Best Secondary Schools In Nigeria 2024 (With Pictures): Top 19

Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2024: Education is the primary tool for sensitization, and it is the bedrock for knowledge. As Benjamin Franklin rightly said “An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Hence the need to properly use the right channels to invest in knowledge, one of which is Secondary education which is very essential in the transformation of every Child to Adolescence; a period pivotal to their Career choices.

This is a reason why every parent wants their Children to attend the best Secondary Schools. I was once in that position, as a matter of fact my parents had to choose a secondary school quite far from our place of residence, just to get the best Secondary education for me and the knowledge I acquired there was invaluable. If you are also a Parent Ward, or guardian contemplating the best Secondary Schools you can take your Child to? This Article best answers your question.

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Top 19 Best Private And Government Owned Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2024

1. Christ the King College, Onitsha Christ the King College popularly known as CKC Onitsha, is a knowledge and excellence driven school founded by Archbishop Charles Heerey and fellow Irish missionaries in 1933.

best schools in Nigeria
best schools in Nigeria

CKC, Onitsha is anchored on Bonifade, Disciplina, Scientia which means Goodness, discipline, and knowledge. Over the years, CKC has lived up with this Motto and it’s Mission statement of partnering with Parents to educate the minds and nurture the hearts of students for a Better tomorrow, as it was ranked amongst the best Secondary School in Nigeria, and the 36th best Secondary School in Africa and has produced a long list of Alumni’s such as: Gov Peter obi, Olisa Agbakoba SAN, Justice Chukeudifu Oputa, Prof Patrick Utomi, Dr Peter Odili, Justice Peter N.C Umeadi, and Justice Anthony Aniagou who have all contributed to a better Nigeria.

CKC is located at Oguta Road, Onitsha, Anambra State, and their School fees is around 50,000 Naira.

2. American International School of Lagos: The American International School of Lagos is undoubtedly one of the best Secondary schools in Nigeria located at Federal Estates, Victoria Island, Lagos. The school was founded in 1964. The school is also one of the oldest in Nigeria currently.

Which secondary school is the best in Nigeria? Answered
Which secondary school is the best in Nigeria? Answered

Unlike other secondary schools in Nigeria, American International School of Lagos is populated by mostly international students from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada etc. This makes the school one of the most admired secondary schools especially in Lagos where it is located.

Another interesting fact about the American International School of Lagos is that the school does not operates with the curriculum of other activities in Nigeria. They have a different and special academic curriculum to meet the needs of international students. Trust me, if you are really searching for the best school in Nigeria, then this is one of them.

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3. Atlantic Hall: Atlantic Hall is a Co-educational boarding School, committed to Academic Excellence, all round education, and fostering the leadership potentials of it’s students.

best Secondary schools in the country
best Secondary schools in the country

This School is an accredited International Examination Center, which offers an outstanding learning programme leading to both IGCSE and WASSCE.

Over the past 5 years, Atlantic Hall has received numerous awards for producing the best WAEC and IGCSE results in Nigeria. In addition, the School boasts of a very conducive environment, ultra modern facilities, high profile teachers, outstanding performance in not only academics, but Sports, Drama, and other extra curricular activities.

Atlantic Hall is located at Poke-epe, Lagos, and it’s School Fees is around 3 Million Naira per annum.

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4. Loyola Jesuit College: Loyola Jesuit College is a private boarding School committed to the intellectual, moral, and religious formation of girls and boys of all religious Faiths, tribes, and Socio-economic background to be leaders in service of God and others.

best Secondary schools in Nigeria
best Secondary schools in Nigeria

This School provides a conducive atmosphere for focused learning, Spacious athletic fields, creatively designed buildings that complement the natural beauty of the landscape of the School. Hence making it a beautiful and effective educational learning environment. This is reflected in the fact that the School has been top in WASSCE examination ranking in Nigeria over the past 10 years.

Loyola Jesuit College is located at Gideon Mangoro, Karu-Karshi Road, Abuja, and the School fees is slightly above 2,800,000 per student and per annum.

5. King’s College: Kings College as the name implies is an All boys School committed to the excellence, Social, Psychological, and physical development of it’s students in a bid to making them responsible and impact driven members of the society.

KINGS College Lagos is one of the best Secondary Schools in Nigeria
KINGS College Lagos is one of the best Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Based on WAEC results, Kings College is the second best Secondary School in Nigeria. It is located at 13 Catholic Mission street Lagos Island, Lagos, and from my findings the school fees is around Forty Eight Thousand Five Hundred (48, 500) to Sixty thousand Naira (60,000).

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6. Charles Dale Memorial International School: Charles Dale Memorial International School, is a Co-educational and multi-cultural Secondary School, which admits both National and International students.

expensive secondary schools in Nigeria
expensive secondary schools in Nigeria

The School is committed to developing it’s students, and providing these students with resources to become critical thinkers and lifelong learner’s through an International inquiry based programme of learning.

The school is located at Igwuruta, Ikwerre Local Government area, Rivers State. And it’s school fees is slightly above two million Naira.

7. Grange School: Grange School, founded in 1958 by a group of British Expatriates to provide education of equivalent standard to that of U.K, is a school which boasts of an excellent academic record of it’s student, and generally as a school it has been consistently top 10 in all external examinations written by Secondary School’s in Nigeria.

top 10 secondary school for students in Nigeria
top 10 secondary school for students in Nigeria

In addition, Grange School has a good record in Inter-School competitions, it also encourage it’s students to participate in Charity, and extra-curricular activities like Football, Chess, Swimming, Basketball, et cetera.

The School is located at Harold Shodipo Crescent, GRA, Ikeji Lagos. The School fees is around Three Million per annum.

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8. Bloombreed School: This is another wonderful school you should consider putting your kids if you live around Port Harcourt. Bloombreed Schools is currently one of the most expensive secondary schools in the country but it really worth it. The school is seen as a high class place of learning with awesome teachers, wonderful management and well equipped classrooms, libraries and laps for science students. Their aim is to raise students who are fit for a dynamic and technologically driven world.

What is the name of the best high school in Nigeria
What is the name of the best high school in Nigeria

It will surprise you to know that Bloombreed Schools also has students who has set high records in external examinations like WAEC and JAMB without any form of examination malpractice. Indeed, this shows how hardworking their teachers are in trying to inculcate knowledge into students. The school has both day and boarding schools and is located at Opposite NTA, Off NTA-Chuba Road, Port Harcourt.

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9. Vivan Fowler Memorial College: Vivan Fowler Memorial College is the leading all girls secondary School in Nigeria. It was established by Dr. Mrs. Leila Fowler on 8th January 1991, in a bid to promote the advancement of women through quality, functional, and effective education. The School is also committed to inculcating in the girl child the pursuit of perfection and excellence, to raise a generation of young women who will uphold the dignity of labour, and develop with basic qualities of Independence, and also contribute positively to the Society.

cheap and affordable secondary schools in Nigeria
cheap and affordable secondary schools in Nigeria

The School is located at Plot 5, Billingsway Oregun, Ikeji, Lagos State, Nigeria. It’s School fees is Two million per session.

10. Greensprings School: This is one of the Foremost British International Schools in Nigeria. Greensprings School provides an all round education that enables students develop vital life skills, Excel academically, and also become lifelong learner’s.

affordable secondary schools in Nigeria for your children
affordable secondary schools in Nigeria for your children

The School has two campuses at Anthony Ikoyi, and Lekki Lagos. It’s School fees is between Three to Four million per year.

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11. British International School: British International School is a Co-educational school offering a British styled curriculum, perfectly blended with key elements of the Nigeria provision. It is the best Secondary School for Nigerians and expatriates looking for a British education within an International settings.

which secondary school is the best in Nigeria?
which secondary school is the best in Nigeria?

BIS has been constantly recognized as producing one of the best C.I.O academic achievers in Africa, and it has the finest educational facilities in Nigeria which are of international standard, and encourage a balanced pursuit of Studies and recreation simultaneously. Hence, giving value for it’s School fees of Five Million Naira per annum.

12. Faith Academy: Faith Academy  is one of the few Private Secondary Schools in Nigeria, which gives you top notch education, environment, and facilities at a pocket friendly price.

Most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria
Most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria

While there are a lot of Branches of Faith Academy, founded by Bishop David Oyedepo, the President of Winners Chapel International. The best are Faith Academy Ota, Faith Academy Asaba, and Faith Academy Goshen, Abuja. Faith Academy boasts of a Sublime environment, Constant light, well disciplined staffs, Academic excellence, Spirituality, extra curricular activities, and inter-school competitions which are beneficial to the students.

The School fees ranges between 120,000 – 300,000 Naira per term. A fee which covers all your books, 3x feeding a day, hostel accommodation, Monthly Pocket money, and more.

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13. Crescent International School (CIS): When it comes to exposure, the CIS is definitely one of the best secondary schools to consider. They engage their students in many local and foreign competitions to ensure that they are exposed to how things work in other schools too. The school has also produced students who are currently entrepreneurs, public servants, lawyers, doctors etc, who are currently contributing greatly to the society.

No doubt, it is one of the best in the country currently. If you are searching for a good secondary school for your children with an average school fee in Nigeria, then this is a good option for you.

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14. Regent School: The Regent Secondary School situated in Abuja happens to be one of the best in the state, offering a high quality of education and boasting of facilities to Forster the all round development of it’s students with it’s insistence on providing an impeccable learning experience, philosophy, and ethnos for it’s students.

Best Government secondary school in Nigeria
Best Government secondary school in Nigeria

This Impeccable learning experience has reflected on the performance of it’s students in external examinations. Notably, it has the best result in the world at the 2019 International General Certificate of Secondary Education Examination, and eight of it’s students came out amongst the top 13 beat results in the examination.

This school remarkably boasts of an excellent teaching staffs, an impressive learning environment, and an overall quality of education at the school fees rate of 700,000 naira – 1,000,000 Naira per term.

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15. Rainbow College: Rainbow College is a Coeducational secondary School situated in Lagos State. This school offers a high standard of education to it’s students. According to Eduska, Rainbow college ranks amongst top 5 best secondary schools in Nigeria, so it’s no surprise that this school appears high on this list.

What is the name of the best schools in Nigeria?
What is the name of the best schools in Nigeria?

This school is earmarked by an excellent learning curriculum which has improved the Academic performance of it’s students in both Internal and External examinations. Recently, at the 2021/2022 WASCCE examinations, 93.7% of it’s students recorded a grade of A-B, while 99.43% recorded a grade of A-C in all subjects.

This Rainbow college offers both boarding and day school which makes it an easier choice for you in case you don’t want your child to life in school. The school fees for day school is 500,000 – 600,000 naira, while that of boarding school is between 800,000 – 900,000 naira.

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16. Corona Secondary School: Corona Secondary School is a leading secondary school in Ogun State, known for delivering an excellent secondary education to it’s students. Over the years, it has been ranked as one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria, and in the year 2022; it is still a top. Secondary School.

Best public secondary school in Nigeria
Best public secondary school in Nigeria

In case you wish to send your ward to this school, it is imperative to note that it’s school fees is between 700,000 – 1,000,000 per term.

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17. Jesuit Memorial College: Jesuit Memorial College is a top tier private secondary school situated in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. While this school was recently opened in 2013, it has gone on to establish itself as one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria today. This school boasts of some of the best Teachers, and as such it’s impact on the academics of  your child is assured. Likewise, the school is a Catholic school and this means that the moral standard of your child will be upheld.

Which state has the best secondary school in Nigeria?
Which state has the best secondary school in Nigeria?

The current student population of this school is below 1,000, so in case you are a looking for a less crowded top tier secondary school for your child, Jesuit memorial college is the answer. Its school fees is also quite affordable in comparison with other schools of it’s standard, as this fees is between the range of 500,000 – 750,000 Naira per term.

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18. Lifeforte International School, Ibadan: The coeducational Christian school, Lifeforte International School in Ibadan, Oyo State, fosters the intellectual, spiritual, moral, and social growth of its pupils by offering a comprehensive education. For students ages 3 to 18, the school offers preschool, junior high, and high school programs. It was established on November 5, 1990, by Pastor (Dr.) Olubi and Sarah Johnson.

best Secondary Schools In Nigeria,based On Ssce Performance
best Secondary Schools In Nigeria,based On Ssce Performance

Many international and Nigerian students from various socioeconomic backgrounds attend Lifeforte. For parents who want nothing less than the finest, the school has solidly established itself as one of Nigeria’s best secondary schools. Modern facilities and resources are available at the school to enhance the learning process. It also boasts a stellar academic reputation and provides both national and foreign curricula. It has produced graduates that are having a beneficial influence in a variety of industries and has won several honors.

19. Capital Science Academy Abuja: Located at Kuje, Abuja, on a stunning and exclusive fifty-hectare property, Capital Science Academy Abuja is a reputable and extremely successful secondary day and residential school. Among Nigeria’s best private secondary schools nowadays is undoubtedly this one. Along with a large selection of electives, Capital Science provides courses from the Nigerian curriculum. Reading, writing, and critical analysis are prioritized at Capital Science Academy’s literature department to help students develop a strong respect for language and literature.

With Mr. Bunuyaminu Yero as the principal, the school stands on the shoulders of some of the most skilled instructors and support personnel. He served as Vice Principal Admin at two foreign schools for 15 years before becoming Principal of Capital Science Academy in Abuja.

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In conclusion, while there are a host of other good secondary schools in Nigeria, the aforementioned are just the opinion of the writer, and does not in any way preclude other Schools as a top tier Secondary School nor make the above solely the best in Nigeria, as things may change overtime. Same is applicable to the School fees stated above. It may change over time, but as at when writing this article this is the applicable School fees.

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