How Much do Ghanaian Lawyers Earn? Salary of Lawyers in Ghana 2024

Salary of lawyers in Ghana: Attorneys prepare legal papers, represent clients before administrative boards or tribunals, conduct prosecutions in courts of justice, plead cases, and direct barristers to argue in higher courts of justice. They also provide legal advice to clients on a wide range of topics. This article will examine Ghana’s average attorney pay for 2023. Additionally, we’ll examine intriguing wage statistics such as the median income, percentile compensation, experience-based pay, and more.

The information in this article was gathered from a variety of sources, including job advertising that provide wage information, official government salary statistics, and salary surveys.

Are lawyers paid by the government in Ghana
Are lawyers paid by the government in Ghana

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How Much Do Lawyers Make in Ghana?

In Ghana, the average yearly pay for an attorney is around 114,000 GHS, with the lowest average salary being 53,380 GHS and the highest average salary being 183,700 GHS. These are the typical incomes for solicitors in Ghana, which also cover benefits like housing and transportation. Attorney pay varies, with some making more or less than the averages displayed above.

How much do lawyers make in Ghana?
How much do lawyers make in Ghana?

Attorney pay will differ significantly depending on your gender, geography, experience, and skill set. For further information on any of these topics, continue reading below.

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Distribution of Attorney Salaries in Ghana

We have now examined the typical incomes that solicitors in Ghana would receive. The salary distribution is the next noteworthy piece of information.

Salary of lawyers in ghana per month
Salary of lawyers in ghana per month

Salary ranges

As we already know, the typical salary for an attorney in Ghana ranges from 53,380 to 183,700 GHS. In statistics, this is referred to as the range. Employers and employees can use the difference between the maximum and minimum numbers as a useful measure of salary fluctuation and to determine how much they can anticipate to pay, respectively.

Median salary

In Ghana, an attorney makes, on average, 124,400 GHS. This is the salary distribution’s middle value. Thus, roughly half of the population makes less than 124,400 GHS, while the other half makes more than 124,400 GHS. It is a positive sign that you are getting paid well if your income exceeds the median pay.

Your goal should be to boost your income to at least the median salary if you’re not making more than that amount. You may achieve this by asking for a hike in pay or by seeking for a job that pays more.

Average Attorney Salary in Ghana
Average Attorney Salary in Ghana

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Similar to the median wage, the percentiles focus on the values at the top and bottom half of the distribution rather than the centre value. In Ghana, 25% of the population earns less than the average attorney income of 80,480 GHS, while 75% make more than this amount. 25% of people make more than 168,100 GHS, while 75% of people make less than 168,100 GHS.

The 25th and 75th percentile earnings, like the median wage, may be used to establish which quartile you fall into, allowing you to assess whether you are getting compensated enough in comparison to others in your field and area.

Highest salary of lawyers in ghana
Highest salary of lawyers in ghana

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Salary of Lawyers by Experience Level 

Beyond the particular occupation, the most significant element influencing your pay is the length of experience you have. It makes sense that a greater salary would follow from more years of experience. To give you an idea of how the average varies when you work for a given length of time, we have looked at the average attorney income depending on years of experience.

0 – 2 Years Experience. In Ghana, an attorney with less than two years of experience might anticipate making between 60,180 and 60,180 GHS.

2 – 5 Years Experience. An attorney with two to five years of experience may expect to make an average income of 80,060 GHS.

5 – 10 Years Experience. An attorney with five to 10 years of experience would typically make 117,600 GHS.

10 – 15 Years Experience. After 10 years of experience, the average income is around 146,200 GHS.

15 – 20 Years Experience. The average salary for an attorney with 15 to 20 years of experience is 159,100 GHS.
20+ Years Experience. The estimated average income for an attorney with over 20 years of experience rises to 172,200 GHS.

How much do lawyers charge in Ghana
How much do lawyers charge in Ghana

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Salary of an Attorney by Education Level

Your education has a significant impact on your earning potential in addition to work experience. While a high level of education is necessary for many higher paid occupations, how much can your compensation improve with a degree?

To determine how much more you can make at each education level, we analysed the earnings of workers in the same profession and career level but with varying degrees of education in our research. Your location and the job path you select will have a significant impact on the pay you may earn depending on your degree.

In order to determine if having more education would result in a higher compensation, we looked at the average wage for solicitors in Ghana depending on the employees’ educational attainment.
An undergraduate degree. In Ghana, the average pay for an attorney with a bachelor’s degree is 68,400 GHS. An advanced degree. The average pay for an attorney in Ghana with a master’s degree is 109,740 GHS.

Doctorate. The average pay for an attorney in Ghana with a PhD degree is 181,600 GHS.

Attorney in Accra, Ghana
Attorney in Accra, Ghana

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Comparing Lawyer Salary by Gender

We all know that there should never be a salary difference between men and women in the present day. Regrettably, in several occupations, there persists to be a notable disparity in pay between men and women performing equivalent tasks.

In Ghana, the average salary for an attorney is 125,100 GHS for men and 108,800 GHS for women. This indicates that, for doing the same work, a male attorney makes around 15% more than a female attorney.

Ghana’s Average Attorney Salary Increase
Employees are frequently awarded a yearly wage rise in various nations as a way of thanking them for their service. According to our data, an attorney in Ghana typically receives a wage increase of 12% every 19 months.

Judge salary in Ghana
Judge salary in Ghana

In Ghana, the average salary increase for all businesses and professions is around 8% every 19 months. As we can see, there are more months in this instance than there are in a usual year between average wage raises. Using a straightforward method, we can determine the approximate yearly wage increase to give the data further context:
Annual Increase = ( Increase Rate ÷ Months ) × 12

Thus, in this instance, it would be:
Annual Increase = ( 12 ÷ 19 ) × 12 = 8%
This implies that an attorney in Ghana should anticipate a yearly salary increase of about 8% on average.

Salary of Lawyers in Ghana
Salary of Lawyers in Ghana

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Lawyer Bonus and Incentive Rates in Ghana

The amount of bonus you earn at work is an additional component of your total salary. Certain employment roles are likely to have greater bonus rates and to award bonuses more frequently than others. Higher incentives are sometimes awarded for occupations involving more direct income creation, depending on how well the employee performs in meeting revenue targets.

Salary of Lawyers in Ghana
Salary of Lawyers in Ghana

Government vs Private Sector Salaries
Is there a difference in pay between working in the public (government) and private sectors? This is another often asked issue. In Ghana, workers in the public sector make around 8% more money than those in the private sector for same work.

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All of the pay and salary information on this page is gross pay, or the amount earned before taxes are deducted. It is challenging to determine the net wage after taxes for any job with accuracy because taxes might vary significantly between industries and geographical areas. The average annual pay for a lawyer is around 114,000 GHS, with the lowest average salary being 53,380 GHS and the highest average salary being 183,700 GHS.