Download UNN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers (PDF Format)

UNN Post UTME past questions and answers: UNN post UTME examination/screening is fast approaching and one of the things aspirants of the university are searching on the internet, is the university’s post UTME past questions and answers. The importance of post UTME past questions and answers cannot be over emphasized. In fact, it is the key for passing any post UTME examination in Nigeria currently.

Considering how important post UTME past questions and answers are, i had to meet a very close friend of mind, who was able to compile all UNN past post UTME questions and answers since the university started conducting post UTME examination.

Thus, today i am going to share with you a free PDF copy of UNN post UTME past questions and answers.

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Note: I am not selling the post UTME past questions and answers contained in this page. It is totally free of charge.

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Download UNN Post UTME Past Questions And Answers (PDF Format)
Download UNN Post UTME Past Questions And Answers (PDF Format)

UNN Post UTME Past Questions And Answers for Free (PDF format)


How to download and use UNN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF

Step 1: Click on the text above and the PDF version of UNN post UTME questions and answers will automatically be downloaded into your phone or computer.

Step 2: Go to your file manager in your phone and search for the most recently downloaded file.

Step 3: Click on the file and you will be able to view all UNN post UTME past questions and answers without paying any money.

Note that you must have a PDF reader like: WPS or Adobe reader to be able to open the above UNN past questions and answers on a smart phone.

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UNN Past Post UTME Questions and Answers for all Subjects

For those that don’t have a smart phone that can open and view the above file, below are some of the questions and answers contained in the UNN past questions and answers PDF file above:

UNN post UTME questions and answers for mathematics

1. Find the sum to infinity of the series 4+3+9/4+ 27/16 +…

A. 16




2. If the 8th term of an A.P is three times the second term and the sum of the first three terms is 18. Find the first term of the A.P





3. In an examination, all the candidates offered at least one of English and French, if 53% offered French and 65% offered English. What percentage offered French only?





4. A student dropped an object from a building 100m high. If the height of the object above the ground after t seconds is 100 + 4.9t2m. How fast is it falling 3 seconds after it is dropped?


B.85.3 m/s

C.29.4 m/s


5. If 2609-1002=66n, find n





6. Express 8×10-6– 2×10-5 as a fraction





7. If x-2 is a factor of px3+ 2×2- 2p+ 12. Find p.





8. If and y(-1)= 8. Find y(x)





9. If the mean of the numbers 4, 3, 5, x, 7 is 5. Find the variance





10. Find if y= 2×2-sin2x

A. 4x+ 2cosx

B. 4x- 2cosx

C. 4x+2cos2x

D. 4x-2cosx

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UNN Post UTME Past Questions and answers for English Language

In the following sentences, choose the word that best completes the meaning in each of the sentences

1. One of the hens we boughtten eggs already.

A. have laid

B. has lain

C.has layed

D. has laid

2. My Friend and classmate ___ present when the girls insulted me

A. were

B. is

C. was

D. are

3. The manager failed to control his staff because he was very ___

A. rash


C. reckless

D. tactless

4. The usefulness of the fertilizer in modern farming should be widely ___





5. He was the only candidate who failed the interview. So he had to hear his__

A. Disaster

B. Misfortune

C. Catastrophe

D. Calamity

6. The death of the night-guard continues to be a __ to the police

A. Confusion

B. Puzzle

C. Quagmire

D. Calamity

7. Three policemen were killed the bomb they were trying to __ exploded




D. Deffuse

8. The discontented men__up trouble among the workers

A. starred




9. Did I hear someone __ my name?

A. Mentioning

B. To be mentioning

C. Mention

D. To bementioned

10. We were asked to __the matter, and to give our reply the following day.

A. Sleep over

B. Sleep on

C. Sleep through

D. Sleep with

11. We have been warned to mind how we talk to her because she iseasily__

A. Heated up

B. Setup

C. Hut up

D. Hetup

12. During the harmattan, we often shut the doorsand windows in order to keep the cold __

A. Out

B. Off

C. Down

D. Away

13. Emeka __ his father

A.Took after

B. took on

C.took to

D. took up

UNN Post UTME past questions and answers for Economics

A country’s import price index by 1995 was 50 and her index of export price was 7, calculate the terms of trade





Given perfect competition in the capital market, the opportunity cost of capital is adequately reflected by the

A. Interestrate
B. Returns oncapital
C. Alternate capitalforgone
D. Shadow price offoreign

Which of the following reward is associated with entrepreneurship as a factor ofproduction?

A. Salaries




The market where there are many differentiated products is called:

A. Monopoly

B. Perfect competition

C. Monopolistic competition

D. Oligopoly

Development outside a given firm which reduce the firm’s costs are called:

A. Internal economies

B. External economies

C. External diseconomies

D. Optimum effects

A situation in which all inputs are doubled and output also doubles is known as

A. Constant proportion

B. Constant returns

C. Increasing returns to scale

D. Constant returns to scale

Which of the following situations will give rise to economic problems?

A. Unlimited humanwants

B. Wants of varyingimportance

C. Limited means for satisfying wants

D. Means used in different ways

UNN post UTME past questions and answers for Government

1. One of these is not necessary for adynamic foreign policy

A. political stability

B. military capability

C. mass party

D. economic stability

2. A written constitution must contain a

A. dialogue

B. discourse

C. Preamble

D. Summary

3. Public opinion can function better under

A. democratic government

B. dictatorial regime

C.despotic regime

D. military regime

4. Which of the following is not an OPEC member state?

A. Nigeria

B. Indonesia

C. Venezuela

D. Ghana

5. Citizenship can be acquired by

A. nationalism

B. Indigenisation

C. Naturalisation

D. Communalism

6. The Nigerian council was created by

A. Fredrick Lugard

B. Arthur Richards

C. HughClifford

D. BenardBourdillon

7. The French policy of Assimilation in the west was essentially a form of

A.indirect rule

B. democratic rule


D. direct rule

8. In a democracy, sovereignty resides in the minister


C. Electorate

D. political parties

9. The 1954 Lytteleton constitution of Nigeria created the office of

A. regional

B. prime minister

C. Speaker of the house

D. governor

See the Constitutional Development of Nigerian from 1960 till Date

10. Which of the following is permanent in international politics?

A. Bilateral relationship

B. economic aid

C. friendship

D. permanent interest

There you have some of the questions in the above PDF file. Make sure you download the PDF file and to see the correct answers to the questions. Accordingly, if you want to read the past questions and answers of other subjects, you can find them in the PDF file above too.

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Important information you should know about UNN post UTME examination

  • Candidates are to answer a total of 60 questions in one hour
  • Each subject contains 15 questions
  • Each question has 6.67 marks.
  • The exam is (400/400) just like that ofJAMB-UTME.
  • The questions are simple if you read this material, your Textbooks and your JAMB past questions verywell.
  • The UNN POST-UTME result is officially released shortly after the examination (not more than 72Hours).
  • After the examination, the different departments will sit together to decide and bring out their desired cut off marks for admission.
  • Only those whose average/aggregate are up to the decided cut off marks of such department/ faculty will be admitted on the first admission list (merit list)
  • The merit or primary admission list comes out few weeks after the release of the POST-UTME result.

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Okay! This is where I am going to stop on this topic. Now you have UNN past questions and answers for free. Please don’t joke with them at all. Make sure you read and study all the questions contained in it.

Frankly speaking, UNN usually repeat questions. I know this because I am currently a student of the university. If you really want to pass UNN post UTME examination, you have to study UNN past questions and answers very well. Accordingly, don’t joke with JAMB UTME past questions and answers too.

Those are the places you should expect your questions from. Hope this post was helpful? I strongly believe that no aspirant of UNN will call me to ask for UNN post UTME past questions and answers after today.

Meanwhile, i would love to hear from you if you really have any question or contribution to make on this topic. Kindly send your questions using the comment section below.

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