paypal account in Nigeria that can send and receive money. Yes, a user account with full PayPal functionality for the US and UK.

Observe that this is only a brief summary of the steps you must do to create a verified account.

A. Visit Paypal’s website in order to register for an account.
B. Make a PayPal business account by selecting the signup option.
C. In the fields that need to be filled out, provide your true personal and professional information.
D. Click the link for account verification emailed to the email address you entered to confirm your PayPal account.
E. Access your new PayPal account by logging in.
F. Verify your further information, then use your PayPal account.

Here is a comprehensive and detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to accomplish this.

Go To Paypal’s Website: You must go to the Paypal website; I suggest using the Chrome browser on a computer or mobile device. You must go to the PayPal Lesotho home page (you need an African nation with full access to PayPal because Nigeria PayPal is restricted).


How To Open A Paypal Account In Nigeria in 2023YouTube
How To Open A Paypal Account In Nigeria in 2023YouTube

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Open a Paypal Business Account Of Your Choice: Next, remember that in order to register for an account, you must go to the Paypal Lesotho website. After that, click “Sign Up” in the upper right corner to get to the signup page.

You will have a choice between two account types (Personal/Business) on the “Sign Up” screen. Make an effort to select “Business Account“. The key justification is that a Paypal business account allows you more access and the ability to send and receive money without trouble as compared to a Personal account. To reiterate, make an effort to select a business account.

Sign In With Your Accurate Personal And Business Information: Your business and personal information must then be entered. Your legitimate email address must be entered first. Remember that you must provide an Email that has never been used with Paypal.

After entering your email address in the necessary column, click “Continue” to continue, at which point you should fill out all the fields as seen in the image below. Pay attention to the following:

A. Name: It is imperative that you use the name that is written on your government-issued ID card. I’ll suggest that you do this even though you won’t be asked to verify it in order to prevent any problems that could later occur.


What information is required to open a Personal PayPal account in Nigeria
What information is required to open a Personal PayPal account in Nigeria

B. Organization Name: For individuals who have a legitimately registered business, write “Business Name” in the necessary column. However, you may create a new business name and utilize it there if you don’t already have a registered business name.

C. Phone Number: When prompted to write in or input your phone number in this area, do as instructed. Enter your legitimate Nigeria phone number after first clicking on the Lesotho flag and then choosing Nigeria. This is very important since an OTP will be given to this phone number whenever you attempt to log in.
D. Postcode: Enter 00234.


Which bank uses PayPal in Nigeria
Which bank uses PayPal in Nigeria

F. Business Address: If there is no address listed for your business in this column, be sure to include your home address.

G. Currency: This decision is entirely up to you. However, I’ll suggest that you pick the currency that will be used for the majority of your transactions—the US dollar is often used for online business transactions. Therefore, if you want my opinion, I’d suggest going with the US dollar.

When finished, press the SUBMIT button.

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H. Important Prerequisite: Don’t fill out the form further after hitting the submit button. A PayPal email of confirmation should arrive soon. Any information you provided after pressing the SUBMIT button is invalid.

Create PayPal account
Create PayPal account

I. Paypal Account Verification: You must go to the email address you used to open your Paypal account after hitting the confirmation button. Your information has been received by PayPal, and you will get an email requesting that you click on a verification link. Please take note that your registration is 100% successful when you confirm your PayPal

Sign Into Your New Paypal Account: The necessary procedures will be displayed to you on your account dashboard, where you may log in to your new PayPal account and finish them all.


How To Create A Paypal Account In Nigeria In 2023
How To Create A Paypal Account In Nigeria In 2023

Verify Any Extra Requirements: This procedure is simple since all that is needed from you is to enter the extra data for the customer identification process. By doing this, you will increase the security of your account and avoid any problems with your freshly formed PayPal.

Fill in the information for a sole proprietorship and incorporation in Nigeria using the image supplied below.

CONGRATULATIONS after the Customer Identification Process is complete! You now possess a PayPal account in Nigeria that is completely functional and able to send and receive payments from any country in the globe. Additionally, you may use the money to make purchases on any website that takes PayPal.

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Nigeria Paypal Account Funding Information

To conduct online business transactions, you must fund your account by adding funds to your PayPal account. Here are the three (3) easiest, safest ways to stress-free fund your PayPal account in Nigeria.

How to open PayPal account that receive money in Nigeria
How to open PayPal account that receive money in Nigeria

A. Transfer From Friends: If this is your first transaction, try to get the person giving you money through PayPal to choose “No Address” when sending you money. Because Paypal will retain the money for at least seven (7) business days if you transfer it to your account with an associated address.

Asking your friends who also have PayPal accounts to give you money is one of the simplest methods to constantly replenish your account. You must provide the email address you used to set up your Lesotho Paypal in order to get the money from PayPal.

B. Use a Debit Card To Pay: In Nigeria, using a debit card to finance your PayPal account is one of the safest options. To obtain a debit card that accepts US dollars, all you have to do is get in touch with your bank.

Add the debit card to your account after you’ve received it. Make sure your debit card has the equivalent of the Naira, though. I advise you to utilize banks that offer a mobile app or decent USSD platform so that you may do bank transactions immediately on your smartphone in order to fund your Paypal account in Nigeria using the debit card.

C. Buy From Online Market Places: In Nigeria, there are trusted online currency exchanges. Nevertheless, depending on the exchanger you’re using, they provide different rates per dollar. You must take caution not to fall victim to con artists who will steal your Naira and never deliver you the Paypal money you paid for.

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How To Get Money From Paypal In Nigeria

Is PayPal available in Nigeria
Is PayPal available in Nigeria

Keep in mind that you can only withdraw money from your Paypal account using a UBA AfriCard Card. Simply walk into any UBA bank in your area and request a UBA AfriCard from the customer support or service staff. Don’t forget that this card should be a regular Naira Card and not a USD card.

The UBA AfriCard is occasionally referred to as the UBA Prepaid Card. Following the steps listed below, you can withdraw your money after linking your cards to your PayPal account:

A. By signing in at, you may access the PayPal Dashboard.

B. From the Dashboard, click “Withdraw Funds”.

C. Click “From” and choose your PayPal Balance on the next screen.

D. After that, click “To” and choose the corresponding Visa Card.

E. After that, enter the amount and press the “Continue” button.

F. Your screen will show a review of your transaction on the next page. Simply click “Transfer” to send the funds directly to your UBA AfriCard after confirming this transaction.

G. Always keep in mind that PayPal often states that the money will be sent to your bank account within 5 to 7 business days.