How To Transfer Airtime On MTN (MTN To MTN)

How to transfer airtime on MTN: In Nigeria, Ghana, and other nations where MTN provides service, MTN airtime transfer is one of the common ways individuals send others (family and friends) airtime as a gift. Since many years ago, individuals have been able to avoid running out of airtime on their mobile devices thanks to this sharing gesture.

As fuel is the energy that powers an automobile, airtime may be compared to the gasoline in a car. Every mobile user needs airtime since it enables them to make calls when they’re needed and purchase data subscriptions. As a result, your mobile device’s capabilities are reduced when you run out of airtime, especially when it comes to making calls, sending texts, and occasionally surfing.

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How to transfer airtime on MTN

1. MTN Airtime Transfer: Given its extensive network coverage throughout the continent, MTN is hence the biggest telecommunications network in Nigeria and Africa. This suggests that MTN has the largest customer base, with over 240 million active users in Africa and over 74.1 active mobile subscribers in Nigeria. This is significant for a mobile network that must effectively meet the demands of its users.

Transfer airtime from your MTN account with MTN Share
Transfer airtime from your MTN account with MTN Share

MTN Share (previously Share ‘N’ Sell), a special function that enables you to transfer airtime from your to another MTN line, helps those who are now unable to afford to purchase MTN airtime access airtime. It is accessible to all MTN customers, prepaid or postpaid, including new ones.

2. MTN Share: Using the MTN Share service (formerly known as Share ‘N’ Sell), you may send airtime (or credit) from your MTN account to the accounts of other MTN customers. All prepaid and postpaid subscribers on the MTN network, both new and old, are eligible to utilize MTN Share. Now, free airtime transfers are available.
Prior to transferring airtime, you must update the 0000-based default PIN.

How To Transfer Airtime From MTN To MTN 2023
How To Transfer Airtime From MTN To MTN 2023

How to Modify Your MTN Share PIN:

A. Send a text message to 321 with your default PIN, new PIN, and new PIN. Send ‘0000 1234 1234’ in an SMS to 321 as an example.

B. On your phone, dial *321*Default PIN*New PIN*New PIN# and then click Send or press OK to update your PIN. For instance, enter *321*0000*1234*1234# and press OK or transmit.

You will receive an SMS confirming your PIN change as soon as you use one of the aforementioned methods to update it.

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3. SMS method for transferring airtime:

A. Send a text message to 321 including Transfer, Recipient’s Number, Amount, and PIN. For instance, you may text the phrase “Transfer 09032375523 500 1234” to the number 321.

How to make airtime transfer on MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile
How to make airtime transfer on MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile

B. After sending this message, you will receive an SMS requesting you to reply with the word “YES” to the number 321, indicating that you wish to proceed with the transfer.

4. How to use USSD to transfer airtime:

A. On your phone, enter *321*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#, and then tap OK or send. For instance, enter *321*09032375523*500*1234# and press OK or transmit. A note alerting you that the transfer was successful will be sent to you once it has been finished.

how to share or transfer MTN Airtime
how to share or transfer MTN Airtime

A. You can only send money in Naira quantities; you cannot send money in Kobo. For example, you can send NGN200.00 but not NGN200.59.

B. In a single transaction, you can send anywhere between NGN50.00 and NGN5,000.00.

C. Every day, you are allowed to transfer up to NGN 50,000.00 from your phone to one or more MTN accounts.

D. The maximum daily transaction volume is unrestricted.

E. The transaction won’t go through if your MTN prepaid account doesn’t have enough airtime to meet the desired transfer amount, and you’ll get an error notice.

F. Only postpaid customers who have positive balances on their accounts are permitted to transfer airtime. When your account balance is negative (-), you won’t be able to transfer airtime. If your account balance is N 300.00, as an illustration. MTN Share won’t be available to you. on contrast, you will only be allowed to transfer airtime up to the N1,000.00 amount on your account if it is N1,000.00 or less.

How To Transfer Airtime From MTN To MTN 2023
How To Transfer Airtime From MTN To MTN 2023

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Safety And Security Measures Of MTN Airtime Transfer

1. Safeguard your PIN: Keep your 4-digit MTN transfer PIN near to your heart at all times. This implies that you shouldn’t reveal it to anyone, regardless of your connection. This is due to the fact that airtime is money in and of itself, and when it is used fraudulently you lose money.

Nobody can afford to lose money at this time, therefore treat your transfer PIN the same way you would an ATM PIN. Avoid storing your transfer PIN on your phone; it is safer.

2. Be sure to report phony transfers: No one is safe from being a victim, but the best course of action is to always remember to be proactive rather than reactive. To prevent the complete loss of your airtime, which includes money, you must notify MTN customer service of any suspected fraudulent transfers from your MTN connection. Try to get in touch with the MTN support service as soon as possible to block your MTN line and stop any activity on it.

3. Safeguard Your SIM Card: Similar to bank ATM cards, your MTN Sim card serves as proof of your MTN subscriber status. When your SIM card is not in your mobile device, it must be kept secure. You may wrap it in some paper and store it out from people’s reach. However, if you misplace your MTN SIM card, it would be wise to get in touch with MTN customer service so they can assist you with blocking the lost SIM card while you do a “MTN Welcome Back” with a new MTN SIM card. This procedure prevents you from using your misplaced SIM card to commit several types of fraud that might be linked to you.

How do I create a transfer PIN for my MTN SIM?
How do I create a transfer PIN for my MTN SIM?

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Benefits Of MTN Airtime Transfer

1. Convenience: Because MTN is a mobile network with extensive coverage across Nigeria, you may transfer MTN airtime practically anywhere in the nation without leaving your home or office.

2. Speed: When network coverage is strong, MTN airtime transfer happens instantly. The transfer typically takes 2 to 5 seconds to complete.

3. Reliability: The MTN Share tool is simple to use anytime you want it. It is quick to resolve issues, therefore it does not stutter. You currently have an active MTN subscription, and the receiver is dynamic, thus MTN airtime transfer is always available for usage.

How can I transfer airtime from MTN to MTN without PIN?
How can I transfer airtime from MTN to MTN without PIN?

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Conclusion: If you want to send a straightforward, considerate gift to friends and family, airtime transfer is the way to go, and MTN airtime transfer gives you a variety of ways to take use of this service. You may be sure that you’ll be operating safely and at your convenience when you utilize the MTN airtime transfer service. To avoid sending MTN airtime to the incorrect recipient or transferring it in an unauthorized manner, caution must be taken while sending airtime. Always make advantage of the MTN Share option to share more love with your loved ones.