LASU School Fee For All Courses: 2019/2020 LASU School Fees

LASU school fee for all courses: In the last few weeks, i have been busy making posts on the cheapest universities in countries like; Nigeria, Ghana and even Canada, so as to help young students make the right choice when choosing a university to school in. Like i will always say, if you make the wrong choice of institution, it will go a long way to jeopardize your success in your field of study. Thus, it is important to know much about the university you intend to study in, before applying for that university. Evidently, one of the prerequisite questions you must ask before applying for admission in any university is, “what is the price for school fee in the university i want to attend?” 

LASU school fee for all courses
LASU school fee for all courses

So, today i will be disclosing the school fee of Lagos State University (LASU). If you have been searching for a comprehensive post on LASU school fee for all courses in 2019, then search no further because this is probably what you have been searching for. In this post, i will disclose LASU school fee for 2019/2020 academic session, how to pay your school fee online and how you can also pay your acceptance fee if you are a fresh student in the university. So without wasting your time, let move to the business of today!

Is UNILAG 2019 school fee out?

The answer is No! Lagos State University (LASU) has not yet release her school fee schedule for 2019/2020 academic season. Nonetheless, there is every likelihood that the University will release it before the end of December 2019. On that note, if you want me to inform you whenever the school fee is officially released, kindly indicate using the comment section below this post. Alternatively, you can keep checking this page from time to time. Trust me; i will let you know whenever the fees are out!

How much is LASU Acceptance fee?

Currently, Lagos state University (LASU) acceptance fee is N20,000. This amount is general for all facilities and departments in the university. Nevertheless, it is imperative to note that you will not be allowed to pay LASU school fee until you pay your acceptance fee because, your payment of acceptance fee shows that you have accepted the admission offered to you.

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LASU school fee for all courses

Below are the courses in Lagos State University (LASU) and their fees in 2019/2020:

LASU School Fees 2019/2020 For New And Returning Students | Faculty of Social Sciences

LASU school fee for Industrial relations and personnel management N113,250
Insurance N113,250
LASU school fee for Accounting N113,250
School fee for Management N113,250
Finance N113,250
Business Administration… N113,250
Economics N113,250
Mass Communication and Journalism N113,250
Political Science N113,250
Social Works N113,250
Psychology N113,250
Sociology N113,250
Public and international affairs N113,250
Transport Planning and Management… N113,250

Faculty of Law

Commercial and Industrial Law …N115,750
Public Law …N115,750
Islamic Law N115,750
Private and Property Law …N115,750
LASU school fee for Legal Studies …N115,750
LASU school fee for Jurisprudence and International Law …N115,750

Faculty of Arts

LASU school fee for English Language N113,250
English Literature N113,250
Linguistics, African and Asian N113,250
LASU school fee for Philosophy N113,250
LASU school fee for History N113,250
Creative Art: Visual Arts N113,250
Creative Art: Theatre Arts N113,250
LASU school fee for Creative Art: Music N113,250
European Languages (French and Russian) .N113,250

Faculty of Engineering

Chemical and Polymer Engineering N115,750
LASU school fee for Electronic and Computer Engineering N115,750
Mechanical Engineering N115,750

Faculty of Education

Guidance and Counseling .N113,250
Adult Education Management .N113,250
Adult Education .N113,250
Adult Literacy and Non Formal Education .N113,250
Biology Education .N113,250
Chemistry Education .N113,250
Integrated Science Education .N113,250
Social Studies Education .N113,250
Geography Education .N113,250
History Education .N113,250
Human Kinetics and Health Education .N113,250
Exercise Physiology .N113,250
Sports Administration/Management .N113,250
Home Economics Education N113,250
Technology Education N113,250
Business Education N113,250
English Education N113,250
English Literature Education N113,250
French Education .N113,250
Yoruba Education .N113,250
Christian Religious Studies .N113,250
Islamic Studies Education .N113,250
Religious Education .N113,250
Curriculum Theory .N113,250
Educational Administration and Planning .N113,250
Education Psychology .N113,250
Physiology of Education .N113,250
Sociology of Education .N113,250

Faculty of Sciences

Fishery Sciences N115,750
Biology N115,750
Mathematics and Statistics N115,750
Physics N115,750
Microbiology N115,750
Botany N115,750
Chemistry N115,750
Computer Science N115,750
Zoology N115,750

School Of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS)

Physiology N115,750
Biochemistry N115,750

School of Clinical Sciences

LASU school fee for Medicine and Surgery N115,750
LASU school fee for Dentistry N115,750

How to pay LASU school fee online (Step by step)

LASU school fees for 2019/2020
LASU school fee for all courses

Now that you have known the stipulated school fee for your course in LASU, it is very important to show now you can pay your school online. To pay LASU school fee online, follow the steps below:

  • Visit LASU official website using the link below:
  • Under “student service” at the bottom of the page.
  • Next is to click on payment service under the student service.
  • Select “school fees payment”.
  • When the next page appears, input your matriculation number, click on the box allotted for application type toselect a payment option, e.g- undergraduate.
  • When the next page appears, click on proceed/continue. Then a payment ID will come up(copy it out and proceed to quick teller).
  • Now, you can enter your credit card details and make the payment online. Note that your might be asked to enter your OTP.
  • The OTP cpde is usually sent to your phone number. So just copy it immediately it is sent.

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How To Pay LASU acceptance fee (For new students only)

LASU acceptance fee price and how to pay
LASU acceptance fee price and how to pay

I believe you must have paid your acceptance fee as a fresh student of LASU, because it is one of the first things you are supposed to do (even before paying your school fee). However, if you have not have not paid yet, kindly follow the instructions below to pay your LASU acceptance fee immediately.

Note that fresh students must first accept their admission before they will be pay school fee.

  • Login to LASU E-Payment portal using the link below:
  • In the space provided, enter your UTME Registration Number (JAMB Reg number) in the Column marked with Matric Number/PaymentID/Application Number.
  • Click on “Main Campus” in the Column for “Campus
  • Click on “Undergraduate” in the Column for “Study Type”.
  • Next is to click on “Proceed” to continue the payment process.
  • After clicking “proceed” your details will be displayed on the screen with the amount you are expected to pay.
  • Simply confirm your details and click on “proceed” again.
  • Now, an invoice will be automatically generated for you. Make sure you pay the complete money using the invoice generated and that is all.

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Okay! This is everything you need to know about LASU school fee for 2019/2020 academic session. Remember to always check back on this page to know when LASU 2019/2020 school fee will be officially released. More so, if you have any question or contribution on any of the processes discussed above, don’t hesitate to share it using my comment section.

Hope this post was helpful? Make sure you share this with other students of Lagos state university (LASU) so they will also know the latest update on LASU school fee for 2019/2020 academic season.

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