Salary Of Nigerian Civil Defence (NSCDC) & Ranks 2024

Salary Of Nigerian Civil Defence: The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) is a paramilitary organization whose powers are granted by lay Act No. 2 of 2003, which was revised on June 4, 2007. During the civilian rule of Olusegun Obasanjo, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps were founded to offer necessary protective measures in the case of a disaster, assault, or threats to Nigerian residents. They, too, have firearms and a range of accouterments, like holographic sights and this 9mm suppressor.

Like the Nigerian police and the military, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps have ranks. As a result, they have command hierarchies. The Assistant Cadet is at the bottom of the ladder, while the Commandant General is at the top.

Nigerian Civil Defense rank and salary
Nigerian Civil Defense rank and salary

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Nigeria Civil Defence Rankings

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps’ hierarchical structure is detailed here, from the lowest to the highest position.

  1. Assistant Cadre – Level 3 to 5
  2. Assistant Inspectorate Cadre – Level 6
  3. Inspectorate Cadre – Level 7
  4. Assistant Superintendent Cadre II – level 8
  5. Assistant Superintendent Cadre I – Level 9
  6. Deputy Superintendent Cadre II – Level 10
  7. Superintendent Cadre II – Level 11
  8. Chief Superintendent Cadre – Level 12
  9. Assistant Commander – Level 13
  10. Deputy Commander – Level 14
  11. Chief Commander – Level 15
  12. Assistant Commandant General – Level 16
  13. Deputy Commandant General = level 17
  14. Commandant General = level 18

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Nigerian Civil Defence Corps Salary Structure 2024

Nigerians government pays a lot of money to the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps. Pay is based on the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary. (CONPASS) Structure This is a salary structure that all companies use. The nation’s paramilitary institutions, such as that of the \sNigerian Police, customs, and so forth.

What is the salary scale of NSCDC?
What is the salary scale of NSCDC?

The Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure assures that persons in active service, whether in the military or not, are safe. Nigerian law enforcement, immigration, customs, and civil service The defense is paid what they are entitled to receive based on their ranks. They get a variety of compensation in conjunction with their base salary, which is issued monthly or yearly.

Furnishings expenditures are commonly included within allowances, among many other things. The further you climb the higher positions, the more income and benefits you’ll receive. The rankings and how they have been decided are shown above.  Now, we’ll talk about exactly how much money rank earns.

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1. Assistant Commandment General: In the NSCDC, that’s the highest rank or position a person may achieve. Only the head of the government can assign someone to a higher position.

How much is Civil Defence Recruitment salary and allowance
How much is Civil Defence Recruitment salary and allowance

The basic yearly wage for someone in this position ranges from N2,272,288 to N2,464, 560. Aside from the aforementioned sum, he is also allocated to a slew of monthly allowances and bonuses.

2. Chief Commander: The Assistant Commandant General gets reports literally from the Chief commander. His subordinates hold him with high regard. He earns between N1,759,921 and N1,966,281 every year as a level 15 employee, which is near the very top. 

There are also several incentives and privileges.

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3. Deputy Commander: The deputy commander is the officer in charge after the main commander. He is the Chief’s direct report. He earns between N1,619,447 and N1,825,589. He is however eligible for lots of benefits and incentives.

4. Assistant Commander: To control the operations of the officers immediately under them, the Assistant Commander collaborates with the Deputy Commander. According to the Consolidated Paramilitary Compensation Structure, his yearly pay ranges from N1,225, 584 to N1,405,449. Aside from the base wage, the Assistant Commander earns a slew of extras to help him get through his time in the office.

5. Chief Superintendent Cadre: Chief Superintendent Cadre 11 is in charge of his subordinates’ operations and performs a variety of tasks for his superior officers. Along with other incentives, he receives N1, 158,12 through N1,325, 234 every month.

NSCDC Salary structure 2022
NSCDC Salary structure 2022

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6. Superintendent Cadre 11: To perform specific responsibilities given to them, Superintendent Cadre II collaborates with the Chief Superintendent Cadre II and the Deputy Superintendent Cadre II. He makes anywhere from N1,094,027 – N1,252, 038 every month.

7. Deputy Superintendent Cadre 11: This office’s salary ranges from N1, 012, 560 up to N1,143, 539. He also earns a variety of other stipends and bonuses.

8. Assistant Superintendent Cadre 1: Along with different advantages and incentives, Assistant Superintendent Cadre I receives N939,310 to N1,056,416 each year.

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9. Assistant Superintendent Cadre 11: The person in this position mostly collaborates with the commanding officer above him and the commanders below him. In addition, he is his supervisor. Assistant Superintendent Cadre II’s basic compensation ranges from N858,956 to N986,991 on an annual basis.

10. Inspectorate Cadre: The Inspectorate Cadre’s living salary ranges from N483,014 to N567,065 per year. He also earns various stipends and bonuses on top of that.

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11. Assistant Inspectorate Cadre: This is the job in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps that is closest to the last one. The basic wage for someone in this position ranges from N374,259 to N411,454. He is also eligible for additional bonuses from time to time.

12. Assistant Cadre: Because this is the inferior rank in the NSCDC, it’s no surprise that the money was offered to someone in this position. If you joined the civil defense with only an O’level qualification, you’ll most likely start here.

How quickly you rise from any of these levels is determined by your effort and dedication. You won’t waste much time on the above ranking if you navigate your way around. You will do very well here if you additionally pursue further educational credentials. The base yearly wage ranges from N296,506 to N374,259 at this level. You’re also eligible for a few perks now and then.

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If you join the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps with only an O’level certificate, you would be assigned to the lowest position, Assistance Cadet. That would also imply the smallest salary, bonuses, and benefits package.

An individual with a bachelor’s degree who enters the NSCDC will be positioned higher in the rankings than someone with an HND. He’ll be assigned to level 8, where he’ll be an Assistant Superintendent Cadre II.

Masters’ degree holders are assigned to level 9, while lawyers are assigned to level 9, and medical physicians are assigned to level 12 as Chief Superintendent Cadre II. If you obtain further certificates or credentials while being on any level, you will immediately rise in rank and receive a higher income, benefits, and bonuses.

A presidential nomination is the next factor that defines your position, salary, or pay. However, this only occurs at the highest levels. Whoever holds the highest rank in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is appointed by the president.

Employment Opportunities

Occasionally, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps would issue a public notice about job openings. Any applications, as well as all relevant papers, are now created and submitted electronically. At this time, there are no available positions. You will be alerted on this page when such a job opening becomes available. The candidate must be a Nigerian citizen as the most fundamental requirement.

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Facts About The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps that You Might not Know

1. The NSCDC is One of the Oldest Security Bodies in The Country: The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps was established in 1967. This makes it one of the oldest security bodies in Nigeria. There are only four security bodies in the country that are older; the Nigerian Navy (1887), The Nigerian Police Force (1930), The Nigerian Army (1960), and The Nigerian Airforce (1964). This also makes it one of the few security bodies that were active before and during the Nigerian Civil war.

How much is NSCDC training allowance?
How much is NSCDC training allowance?

2. The Body Was Created During The Nigerian Civil War: In fact, some people would argue that the NSCDC would not have been created if not for the civil war. When this body was established they had the singular function of sensitizing the citizens of the FCT of Lagos on the effects of the war and how they could best protect themselves. Later on, it would get assigned more duties. However, its primary duty remains to protect the lives of the Nigerian citizenry.

3. The NSCDC is Headed by a Commandant-General: The official head of the NSCDC is the Commandant-General. However, this title wasn’t always in existence. It was created in 2004 and has remained the highest rank within the body since then. At any given point, this position is occupied by a General. The General is assisted in their duties by a deputy and an assistant commander general. At the time of writing, Ahmed Abubakar Audi is the Commandant-General. He has held this position since 2021.

NSCDC Salary Structure Based on Ranks of Officers
NSCDC Salary Structure Based on Ranks of Officers

Fun Fact: The first General to hold the position of Commandant-General of the NSCDC was Abiola Aturamu.

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4. The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps is A Paramilitary Unit: The NSCDC is a paramilitary body. This implies that even though its training, structure, and subculture all mimic that of the military, they are not recognized as part of the legitimate armed forces.

How much is Civil Defence salary per month
How much is Civil Defence salary per month

However, this does not mean that this body is not important. Its function complements the Millitary units. Together the security bodies strive for a more secure and peaceful Nigeria.

5. Many Nigerian Youths Want to be a Part of This Body: If you pay a visit to the social media handle of this secuirty unit, you will find many Nigerian youths asking for the recruitment processes. These Nigerians want to be a part of the NSCDC.

Salary of civil defence in nigeria per month
Salary of civil defence in nigeria per month

This could be due to the high rate of unemployment in the country or it could be that many Nigerian youth want to serve their country in this way. The Nigerian Civil Defence Corps has over one hundred thousand individuals occupying different roles within the unit.

Fun Fact: In 202, the NSCDC opened up the recruitment process to fill 5000 roles. I.4 million Nigerians applied for thiese roles.

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The Nigerian Civil Defense has the following rankings and salary structure. This information is reliable. If you’re interested in joining the service after viewing all of this, you may learn more about it. If you’ve been looking for information on the salary of the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps, I hope you’ll find it all here.

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