UNIPORT Admission Lists: Everything You Need to Know

While I was doing some keyword research last week, I found out that one of the questions many UNIPORT aspirants search for on the internet is, “How many admission list does UNIPORT releases every year“. Many students actually want to be clear on the number of admission list that is usually released by the University of Port Harcourt, and that is exactly why I wrote this post.

In this short post, i will disclose the exact number of admission list that is released by UNIPORT every year. More so, if you want to know whether UNIPORT will release another admission list this session, this post is also for you!

Will UNIPORT release another admission list? How many Admission List Does UNIPORT Releases
Will UNIPORT release another admission list? How many Admission List Does UNIPORT Releases

How many Admission list does UNIPORT releases?

Based on past precedence, UNIPORT releases 5 (Five) Admission lists every year. They include the following; UNIPORT Merit/first batch admission list, UNIPORT second batch admission list, UNIPORT third batch admission list, UNIPORT fourth batch admission list and finally, UNIPORT direct entry admission list. In all, UNIPORT releases 5 (five) admission list every year.

Like you already know, these admission lists are not released at once by the university. Most times, the university will release her first batch admission list, then other supplementary admission and Direct Entry lists will follow.

It is important to also note that UNIPORT usually publish documents containing the list of admitted aspirants into her different facilities. So, to check UNIPORT admission list, you can either download the admission list published by the university or go through JAMB CAPS to check your admission status.


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Will UNIPORT release another admission list this session?

The answer is Yes! If UNIPORT has released her merit/first batch admission list already, the university is definitely going to release more admission list. Nonetheless, if the university has released all the list i mentioned above, then there is probably not going to another admission list.

Just like I have already explained, the university releases 5 (five) admission list every year. So, if the five has already been released then the university is probably not going to release another admission list for the year.

Note: Sometimes, UNIPORT does not release up to five admission lists. The university may just release few supplementary list and that will be all.

More information about UNIPORT admission list

1. UNIPORT merit/first batch admission list

This is usually the first admission list that is released by the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT). It is apparently the merit admission list of the university. This means that, students who are admitted into this list are students who actually reached the required admission requirements and cutoff mark of the university.

According to my research, UNIPORT merit admission list is always released in the 9th or 10th month of every year (I.e September/October). After this list is released, all newly admitted students of the University of Port Harcourt will be required to accept their admission in JAMB CAPS and finally come over to the university for final clearance.

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2. UNIPORT second, third and fourth batch admission list

These are the supplementary admission list of the University of Port Harcourt. They are not released together with the merit list because students who are admitted through this list are does that didn’t really meet the required cutoff marks of the university. However, because of some reasons the university decides to admit them.

UNIPORT second, third and fourth batch admission list are released together. But it usually takes some weeks or even a month, after merit list has been released, before they will be released.

3. UNIPORT direct entry admission list

UNIPORT direct entry list is the admission list for students who applied for admission into UNIPORT through JAMB direct entry form. This particular admission list is normally released with the supplementary admission lists above. You may want to see how to apply for UNIPORT direct entry admission here!

How to check UNIPORT admission status

Kindly follow the steps below to check your UNIPORT admission status through JAMB:

Step 1: Visit JAMB postal using the link below:

Step 2: Enter your JAMB username/email and password to login

Step 3: Scroll down the page and click on “Check Admission Status”

Step 4: Now, you will be required to select your Examination year and Enter your Registration number to see your admission status.

If you followed the above steps successfully, you will be able to view your JAMB Admission status and know whether you have been admitted by UNIPORT or not.


Okay! Hope this post did justice to the question as to whether UNIPORT will release admission admission after her merit/first batch admission list. In a recap, I stated that UNIPORT releases 5(five) admission lists every year. So, if you name is not contained in UNIPORT merit list, you don’t need to panic at all. The university is defiantly going to release more admission list.

By way of conclusion, if you still have any question concerning UNIPORT admission list, kindly send your questions using the comment section below this post. I will so glad to answer your questions.

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  1. Jane Ogege

    Someone told me to apply for the supplementary admission please I want to know if it is possible

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    Pls,I supplemented for a course, geology and I got 225 in jamb and 184 in post utme and I haven’t been given admission but the supplementary application list is out,pls this is my four years at home.

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    Please I scored 168 in jamb and 168 in post utme me and I have 2 sitting for gce and waec which I only failed English but passed in my first sitting but still am not in the first list

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    Pls I scored 170 in jamb and 104 in post utme and I did change of institution from river state university to university of port Harcourt and I have not been given admission.
    should I supplement?

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    I actually wrote post utme this year and I haven’t seen my name on the first or second batch list and third batch isn’t out yet and you said 2,3,and 4 list done out together so I’m confused

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