How To Prepare For Post UTME Examination: 2019/2020 Post UTME Guide

Evidently, post UTME examination is one of the prerequisite examinations for any student who want to gain admission into the top universities in Nigeria. Frankly speaking, not every university in Nigeria conduct the examination for their students; but almost all the federal and state universities in Nigeria conduct it. The most shocking thing about post UTME Examinations is that, if you don’t pass is excellently; you may not be offered admission into the school you applied for admission. This is apparently why i wrote this comprehensive article to show you how to prepare for post UTME examination and pass it with an excellent score.

In light of the the above, if you have been searching for a guide on how to pass JAMB examination, i enjoin you to read this article painstakingly. Trust me; this article contains every single thing you need to pass 2019/2020 post UTME examination. Meanwhile, before i discuss the tips to pass post UTME examination, i would like to explain what post UTME examination is all about.

how to prepare for post UTME examination

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About Post UTME examination

From the word “POST” which means “After“, one can say that Post UTME examination is any examination conducted by universities in Nigeria after JAMB UTME examination, to verify weather aspirants who seek to gain admission through JAMB; really passed their JAMB examination by themselves. However, this is not so today. Universities now use post UTME examination as key criteria for admitting students. For instance, in some universities, if you pass very well in JAMB but fail to pass very well in post UTME Examination, you will not gain not admission. And even if you gain admission, it may not be into your choice of course.

From this table of facts, it is quite apparent that passing post UTME examinations is very essential to gain admission into any Nigerian universities.


Below are the tips to prepare and pass post UTME examination:

  • Start reading on time;
  • Get the recommended textbooks for post UTME examination;
  • Study voraciously;
  • Study past post UTME Questions;
  • Practice with online Post UTME apps/software;
  • Study and memories previous JAMB Questions;
  • Always make sure you understand any question you come across;
  • Join a study group;

Yeah! Those are the guides you must follow if you really want to pass the impending post UTME screening examination. Nonetheless, if you wish to know the above points in detail, continue reading below.

Start reading on time:

One of the mistakes you don’t want to make is to starting reading for post UTME screening examination when it is late. The truth is that, you will not cover enough ground if you do so. Post UTME screening examination is not very easy, so don’t think it is just a trivial examination. In fact, the post UTME examination in some schools are more difficult than JAMB examination. That is why you must start reading on time.

Immediately you are done with your JAMB examination, start reading for post UTME screening examination. Do not relax till it is just one month to the examination. If you do that, then you are putting your chance of success at risk.

Get the recommended textbooks for post UTME examination:

Getting the right study materials, is very essential to pass Post UTME examinations today. Yes, this might be difficult, but it is prerequisite to pass Post UTME examinations because of the uncertainty in the way post UTME examinations are conducted in Nigeria. Sometimes, schools don’t just pick questions from JAMB past questions. They ask questions about the current affairs of the country. In this case, it will be very difficult for someone who read only JAMB past questions to pass. Thus, you have to ask about the recommend textbooks for post UTME in your dream school and read them properly.

Doing this will go a long way to help you perform excellently in post UTME examination. So, it right to say that getting the right materials for post UTME examination, is key to success in the examination.

Bonus Tips:

To get the right study materials, you can ask from aspirants who have written the exam before you. Read textbooks that are recommended by the university you applied for admission.

Read Voraciously:

how to prepare for post UTME examination

Students think that once they have written JAMB examination and passed with good grades, they have done the integra part needed to gain admission in Nigeria. But this is not actually true. In fact, Post UTME examinations in some Nigerian universities, holds more water than JAMB UTME examination. Thus, it is very wrong to take Post UTME examination laying down.

To pass Post UTME examination you have to study relentless and smart too. Reading is the ultimate tip to pass any examination. It is the only way to pass Post UTME examination. If do not read, just be prepared to fail because, there is absolutely no way to cheat in post UTME examinations.

Study past Post UTME questions:

Another prerequisite tip to help you pass Post UTME examinations, is to study previous questions that have been asked by the university. Some universities in Nigeria often repeat their Post UTME exam questions. Thus, studying past Post UTME questions of the university you aspire to gain admission into, is very essential to pass her post UTME examination.

Excluding the fact that Post UTME past questions are likely to appear in the real exam, they also inculcate in you, how the university ask her questions.

Bonus Tip:

Studying past Post UTME questions is prerequisite to pass Post UTME examination. This tip will help you a lot. You can get past post UTME examinations questions from either the university, or from aspirants who have written the examination before you.

Practice with online Post UTME apps/software:

how to prepare for post UTME examination

In my article on the secrets to pass JAMB examination, I made a list of some prerequisite material a student will need to pass JAMB examination. Among the list is JAMB CBT app/software. In the same vain, one of the materials you will need to pass post UTME examination is Post UTME app/software. Well, you need not to bother yourself about how to get the app/software because, i also have an article which enumerates the best free Post UTME apps/software here.

Practicing with online Post UTME apps/software will help you to familiarize yourself with the way post UTME questions are asked. It will also help you to reduce fear and tension during your post UTME examination. This is basically why i recommend all my students to Practice with online Post UTME apps/software. No doubt, it is one of the tentative steps you must follow to prepare and pass post UTME examination this year.

Study Past JAMB Questions:

This might sound ridiculous; but it is just the truth. JAMB past questions are also very important to pass JAMB examination. Some universities go more than just repeating their own past questions. They pick questions that have been asked in previous JAMB UTME examination. I have research about this and have found out that it is really a great tip to help aspirants pass Post UTME examination.

When i wrote UNN post UTME examination in 2017, 96% of the questions i answered in the examination hall was picked from JAMB past questions. In fact, the reason why i was able to score upto 314 in that examination was because, i read my JAMB past questions and answers very well. Trust me; you can fail post UTME examination in some schools if you study your JAMB past questions and answers properly.

Always make sure you understand any question you come across:

how to prepare for post UTME examination

Believe it or not, Post UTME examination questions are much more confusing than any other exam you can think of. This is why you should develop your understanding skill. Make sure that while reading your past questions and materials, you are able to understand them. Do not just read and cram them. Try to decipher where the questions are coming from and learn that particular topic very well.

This is very important, especially to aspirants who has not writing post UTME examination before. If you do this, you are making your chances of success in the impending post UTME examination consolidated.

Join a study group:

The need to join a study group can not be overemphasised. By joining educative groups, you will learn a lot. A study group creates a framework where you can learn from other students like you and equally teach others. However, because your intent is to pass Post UTME examination, you must make sure that the groups you are joining are flooded with aspirants of the same university with you. For instance, if i you are an aspirant of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), it is wise to join only groups meant for UNN students. This will help you grow intellectually, and expose you to the kind of examination questions you are going to answer (especially when you haven’t written the examination before).

Another reason why you should join a study group is for easy access to information. Yes! Joining online study groups like Facebook will make it possible for you to get all the letest news from your dream school easily.

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In conclusion, i must let you know that passing post UTME examination is not very easy. But that notwithstanding, I believe that the tips highlighted in this article will go a long way to fortify you for the impending post UTME examination. All i want you to do now, is to follow the steps above. Trust me; you will pass excellently well. Hope this article was helpful?

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