Easiest Musical Instruments To Learn And Play 2022: Top 12

Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn: In so many ways, mastering the art of utilizing a musical instrument to create a beautiful sound is satisfying.

Music can help children and adults alike develop discipline, increase executive functions, and improve motor skill coordination. It can also assist individuals in expressing their creativity and emotions, as well as devising appropriate stress-reduction strategies. Those who remain dedicated and refine their skills can have a successful musical career. Many people who desire to try their hand at this delightful art, however, find it difficult to know where to begin. Finding a beginner-friendly musical instrument might be a daunting feat with so many options available out there.

So, to assist you, I’ve put together this article. The top ten easiest musical instruments to learn are listed below in no particular order.

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Top 10 Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn and Play

1. Ukulele: The ukulele is one of the most simple instruments to learn. This instrument resembles a little guitar, with four strings instead of the guitar’s six. This instrument is significantly easier to learn to play because of the easy-to-learn scales and chord structures.

What is the easiest musical instrument to learn to play
What is the easiest musical instrument to learn to play

The ukulele is a good choice if you want to learn the fundamentals of guitar but want to gently into the music industry. Many ukulele skills and techniques can be simply transferred to the guitar. Because the ukulele’s strings are softer and don’t cause calluses or soreness in your fingers as guitar strings do, learning to play the ukulele is slightly easier than learning to play the guitar.

Another fantastic aspect that makes learning to play the ukulele simple is that it’s a relatively inexpensive option, and the ukulele’s size and portability allow you to practice anywhere.

2. Recorder: The recorder is one of the most basic instruments to learn. Many schools teach the recorder in the early years, and it gives children a solid musical foundation. When played well, the recorder is a delight to listen to.

Easiest Musical Instruments To Learn
Easiest Musical Instruments To Learn

The nicest part about the recorder for older beginners is that it doesn’t require a lot of breath to produce a sound, making it a simple musical instrument to learn. Soprano, alto, and tenor recorders, each one larger than the last, play at different pitches.

You can play all of them once you’ve mastered one. The lower and richer the sound, the larger the recorder. Plastic or wood can be used to make recorders. The sound of the wooden ones is generally richer than that of the plastic ones. If you master the recorder, you can easily progress to the clarinet, saxophone, or flute because the finger placement is similar.

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3. Percussion instruments: When pounded with a beater, struck against another instrument, or rubbed by hand, a percussion instrument produces sound. Percussion instruments are much easier to learn and have a more organic, raw feel. If you lack the confidence to learn a tuned instrument, they are the best instrument to learn because you are less likely to play any wrong notes.

Easiest Musical Instruments to Play
Easiest Musical Instruments to Play

4. Harmonica: The harmonica is arguably the best instrument to learn for all skill levels, especially for someone who is just entering into music at a younger or older age. It’s incredibly tough to hit a faulty note and generate a horrible sound because the notes are built-in to the instrument. This is why it is one of the easiest instruments to learn.

Easiest instruments to learn and play
Easiest instruments to learn and play

The harmonica is a little musical instrument that may be carried around with you. Breathing in and out to create varied sounds is the basis of playing the harmonica. The notes you make will be influenced by the location of the harmonica in your mouth and the position of your hands.

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5. Saxophone: The saxophone is probably the simplest jazz instrument to learn. Although it might be difficult to master and play well, it is an excellent starter musical instrument with enough practice.

musical instruments you can learn easily
musical instruments you can learn easily

It’s easier to play than other jazz instruments, such as the trumpet, because you don’t have to hear the note. To play a note on a saxophone, all you have to do is finger the correct keys. A trumpet’s embouchure, or lipping, is also far more difficult than a saxophone’s.

6. Cajon: The Cajon is a relatively simple instrument that originated in Peru. It has a basic box form that is hollow on the inside, and it works similarly to a drum in that you beat the surface in different spots to produce high or low notes.

Which instrument is the easiest to learn?
Which instrument is the easiest to learn?

Solid wood or plywood, such as birch, can be used to make cajons. When you strike the playing surface, modern Cajons have strings or snares attached to the inside that produce different notes.

This is an excellent instrument for beginners because it is simple to learn. Because this instrument is so compact, you can take it with you everywhere you go, and its box design makes it easy to store, unlike a traditional drum kit.

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7. Tambourine: The tambourine is a basic yet effective percussion instrument that one can learn to play. There are many different styles of tambourine to pick from.

Some are fully composed of metal, while others are constructed of wood with animal leather coverings, and so on. The amount of “jingles,” which are small cymbals built into the side of the instrument, varies. You can obtain a variety of sounds depending on whether you bang it or shake it. This is unquestionably one of the easiest instruments to learn.

8. Piano: The piano might be intimidating since it appears to be overly intricate. It is, nonetheless, difficult to find a newbie who does not begin with learning to play the piano. This is owing to the instrument’s ease of learning. Because all of the notes are already spelt out for you and it’s easy to distinguish between natural and sharp/flat notes, the piano is one of the most popular starting instruments.

Best musical instrument to learn
Best musical instrument to learn

You’ll need to master appropriate coordination of both hands at the same time, but learning is made easier because the notes and chords are all set out in front of you. When compared to other instruments, reading a piano piece is significantly less difficult. Because this instrument has become so popular, you will have no trouble locating low-cost keyboard and piano books.

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10. Bongos: Bongos are a traditional Cuban instrument that consists of two conjoined drums, one little with a high tone and the other larger with a softer tone. It’s a simpler option than a whole drum kit because it’s played with the fingers and hands in a strategic way to vary the sound of each drum.

Regardless, it can produce a satisfying percussive effect. It’s a lot of fun even if you don’t know how to play the bongos. Despite their difficulty, these drums are one of the easiest instruments to learn the fundamentals on. Playing the bongos develops your rhythm skills, which you can transfer to other instruments.

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11. Bass Guitar: The bass guitar is about the same size as a standard guitar, but it only has four strings, making it much easier to learn. It’s also not difficult to learn the fundamentals of the bass guitar. You must play your bass in time with the kick drum and follow the rhythm.

Another advantage of the bass guitar over the guitar is that it employs fewer chords and more single notes, making it significantly easier to learn and memorize for a beginner than trying to switch chords precisely. You can play the bass with your fingers or a pick, depending on your inclination. Keep in mind that the strings on the bass are much thicker than those on the guitar, requiring greater physical effort to pluck and press down the strings. While it may not appear to be much at first, it will become apparent when you begin playing with a blister or painful fingertips. Your fingers will become stronger as you play more.

How to learn any Musical instrument
How to learn any Musical instrument

Since there is always a shortage of bass players, if you are consistent in practising this instrument, you will soon be a band member.

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How Long Does It take to Learn these Instruments

You must have heard people say that “no musical instrument is too easy or too difficult to learn” and that is not false in this case. The fact that the instruments above seem easier than every other instrument does not mean you can learn or master them without any effort.

Consequently, the duration it will take you to learn any of the easiest instruments mentioned above depends solely on the effort invested. So, take for instance, someone who spents 12 hours learning or practicing how to play Bongos everyday will definitely do better than someone that spends just one hour everyday even though Bongos is one of the easiest instruments in the world according to this article. In general, it takes an average of three months to learn and master any of the easy instruments mentioned above from beginner level to, at least, basics.

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Learning to play an instrument can either be a long and tedious process or a pleasurable one. This is entirely up to you and the instrument you choose to explore. I hope that this post is informative enough to assist you in determining the easiest instruments to learn so that you can enjoy the process.

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