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UNN Departmental Cutoff Marks For 2021/2022 Academic Session

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This is to bring to the notice of the general public that the prestigious University of Nigeria (UNN) has release her 2021/2022 departmental cutoff marks. Notice on the just released UNN departmental cutoff marks was made known to the general public through some reliable sources in the institution.

In light of the information, student who took the just concluded UNN post UTME screening should scroll below this page and check the cutoff mark for their courses.

NOTE: The University of Nigeria does not publish departmental cutoff marks on its website anymore. The reason for this is unknown. However, all the faculties in the school still release cutoff marks locally for aspirants to see. Only students who are inside the school can verify this. Thus, do not expect to see the cutoff mark here in the official UNN website. We get all our information from a reliable source in the university.

UNN departmental cutoff marks for 2020/2021 academic session

UNN departmental cutoff marks for 2020/2021 academic session

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For those who do not actually know what UNN cutoff mark is all about; it is the stipulated score fixed by the management of UNN for admitting students into the faculties and departments of the Institution.

If you are not able to meet up to the cutoff mark by UNN for the year, then you have a slim chance of getting admitted into the university.

Kindly check my video below for more details about JAMB and University cutoff mark in Nigeria. Trust me; you really need to know this! 


Yes! The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) has finally released her cutoff mark for all departments. However, it should be noted that not all the faculties has released the cutoff yet. Currently, the cutoff mark of the Faculty of Nursing Science, Music, History and International Studies, Law, Theatre and Film Studies, Medicine, Accounting some other faculties has been released and confirmed by us.

Every faculty in the university releases their cutoff mark separately. So, you are expected to keep checking this page from time-to-time as we update you on the faculties that have released theirs.

Meanwhile, below are photos of the unn departmental cutoff marks that has been confirmed by us:

UNN Cutoff mark for Nursing Science 2020/2021

UNN Cutoff mark for Nursing Science 2020/2021

UNN General JAMB cutoff mark for Admission

Based on the last JAMB policy meeting held on the 28the of June, 2020, JAMB official cutoff mark for all universities in Nigeria is 180, polytechnic is 120 and colleges of education is 100. Nonetheless, universities can slightly change the cutoff mark for some course.

In light of the above, UNN JAMB cutoff mark for 2021 is 180. This actually means that before any aspirant of the institution can apply for the impending post UTME examination, he/she must have at least, 180 in JAMB UTME examination.

For professional courses like medicine, law or pharmacy, UNN is likely to increase the cutoff mark to at least, 200. Note that if this increase is made, the university may not make it public. Only few students of the university can disclose it to you.

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Note: The cutoff marks marked VERIFIED below are those that have been confirmed for this year’s admission. 


  • Agric Economics – 227
  • Agric Extension – 201
  • Animal Science – 202
  • Crop Science – 206
  • Soil Science – 205
  • Fst – 227
  • Home Science – 200
  • Nutrition and Dietetics – 247


  • Archaeology & Tourism – 200
  • English and Literary Studies – 271.22 (VERIFIED)
  • Fine and Applied Arts – 260
  • Foreign Languages – 200
  • History and International Studies – 260.66 (VERIFIED)
  • Linguistics and Nigerian Languages – 225
  • Mass Communication –256
  • Music – 256.33 (VERIFIED)
  • Theatre and Film Studies – 250 (VERIFIED)
  • Combined Arts – 201


  • Law – 296.5 (VERIFIED)


  • Medicine – 322.33 (VERIFIED)


  • Pharmacy – 303 (VERIFIED)


  • Accountancy – 256 (VERIFIED)
  • Banking & Finance – 248 (VERIFIED)
  • Marketing – 232 (VERIFIED)
  • Business Management – 233


  • Dentistry – 270 (VERIFIED)


  • Agric & Bioresources Engineering – 204
  • Civil Engineering – 258 (VERIFIED)
  • Electrical Engineering – 258 (VERIFIED)
  • Electronics – 232
  • Mechanical Engineering – 260 (VERIFIED)


  • Biochemistry – 248
  • Botany – 198
  • Combined Biological Sciences – 210
  • Microbiology – 235 
  • Zoology – 207


  • Adult Education – 200
  • Education Art – 251
  • Education Chemistry – 203
  • Education Social Sciences – 245
  • Agric Education – 205
  • Business Education – 220
  • Guidance & Counselling – 263
  • Health Education – 206
  • Home Economics Education – 229
  • Industrial Technical Education – 236
  • Library and Information Science – 225
  • Science Education – 200


  • Architecture – 226 (VERIFIED)
  • Estate Management – 201.66 (VERIFIED)
  • Geoinformatics & Survey – 203.22 (VERIFIED)
  • Urban and Regional Planning – 200 (VERIFIED)


  • Radiography – 282.5 (VERIFIED) 
  • Medical Rehabilitation – 256 (VERIFIED) 
  • Nursing – 291 (VERIFIED)


  • Computer Science – 236 
  • Geology – 234
  • Mathematics – 200
  • Physics And Astronomy – 200
  • Pure And Industrial Chemistry – 232
  • Statistics – 201
  • Computer/Statistics – 200


  • Veterinary Medicine – 245 (VERIFIED) 


  • Economics – 260
  • Geography – 217
  • Philosophy – 244
  • Political Science – 250
  • Psychology – 252
  • Public Administration – 266
  • Religion – 232
  • Social Work – 213
  • Sociology/Anthropology – 260


To calculate your UNN post UTME aggregate score, it is important to note that both JAMB and POST UTME must be considered. JAMB takes 60% while POST UTME takes 40%.

First, you have to multiply your JAMB Score by 0.6. After getting the answer, write it down somewhere.

Accordingly, multiply your POST-UTME Score by 0.4 and write down the answer.

Lastly add the results of the calculations you made above and that is your UNN POST UTME aggregate.

To understand this better, lets take for instance;

Uche scored 256 in JAMB UTME examination and 314 in post UTME examination, to calculate his aggregate, he is expected to combine His JAMB UTME and Post UTME score. Conversely, Uche’s UNN aggregate will be = 279.

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UNN General Admission Requiments

It is pertinent to note that the University of Nigeria does not only consider cutoff marks when offering admission. For UTME candidates, below are the admission requirements for 2020/2021:

  • Candidates must have attained the age of 16 when the admission is offered to them.
  • Candidates must have at least 5 (five) Credits in their O’level result to be offered admission. Your O’level result can be your WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB result.
  • Candidate must score at least 160 in JAMB UTME examination to be offered admission.
  • UTME candidate must take part in UNN Post UTME screening with good score to be offered admission
  • Lastly, UTME candidates must meet the stipulated cutoff mark for their courses to be offered admission.

Above are just some of the requirements for admission in UNN, please check here to see the FULL LIST FOR REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION IN UNN.

Notice on Merit, Catchment areas and Educationally Less Developed State (ELDS) Admission

Apparently UNN is a federal university in Nigeria and it must always follow federal guidelines when admitting students despite the above cutoff marks. In light of that, UNN admission for 2020/2021 session will be given as follows:

  1. 45% Merit
  2. 35% Catchment and
  3. 20% Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS)

Admission on merit

Candidates with very high scores in UTME, Post UTME and passed the university’s cutoff mark each year are given first consideration for their first choice of course in their institution of choice before other candidates.

Forty-five percent (45%) of the available admission space are reserved for such applicants. This implies that if you are brilliant and can pass on merit, you already have 45% chance of gaining admission into UNN.

Catchment Areas

The aim of UNN catchment area admission is actually to give equal opportunity to all applicants. It allows students from other parts of the country (not only the east) to apply for admission into the university and gain admission. But it should be noted that not all the states in Nigeria are part of UNN catchment area.

According of the admission guidelines of the federal government (under the Nigerian Universities Commission, NUC), 35% of the available admission space in every tertiary institution should be reserved for applicants from the catchment areas of such institutions.

This means that if you apply to a university to whose catchment area you belong, you stand 35% chance of being admitted.

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Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS)

Certain states are considered as Educationally Less developed or disadvantaged. The following states are:






Cross River


















Candidates from these states are given special concession for admission. Usually, the general cutoff for admission does not apply to candidates from ELDS.

Is it possible to gain admission into UNN without meeting the Cutoff mark?

Well, almost everything is possible in Nigeria if you have the money. However, if you don’t meet the institution’s cutoff mark for any year, you may may not be able to gain admission for that year except you have an upper hand. UNN releases so many admission list after the first batch. There is the second list, third list and sometimes even forth admission list. In all, it take only luck to gain admission into UNN without meeting the university’s admission cutoff marks.

What to do if you did not meet the required UNN cutoff mark

UNN is one of the most difficult schools to gain admission in Nigeria. From the departmental cutoff marks above, you don’t need anyone to tell you that the university is truly competitive in nature.

In light of this, many students end up not meeting the university’s cutoff mark requirements for the year. But there are some options available if you find yourself in this situation.

1. Apply for UNN shopping form: This is undoubtedly the best thing to do if you did not meet the requirement for your course. UNN shopping form is simply a form sold at N3,000 by the university management that allows applicants to change their course in situations where they are unable to meet the requirements of their dream course.

It is important to note that UNN shopping form is limited to some courses. Take for instance, applicants cannot purchase shopping form for courses like Law, Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy and other top university courses.

2. Wait for supplementary admission list: Another option is for you to pray and wait for the institution to release her supplementary admission list. Usually, students who performed very well in their JAMB & Post UTME are admitted through this list. If you are among the ELS of UNN, you might also be considered for admission.

3. Apply next year: The last option available to you is just to apply for admission next year. Actually, this is a bad option but you can’t kill yourself if UNN refuses to offer you admission. Study harder and prepare for admission next year.

This is where I am going to end for now. Above are the departments in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and their cutoff marks. I personally advise every student that intends to gain admission into UNN this year, to go through the university’s cutoff marks carefully because it is one of the important requirements the university checks before offering admission to aspirants. Don’t forget to subsequently check this web page to know when more will be verified. 

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