Best Programming/Coding Books For Beginners: Top 12

Best Programming/Coding Books for Beginners: The ascending trend in technology in the World today has ensured that Technological knowhow is an imperative skill. Importantly, Programming, programming language, and coding are now one of the best and sort after soft skills which one can acquire as this skill is in high demand and very lucrative. Moreso, Coding skills offers career flexibility by opening up new areas of career opportunities and earning capacity in our rapidly shifting digital economy.

The essentiality of knowledge of Programming Language and coding skills can no further be emphasized. This is why millions of people in the world today desire to learn a Programming Language, acquire Coding skills, and earn from Programming. This Article therefore examines great books which will help individuals who intend to venture into Learning Coding and the art of Programming. But before then, lets look into the best ways to learn programming.

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Effective Ways To Learn Coding/Programming

As a prospective programmer, there are various ways to learn programming. These ways include:

1. Online Course: Online course is one of the best ways for a Programmer to learn coding or a Programming language. There are a plethora of online coding courses and classes, as well as online platforms and schools to learn a programming language. This equips one with the best knowledge of programming and coding, and in most instances, these Online learning platform issues certificate upon completion of learning.

2. Online YouTube videos: In addition to Online Course which most often you have to pay to enroll for, you may also learn programming online via online YouTube videos which will help answer some of your questions, break down complex coding concepts, and equip you with knowledge in programming.

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3. Join an Online community: Joining a community of like minds will definitely help you in learning coding or a programming language. Moreso, it will give you the necessary support which you need when you intend to create a program or work on some project.

4. Books: One of the best ways to learn Coding is through books. Reading good books on coding will give you a good foundation and a comprehensive introduction into the art of coding. This will be even more effective to a beginner than hooping on various websites to acquire information about coding, or enrolling in an online course, or joining an online coding community.

Thus, the essentiality of books as a way of learning coding/programming cannot be overemphasized, this is why this Article concerns itself with the best books which will help a beginner perfectly learn the art of Coding and programming.

Best books for Programmers
Best books for Programmers

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Top 12 Best Books For Beginners in Coding and Programming

The following are a list of great books which will help a beginner learn coding and programming language:

1. Inside the Machine: An illustrated introduction to Micro processing and computer architecture: This book written by Jon Stokes, a CPU and Tech guru, is a book which lays a foundation about the CPU/ Microprocessor (which is the heart of programming), explaining how this CPU operates and its functions.

Best Computer Science books for beginners PDF
Best Computer Science books for beginners PDF

This book is perfect for beginners in the field of programming. This is because the CPU is the heart of programming. It is responsible for carrying out the instructions of a Computer program, and understanding the intricate and basis of a CPU is imperative to becoming skilled in Programming.

This book ‘Inside the Machine’ will help you understand the fundamentals of modern computing by learning the various part of a computer system and the microprocessor architecture. The written materials, contents, diagrams, and photos in this book further makes it  easier for a beginner to learn the necessaries about a Computer system, and this is key a material to learning Coding and Programming.

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2. Code: The hidden language of Computer hardware and software: This book written by Charles Petzold, a Programmer and Author on Microsoft windows application, who have been writing on programming for over 30 years. From his wealth of experience, and beautiful writing skills, his book Code: The hidden language of Computer hardware and software really lived up to expectations.

Classic programming books
Classic programming books

This book explains how Computers work at hardware and software level. It also explains coding, the origin of code, history and scope of code, understanding the core of code, principles of code, and much more.

This book is a must read fir every beginner, as it will give one a really great insight on Coding

3. Code complete: A Practical handbook of software construction: Code Complete: A Practical handbook of software construction is another great book for every beginner in Coding and Programming, as it provides a comprehensive analysis of software construction, fundamentals of software and software design principle, programming standards, and it provides an in-depth analysis and understanding on the realm of Computer science, binary, and Logic gates.

Are books a good way to learn coding
Are books a good way to learn coding

Moreso, the book provides great insight in the practice of developing software, programming skills, and a guide to software and programming.

This book is really insightful and it’s clear writing style and well-structured text makes it easy for everyone to read and perfectly understand. Thus, making it a great choice for Beginners.

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4. The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master: This book written by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas is a book of great significance to every prospective Programmer. The book is filled with practical, technical, and professional advice. It also covers topics from how to write code to how to write a better code and build a highly maintainable code with the best practice.

Best Programming and Coding Books for Beginners
Best Programming and Coding Books for Beginners

This book as the name implies and as its contents justifies is one of the best programming books especially for beginners as they seek to embark on the journey of being masters in programming and coding.

5. Zero bugs and Program Faster: Zero bugs and Program Faster written by Kate Thompson is a must read for beginners as it explicitly teaches coding structures, how to avoid mistakes in programming, improving your programming skills, how to write more secure code.

Advanced programming books
Advanced programming books

This book also provides a new approach to software development, bug avoidance technique, how to debug server code, coding strategies, and how to program faster. It is therefore definitely a great read for every beginner and it will provide the necessary knowledge required to climb the ladder of success in programming.

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6. The Self-taught Programmer: The definite guide to Programming professionally: This book written by Cory Aithoff is an inspiring book to all aspiring programmers, as it is straight to the point, concise, clear, and teaches alot such as Learning a Program, learning object oriented program, learning computer science, learning to program for production, getting a job and working on them, amongst others.

Best Selling coding books
Best Selling coding books

This book will definitely teach you how to program outside the four walls of a School or online course. Thus, it is a must read for every beginner.

7. Clean Code: A handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship by Robert C. Martin: This book will improve your software craftsmanship. Thus, it is a great books for beginners as it discloses the intricate of coding with the aim for perfection in coding. It also provides illustrations which distinguishes good and bad code, introduces disciplines, techniques, tools, and practice of true software craftsmanship.

What is the best coding book for beginners
What is the best coding book for beginners

Furthermore, this book will give its readers a proper understanding of how to write a good code, create good codes, format code for maximum readability, unit test code, and transform bad code into good code. It is definitely a great book for beginners.

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8. JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming by Nick Morgan: JavaScript is one of the most popular programming language. It is widely regarded as the programming language of the internet as it is used on 96% of the billions of website in the world.

Best Programming Books for Every Coder in 2022
Best Programming Books for Every Coder in 2022

Thus, it is one of the most sought after programming language for skills and knowledge, and this book eases the way of beginners by giving a step by step essentials of programming, a strong introduction into JavaScript language and kid friendly examples with visuals and explanations which will make it easier for every beginner to understand. The book further eases beginners into a step by step essentials of programming.

9. Programming Pearls: Programming Pearls written by Jon Bentley is a great book for beginners in programming. This is so because unlike most of the books so aforementioned in this Article, this book focuses on the fundamental and generic problems of programming, and teaches solutions to problems ranging from algorithms, data structures, probability theory, amongst others.

The book further delivers good advice in the practical use of algorithms and code tuning. While some of the examples may now be obsolete, it does not ruin its great contents which will be a superb read for every beginner.

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10. Learning JavaScript design patterns: Lastly on my list is learning JavaScript design pattern written by Addy Osmani, a software engineer and sound staff Engineering Manager on Google chrome, and author of numerous open source projects.

In this book he explicitly shares knowledge on how to learn JavaScript the programming language of the internet, and how to write beautiful, structured, and maintainable JavaScript with modern design pattern.

This book will further help you understand the fundamentals of design and design patterns which will help you in writing codes, and it will help solve your problem in learning JavaScript design patterns. Thus, it is a great book for beginners and will act as a proper ladder on your way to becoming a great developer.

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11. Jon Erickson’s book, “Hacking: The Art of Exploitation”: Hacking is really just the skill of solving problems. Sometimes an issue requires an innovative approach, and other times that approach entails finding flaws in another person’s programming.

What books a programmer must read?
What books a programmer must read?

The top computer programming books provide readers a look at the world from the viewpoint of hackers, including strategies like hijacking network connections and taking advantage of cryptographic flaws. The provided illustrations and simple-to-follow text allow users to experiment with a range of hacking methods currently in use.

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12. “Think Like a Programmer: An Introduction to Creative Problem Solving” by Anton Spraul. This book helps you hone your abilities in all programming languages while also teaching you the kinds of problem-solving skills necessary to be a great programmer. You will get practice segmenting problems into manageable chunks and discover how to select the best data format for the greatest chance of success.

Essential Programming Books Every Developer Should Read
Essential Programming Books Every Developer Should Read

You will get the ability to: 

a. Approach problems with a programmer’s mindset.

b. Select the best method for solving an issue

c. Be an original and creative programmer who can manage difficult conditions.

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In Conclusion, without prejudice to the wide variety of books on the subject matter of programming and coding, the books so mentioned in this Article will be a great read for beginners, and even so an interesting yet mind illuminating read which will equip you with the necessary foundation, knowledge and essentialities of programming and coding needed as a beginner.

Progressively, it is imperative that you read other books which you feel may be of great help and invaluable in equipping you with the right knowledge needed as a coder/ programmer.

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