LASU Departmental Cutoff Marks For 2019/2020 Session


If you have been asking the question, “when is LASU departmental cutoff mark for 2018/2019 session coming out?” note that Lagos State University (LASU) has release her departmental cutoff marks for 2018/2019 academic session. Notice on the just release LASU departmental cutoff mark was made through the university’s official website ( In light of this news, students who applied for admission in LASU this 2018 should kindly scroll down this page to know whether they met the required cutoff mark for their courses or not.

LASU Departmental Cutoff Marks

LASU Departmental Cutoff Marks

Meanwhile, if you do not know what LASU departmental cutoff mark is all about, note that is it the minimum score fixed for all the courses in LASU which will be used by the university management when offering admission to students this year. In other words, if you do not meet up to the required cutoff point for your course in LASU, you may not be offered admission into the university this year.

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Is LASU 2019/2020 departmental cutoff marks out?

The answer is No. Lagos State University (LASU) has not yet released her 2019/2020 departmental cutoff marks. If you were informed that LASU 2019 cutoff marks are out, please disregard such information. Whenever the university releases her 2019/2020 departmental cutoff mark, we will let you know via this page. All you have to do is to keep checking this webpage from time to time. Again, if you want us to formally notify you when it will be released, kindly subscribe to our newsletter below this article. We will send the notification via your email.

JAMB cutoff mark for LASU in 2019

It will surprise you to know that JAMB cutoff mark for Lagos State University (LASU) in 2019 is 160. This means that, before you will be offered admission into LASU in 2019, you must score at least 160 in JAMB UTME screening examination. Nonetheless, it should also be noted that LASU is not any compulsion to follow the cutoff mark given to it by JAMB. They can choose to increase or even decrease this cutoff mark if they sole wish.

LASU departmental cutoff marks for 2018/2019 academic session

LASU Departmental Cutoff Marks

The truth is that Lagos State University (LASU) do not have any particular cutoff marks for 2018/2019 academic session. Nevertheless, it is evident that before you will gain admission into LASU this year, you must at least; meet the cutoff marks for courses below:

Faculty of Agriculture

  • Agriculture – 190


  • Arabic language – 190
  • Music -190
  • Christian religious studies – 190
  • International studies and history – 190
  • Islamic religious studies – 190
  • English language – 190
  • Theatre art – 190
  • Portuguese language – 190

Faculty of sciences

  • Botany – 190
  • Zoology – 190
  • Microbiology – 190
  • Computer science – 190
  • Biochemistry – 190
  • Chemistry – 190
  • Mathematics – 190
  • Aquatic biology and fisheries – 190
  • Physics – 190

Faculty of engineering

  • Computer and electronic engineering – 190
  • Mechanical engineering – 190
  • Polymer and chemical engineering – 190
  • Transport – 190
  • Management
  • Insurance – 190
  • Finance and banking – 190
  • Accounting – 190
  • Management technology – 190
  • Personnel management and industrial relations – 190
  • Public administration – 190

Communications faculty

  • Mass communications – 190

Law faculty

  • Law – 200


  • French – 190
  • Arabic – 190
  • English – 190
  • Islamic studies -190
  • Christian Religion Study – 190
  • History – 190
  • Mathematics – 190
  • Biology – 190
  • Yoruba – 190
  • Chemistry -190
  • Health and physical education -190
  • Physics – 190
  • Health – 190
  • Educational technology – 190
  • Computer science – 190
  • Accounting – 190
  • Business – 190
  • Geography – 190
  • Political science – 190
  • Educational management – 190
  • Economics – 190
  • Faculty of social sciences
  • Psychology – 190
  • Sociology – 190
  • Planning and geography – 190
  • Political science – 190
  • Economics – 190

LASU admission requirements for 2019 session

While it is a must that you must meet the required cutoff mark for your desired course in LASU before you will be offered admission into the university, it is also imperative to know that LASU considers other things. Below are the requirements for admission in LASU in 2019:

  • Candidates must score up to the university’s general cutoff mark given by JAMB
  • Candidates must have at least 5 credits in five essential subjects (including English language and Mathematics) before they will be offered admission.
  • Candidates must have attained the age of 16 at the time admission was offered.
  • UTME candidates must also take part in the university’s post UTME screening examination if it is conducted.

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Okay! That is all I have on LASU Departmental Cutoff Marks for 2018/2019 academic session. My advice is that, those who did not meet up to the admission cutoff mark given above, should quickly apply for a change of course form immediately. On the other hand, if you scored above the cutoff mark, just keep praying for the school authorities to add your name in their admission list. Hope this was helpful? Any more questions on LASU departmental cutoff marks for 2019/2020 session should be sent to me via the comment session. More so, remember to keep checking this page if you want to know when LASU 2019/2020 cutoff marks will be released.

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