Covenant University Departmental Cutoff Marks For 2023/2024 Academic Session

To those that have been calling me to know whether Covenant University (CU) has release her 2023/2024 departmental cutoff marks, this is to announce to you that Convenant University departmental cutoff marks is finally out. Notice on the just released CU Departmental cutoff marks was made to be general public via the university’s official website.

Based on this information, candidates who applied for admission into Covenant University this year and took past in the university’s screening, are advised to quickly scroll down this page and view the recent cutoff marks of the university.

As for those that do not know what CU Departmental cutoff marks are about and why they are actually important; note that CU departmental cutoff marks are those stipulated scores/marks for admitting students into the various departments and faculties in the school.

Covenant University Departmental cutoff marks for 2020/2021. CU cutoff mark for law, medicine, accounting and other courses with their requirements.
Covenant University Departmental cutoff marks for 2023/2024. CU cutoff mark for law, medicine, accounting and other courses with their requirements.

Thus, CU cutoff mark is a very important requirement for admission to study any course because, candidates that do not meet this requirement may not be offered admission into the university eventually.

Is Covenant University Cutoff Marks for 2023/2024 out?

No! Covenant University (CU) has not yet release her 2023/2024 departmental cutoff marks. Nevertheless, the university will release it before the end of August this year (2023). Thus, if you want to be informed whenever Covenant University departmental cutoff marks for 2020/2021 are finally out, kindly subscribe to the newsletter below this post.

Alternatively, make sure you keep checking this web page from time to time because, I will update this page as soon as the university releases her 2020/2021 cutoff marks.

NOTICE: It is important to note that Covenant University (CU) does not actually have any officially known cutoff marks for courses and departments in the university currently.

The university does no usually release their departmental cutoff marks, thus, they admit students based on JAMB scores. Below are the general jamb cutoff marks for all the departments in Covenant University in 2023/2024.

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Covenant University (CU) departmental cutoff marks for 2022/2023 Academic Session

Covenant University Departmental cutoff marks for Art, commercial, physical and natural sciences – 150 and above in JAMB and 40% in post UTME. Covenant University Departmental cutoff marks for engineering courses – 180 and above in jamb and 60% in post UTME

Covenant University Departmental cutoff marks for all Basic medical sciences courses – 200 and above in jamb and 50% and above in post UTME

Covenant University Departmental cutoff marks for professional and highly competitive courses like Law, medicine and surgeon, pharmacy – 240 and above in jamb and 85% and above in post UTME

CU Departmental cutoff marks for all Agricultural and educational courses – 120 in some institution and 20% and above in post UTME

Take notice that CUdepartmental cutoff marks are not the only requirement for admission into the university. In fact, there are other things the university will look out for when offering admission to aspirants. As we continue i will highlight some of the requirements for admission into the prestigious Covenant University.

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Things you should know about Covenant University (CU)

1. Covenant University offers an extensive array of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a variety of disciplines, including engineering, the sciences, business, the social sciences, and the arts.

College of Business and Social Sciences, College of Leadership Development Studies, College of Engineering, and College of Science and Technology. These programmes are appropriately accredited and acknowledged by the National Universities Commission.

2. The university operates on a semester basis and adheres to a demanding academic curriculum. Research and innovation are highly valued, and students are encouraged to engage in research activities. This is a strategy employed by the institution to produce only the finest graduates annually.

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3. Covenant University is known for its strict dress code and disciplinary code. Students are required to abide by a stringent set of rules and regulations governing their conduct, including a prescribed dress code and regular chapel attendance. Covenant University is well-known for its stringent disciplinary code and dress code, which are essential components of its distinctive educational philosophy.

The university places a heavy emphasis on discipline and character development, believing that a disciplined lifestyle is necessary for academic success and personal development. Regarding the dress code, students at Covenant University must adhere to a prescribed dress pattern and dress modestly.

The attire code is intended to instill in students a sense of decency, professionalism, and identity. Male students are required to wear formal attire, consisting of blouses, trousers and closed shoes, while female students must wear modest and conservative dresses or skirts. The attire code pertains to all campus areas, including lecture halls, libraries, and common spaces. Students who violate the attire code may be subject to disciplinary action, such as warnings, fines, or suspension.

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Covenant University Admission Requirements for all courses in 2023/2024

  • Candidates are required to have, at least, five credits (C) in subjects related to their area of study. English language and mathematics are inclusive.
  • Candidates seeking for admission into the university must be citizen of Nigeria.
  • Candidates seeking for admission are required to sit for JAMB UTME examination before applying for admission into Covenant University.
  • UTME candidates seeking admission into Covenant University must not only take part in the JAMB UTME screening but must also do very well in the examination.

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Okay! This is apparently where I will stop in today’s topic. I have disclosed the admission cutoff marks and requirements for admission into CU. I hope this will help candidates applying for admission into the university to gain admission this session.

By way of conclusion, i would to entertain some questions if you have any. Send any question concerning admission in Convenant University and I will give you an answer immediately.

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