How To Easily Gain Admission In Nigeria 2024/2025

How To Easily Get Admission In Nigeria 2024: In Nigeria, there are roughly 300 higher institutions, and every year millions of students are denied admission and are left with the choice of returning home, finding employment, or applying again the following year. This occurs because a large number of applicants failed to fulfill the institution’s admission standards or pass the entrance exam, and some committed expensive errors. In Nigeria, admission is governed by the JAMB authority, and when they start the admissions process, millions of school-leavers around the nation submit applications to get admitted into the university or polytechnic of their choosing.

How To Easily Get Admission In Nigeria
How To Easily Get Admission In Nigeria

When applying for admission to any of the tertiary schools in Nigeria, students who are uninformed about the admissions process commit several typical errors. They fail to carry out and adhere to the procedures required to guarantee a successful admittance. As a result, they continually rewrite JAMB.

So, in this post, we’ll provide you with some insider advice on how to quickly be accepted to any university, polytechnic, or college of education in Nigeria. Paying close attention to these recommendations, some of which you may already be aware of and others of which you may not be, would be beneficial to you.

How To Easily Gain Admission In Nigeria
How To Easily Gain Admission In Nigeria

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How To Easily Get Admission In Nigeria 2024

1. Understand The Admissions Procedure For The School You Want To Attend: If you genuinely want to get admitted this year and are a serious candidate, you must be aware of the precise admissions procedure used by your institution. Know the key requirements for admission to the school you want to attend and the institution you want to apply to. You can find out how to accomplish that by researching on Google, or you may speak with a student who has already been accepted to that school.

You should research the following matters regarding the school of your choice:

a. The cutoff point for admission.

b. Post-UTME evaluation

c. whether they accept students using the direct entrance qualification.

d. Admission quota allotted to your preferred departments

2. Succeed in Your O-Level or A-Level Exams: Most Nigerian higher institutions require that your O’Level results be at or above a specific grade. Hence, candidates with a strong O’level score have a better chance of being accepted to the school than other applicants. Additionally, two sittings are not accepted by all schools in Nigeria. So, to be admitted to study at these Universities, you must have obtained a strong O’level score in a single sitting.

Process of gaining admission in Nigeria
Process of gaining admission in Nigeria

Direct entry students applying for admission to different post-secondary institutions in Nigeria take the A’level exams. To pass your admission exam, it is advised that you read whether you fall within this category of applicants. A few examples of these include JUPEB, IJMB, and DIPLOMA. In actuality, if your A’level results are subpar, no institution will admit you or you an offer of admission.
Passing your SSCE, GCE, or NECO exams will increase your chances of admission twofold.

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3. Select The Right Course: Many young people today apply to college or university just because everyone else is, and the same is true for their courses. If you choose any course, you should be prepared to read consistently. When considering a professional path, you must ensure that you have chosen the appropriate courses to meet your career goals.

Steps On How To Gain Admission Easily Into A Nigerian University Or Polytechnic
Steps On How To Gain Admission Easily Into A Nigerian University Or Polytechnic

4. Have a High JAMB Score: Having a very high and decent JAMB score is another key to getting easy admission to Nigeria. Whether or whether your course is competitive, you must get a score over the JAMB cut-off point to be considered for admission to Nigeria through JAMB. You should aim for the merit list.

5. Take Note of The Admission Requirements and Deadlines: In Nigeria, looking for the admission requirements is the most crucial stage in the application process. Ask the school for extra information if you feel that the information on the website is unclear or lacking. If you’re unsure, you may also try looking up study councils and official government websites. It’s crucial to pay attention to the dates to avoid missing the entrance exam or admission deadlines.

Easiest State University to gain admission in Nigeria
Easiest State University to gain admission in Nigeria

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, for instance, has its system for admitting students. The body’s current and important “rules” for admittance are as follows: Uploading your O-level results
Choosing the Right Subject Combination—verifying that your WAEC or NECO scores fulfill the prerequisites for the course you want to pursue.

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6. Make Sure You’re Ready For The Post-UTME Test: In other circumstances, the Post-UTME determines whether or not an aspirant is admitted and can supplement the JAMB score for admission.

Each institution determines how challenging the examination will be. If you prepare well for the Post-UTME, your chances of admission are good if you meet the other conditions.

Admission Process & Procedures in Nigerian 2024
Admission Process & Procedures in Nigerian 2024

Though many were pleased when the Federal Government of Nigeria abolished the Post-UTME Aptitude Test a few years ago.

7. Consider Admission To Your Indigenous University (Catchment Factor): The advantage you receive for admission when a university is located in your state or a neighboring state is known as the catchment. Candidates who merit admission (Merit Admission) are admitted first, with preference given to applicants from the state or adjacent areas after that.

Try your state-of-origin institution instead if the federal university you attempted did not work out for you since it offers you the biggest benefit. If you have strong O’Level, JAMB, and POST UTME scores, applying to your home university will put you ahead of the competition. Most universities prioritize hiring their citizens over those from other states.

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8. Maintain a Good Connection: As ludicrous as it may sound, significant connections in high places may be required to gain admission easily in Nigeria. If you are seeking admission to a tertiary university of your choice and have or know any high-ranking staff members working at that institution, you can meet the person who will assist you in gaining admission. Those links support you when the admissions list is issued.

9. Apply to a Less Competitive Postsecondary Institution: You may utilize JAMB statistics for the year to determine your chances of being admitted faster. If you applied to any competitive schools but did not receive a high JAMB score, another excellent choice is to purchase a JAMB change of institution form and move the institution to a less competitive one as there are other good schools with less crowd.

Nigerian University admission requirements
Nigerian University admission requirements

Be it a college or a private university. Before deciding on another university, If you still want to pursue your preferred course, apply to a less competitive college.

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10. Apply For JUPEB Admission: Although the program is tough and demands a high point score, applying for JUPEB admission is another route to acquire admission into select postsecondary schools in Nigeria without JAMB.

The Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) is a one-year advanced curriculum that permits you to get admission to any JUPEB-approved university without having to take the JAMB UTME. That is, after completing the program, you will be given admission to any institution of your choice, Immediately to the 200 level, and you will not be required to provide your JAMB registration number or result to get admission through JUPEB.

11. Stand Out: To begin with, you must be committed to pursuing the course for which you are applying. Consider how much better your future will be after your “stressful” studies are over. Also, keep in mind that “it’s not an easy road” and to pray for God to be on your side. Be ready to distinguish out from the thousands of other applicants seeking admission alongside you.

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General Tips For Gaining Admission Into Nigerian Universities

1. Get A Good JAMB Score: 200 or 211 is not a good JAMB score. A JAMB score of 240 or higher is considered good. Having a high JAMB score makes it simple to get admission in Nigeria. You can guarantee your spot on any admission list with this score, ideally in the first batch, regardless of how competitive your course is. Getting a score higher than 250 is equivalent to adding your name to the first batch admission list, or the book of life, and it will guarantee admission more quickly.

What are the steps to get admission from a University?
What are the steps to get admission from a University?

Your admission is not guaranteed even if you wrote a POST-UTME and met the 200 cutoff point requirement. You should thus put a lot of effort into your JAMB preparation. Only 500,000 of the 1.5 million candidates who registered for JAMB during the 2012–2013 academic year were expected to be admitted into the various tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

2. Get A Good POST-UTME SCORE: I only sat once for the POST-UTME, but twice for JAMB UTME. Aspirants to universities think that because they passed JAMB, they will pass the POST-UTME. It’s important to address this MYTH. Regardless of how well or poorly you passed the JAMB, don’t give up. This is among the causes of applicants’ failure to be admitted even with JAMB scores above 250.

How do I seek for admission
How do I seek for admission

Getting admitted requires more than just getting a 200 on the JAMB; your score indicates to the university that you are prepared to start your undergraduate studies. After that, a spot is reserved for you by your POST-UTME.

The POST-UTME consists of an aptitude test, similar to a vocational aptitude test, but it covers the required subjects instead of vocation. While the JAMB assesses your knowledge of the material you studied in secondary school.

You would need to do significantly better than average in both the JAMB and POST-UTME to be admitted. 263 and 71% would be the ideal score combination to study law at UNILAG. If you feel like it, feel free to scream. If you work extra hard, you’ll achieve excellent outcomes. “Just about 3,700 of the 80,000 candidates who participated in the institution’s POST-UTME and were eligible for admission would be admitted for the 2012/2013 session” – UNIZIK’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Boniface Egboka.

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Admission to any Nigerian university, polytechnic, or college of education is not difficult if you know and understand what to do. Nonetheless, you are about to go on a brief adventure that will result in either a favorable or terrible outcome. If you follow all these pieces of information, you will not only be admitted to your desired university or polytechnic this year, but you will also graduate with honors. So, instead of being boring this year for admittance, battle your way in.