Richest States In The US By Income 2024: Top 14 Wealthiest

Top 14 richest states in the United States of America (USA): One of the wealthiest, most powerful, and most developed countries in the world is the United States of America. However, do you know which states in America are the wealthiest and how they did it? If not, you can read this article to learn more about it. together with basic information.

Richest States in the US Right Now
Richest States in the US Right Now

The data and statistics in this post are sourced from the US Census Bureau. The measure used in this analysis to determine the richest US state is median household income. We’ll find out a little bit further about their median household income as well as the main economic drivers there. The richest American cities are discussed in this article.

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Top 14 Richest States In The US (United States of America) 2024

1. New York: New York is with the highest GDP per capita and the fourth-highest population, with a median household income of $88,349. From well-known celebrities to billionaire wealthy individuals, New York is home to some of the richest people on the planet. Many New Yorkers who work in the Stock Market, in the industry of media and entertainment, or in the city’s Technology sector have bachelor’s degrees, and they attended some of the city’s several colleges and universities.


The incidence of poverty in New York is consistently higher than the national average, irrespective of the fact that it is the richest state in the country and possesses one of the largest average household incomes.

2. Maryland: Maryland, where the average household income is $87,063, is by far the wealthiest state in the USA. Being close to the federal government’s headquarters in Washington, DC, has positive economic effects for the area. The biotechnology sector in Maryland, which is home to hundreds of industries that profit from the state’s accessibility to higher education and public sector entities like the National Institutes of Health, has a large number of well-paying job opportunities.

richest states in the USA
richest states in the USA

The state boasts a low unemployment rate and a robust job market in addition to being a well-liked tourism destination because it has several beach resort towns. The economy of this state also greatly benefited from the Port of Baltimore.

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3. Washington: The cultivation of lentils, dry peas, barley, and a variety of vegetables contributed significantly to Washington’s early prosperity and helped it rise to the third-richest state position. There is a sizable forestry sector as well, with around three-fourths of the area being exploited for commercial timber and the remainder being kept as national forests and national parks for preservation.

The state’s overall median income is influenced by the presence of some of the biggest companies in the nation, such as Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon. On the other end of the wealth scale, the third richest state is home to billionaires like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, while Washington’s unemployment and poverty rates are lower than the national average.

4. Massachusetts: With an average family income of $85,843, Massachusetts is one of the most populated and fourth-richest states in the US. Massachusetts, one of the US states that is most friendly to business, is home to more than a dozen Fortune 500 corporations.

Two more significant contributors to Massachusetts’ thriving economy are agriculture and energy production. Many of the state’s millionaires and billionaires come from the banking and biotechnology sectors, and Massachusetts is a significant national hub for venture capital investment. A sizable portion of the population works in the tourism, commerce, and healthcare sectors. The popularity of Boston and Cape Cod as vacation spots has led to a sharp rise in travel in recent years.

List of U.S. states and territories by income
List of U.S. states and territories by income

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5. New Jersey: According to this rating, New Jersey is ranked third among the Top ten Richest States in the USA. Their average household income is $85,751. As for the states with the highest per-capita gross state product, New Jersey currently ranks within the top 10 (GSP).

Numerous industries, including publishing, biotechnology, information technology, agriculture, tourism, and power generation, have a significant impact on the state’s economy. Since trees cover the majority of New Jersey, the state’s main natural resources are pine forestry, iron, manganese, and zinc mining. New Jersey has one of the lowest rates in the country for all age groups, with a poverty rate for all age groups of approximately 10%.

6. California: The most populous state, California, is well recognized for its entertainment sector, with many of its highest-paying jobs — and wealthy celebrities — being situated in Hollywood and the nearby areas. As the most populated state, it makes sense that employment levels are high in the sectors of education and health services, but labor statistics also reveal that sizable populations are employed in the areas of construction, and agriculture, including technology.

There are numerous large digital and social media companies with considerable workforces situated in California’s Silicon Valley, including Apple, Twitter, Google, as well as PayPal.

List of U.S. states and territories by GDP
List of U.S. states and territories by GDP

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7. Connecticut: The elite educational institutions in Connecticut, such as the renowned Yale University, help to provide the professionals needed for lucrative employment in financial services and insurance. Although the state’s economy is dominated by banking and real estate, there are still traces of its once-vibrant agricultural industry, including cattle and animal rearing as well as shade-grown tobacco that is exported for cigar wrappers.

The manufacturing sector in Connecticut has likewise shrunk, and where there were once businesses making pins, clocks, and sewing machines, there are now high-technology firms. Construction, retail, art, entertainment, and information services are among the secondary industries that contribute to Connecticut’s ranking as one of the richest states in the nation. More than 300,000 jobs are also generated by the education and health sectors.

8. Delaware: With an average household income of $64,805 and a GDP of $77,214, Delaware is one of the richest states in the US. Delaware has a relatively small population, the majority of the workforce in Delaware, which includes banks, farmers, educational institutions, and health care providers, is employed in the public sector.

The agricultural production of Delaware, which also comprises the cultivation of a variety of fish, crabs, and snails as well as maize, and soybeans, including vegetables, also contributes significantly to the state’s annual median household income. Due to Delaware’s very lax incorporation laws, which are inhabited by thousands of American and international companies, more than three-fifths of the companies listed on the Stock Exchange of New York are incorporated there.

Richest States in America
Richest States in America

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9. North Dakota: North Dakota has a median income of $70,185 and a GDP per capita of $71,185. North Dakota’s economy underwent a transformation toward the end of the 20th century when services like call centers, travel services, and financial corporations came to dominate the state’s overall gross domestic product. Generally, the majority of the state’s income was derived from fossil fuels and agriculture.

Despite recent decreases in agriculture, North Dakotan farms continue to produce a range of grains, including mustard, along with wheat, flaxseed, corn, and sugar beets, which are farmed for export. Residents enjoy top-notch healthcare and low crime rates, and the state has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

10. Illinois: Owing to its plentiful coal reserves, the tenth-richest state in the US can power several industries, including food, computers and electronics, rubber, produced metals, and chemicals.

The majority of the non-electrical machinery manufactured in industrial parks located throughout the state, which makes it one of the leading producers, is exported to other nations. Chicago is the hub of a sizable percentage of Illinois’ economic activities, including the Amtrak commuter rail system, the production of vehicles, and the numerous financial institutions, including the Chicago Stock Exchange.

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Median income:  $88,005

Gross state product: $98.2 billion

Standing out from all other states, is Hawaii,  an isolated island region in the Pacific Ocean.  The state’s wealth statistics are exceptional: Hawaii has an $88,005 median household income, which is one of the highest in the US, a low percentage of poverty, and high government expenditures and revenue per capita.

Is California the richest state
Is California the richest state

With only 1,483,762 residents, Hawaii has one of the smallest populations among the fifty states. One of the most picturesque places to live in the United States, the state is a favourite among the wealthy who want to purchase luxurious homes on the island. Despite being a popular tourist destination, the state has the sixth-lowest unemployment rate in the nation—just 3.6%.

This demonstrates that the labour economy is thriving as a result of agricultural and tourism attractions. Hawaii has the fifth-lowest rate of poverty in the US, with only 10.6% of the population living below the federal poverty line.


Median income:  $83,449

Gross state product: $104.4 billion

With approximately 1,395,847 inhabitants, New Hampshire has the tenth-smallest population in the US as of 2023. Its median household income looks pretty good from the stats, with its $83,449 value. The state boasts the fourth-lowest unemployment rate in the country, at 3.4%, as well as one of the lowest poverty rates in the country, at 8.2%. When it comes to educational attainment, New Hampshire can point to some astounding statistics.

Why is Maryland the richest state
Why is Maryland the richest state

93.1 per cent of residents in the state have graduated from high school, and 35.7% have earned at least a bachelor’s degree, with many going on to get a master’s. Because average household incomes are generally higher, this is most likely the case. Interestingly, New Hampshire is home to numerous illustrious school districts, colleges, and universities.

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13. Virginia

Median income: $80,615

Gross state product: $649.4 billion
Virginia, which has the twelfth biggest population in the US with 8,820,504 people as of 2023, is yet another rich state in the US with a median household worth of $80,615. A major contributor to the state’s high median income hinges on the fact that 37 per cent of persons in the state have achieved a bachelor’s degree or above.

wealthiest states in the u.s. per capita
wealthiest states in the u.s. per capita

It is currently one of the six states with the highest proportion of adults with a college degree. Statistics show that more families in the state make at least $200,000 annually, while fewer households earn $10,000 or less. Virginia has the 17th-lowest unemployment rate in the US, at 4.4%, and the 11th-lowest poverty rate, at 11.2%. The state’s labour economy is rather robust. Although the city’s median property worth of $259,700 is among the highest in the nation, it is fairly balanced when measured against the average household income.

14. Alaska

Median income: $80,287

Gross state product: $63.6 billion

With only 740,339 inhabitants, Alaska is the state with the third-smallest population in the nation. It is regarded as one of the richest states in the nation in part due to its significant natural resource allocations. Along with mining, forestry, fishing, and agriculture, the state also has a thriving oil industry. Alaska has the fifth-lowest poverty rate of all the states, at 10.3%, while having the fourth-highest unemployment rate in the US, at 6.5%. Despite being one of the wealthiest states, it is predicted that 15% of residents do not have health insurance, putting it second highest in these worrying figures.

Poorest state in USA
Poorest state in USA

Alaska is one of the most expensive states in the US in terms of widely purchased commodities because of its remoteness and the cost of transporting products into the state, therefore having money helps a lot. Alaska’s average household income of $80,287 is higher than that of other states, demonstrating that residents can afford to spend more on necessities.

Alaska is a state of contrasts; it has some of the worst rates of violent and property crime nationwide, but it also has one of the hig

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To compile this ranking, a wide range of statistics was looked into, including information on poverty and education levels as well as the state with the highest per capita GDP and highest median household income. Agriculture, manufacturing, and high technology have all contributed to how the wealthiest states have developed over time. These industries have helped these regions become what they are today.