How To Know A Girl Is A Player: 8 Simple Signs

How To Know A Girl Is A Player: A relationship requires a lot of confidence, and you don’t want to put yourself out there if you’re going to appear foolish for it and have your heart crushed as a result. You don’t want a female player to take advantage of you or hurt your emotions. Nobody enjoys learning that the individual they are courting is also seeing other people.

Nobody wants to be misled, but you also don’t want to be overly wary of the woman you’re courting to the point where you push her away. How can you tell if a lady is playing you then? You just need to know what to watch out for because there are telltale indications that will reveal her.

Warning signs that should cause you to reconsider taking this relationship seriously include never knowing where you stand with her, never knowing when you’ll see her, and realizing you don’t know all that much about her. Discover more cues that a lady is playing you by reading on.

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How To Know A Girl Is A Player

1. You Are Not in Her Plans: She always seems to be enjoying the high life, and she never invites you along for the enjoyment. If a lady likes you, she’ll create time for you or take you with her on her outings. However, if you are the only one who arranges encounters with her, that is a warning sign that she doesn’t think highly of you.
If you want to meet more than she does, she is tricking you.

Obvious Signs She's Playing You
Obvious Signs She’s Playing You

Even worse, she only concentrates on the present when you are together and won’t discuss her future plans with you because you are clearly not a part of them
Sadly, you might not be the kind of guy that appeals to girls who have particular preferences in a partner for life.

2. Never does she text you first: A few females play hard to get by not texting a man first, so be careful with this one. But when she sends you brief or short emails in response to your communications, you can tell she’s just an acquaintance. She avoids being impolite by acting in this way.

How to know if a girl is playing hard to get
How to know if a girl is playing hard to get

If you don’t ask, she won’t admit to missing you or thinking about you. Even worse, she won’t reply to your intimate messages because they make her uncomfortable and she’d prefer not to come right out and say she doesn’t want to be close with you.

If this describes you, cease messaging her and wait to see if she messages you first after realizing. If not, friend, that’s a difficult break. Just put her behind you and move on.

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3. She stays true to her schedule: Her schedule is very rigid. She doesn’t often make time for you because she is so occupied. Red alert. Because Saturday afternoons are mostly reserved for buying and mani-pedis, she can’t accompany you to the park. You won’t have a window of chance with her, to put it another way. You can ask her to a few of your family members’ weddings, but every time the weekend comes around, she decides to go out with her companions.

OBVIOUS Signs she is simply playing you
OBVIOUS Signs she is simply playing you

If she seems to be steering you in this direction, tell her straight away that she doesn’t value you. She will look forward to traveling to special events with you if she is truly into you.

4. She Appears Remote: She is mentally as well as bodily distant. You are unaware of her favored hue, whether she prefers dogs or cats, or the number of her siblings. You only appear to be familiar with her home location, but you hardly ever seem to be called over. It may be time to end things if you’ve shared details of your life with her but she doesn’t respond. This is a telltale indication that she’s foxing you.

How can you determine if a girl is a player?
How can you determine if a girl is a player?

Even though she might put on the act of being an independent lady, every guy occasionally enjoys feeling needed. She sadly never begs you for anything and always gives you the frigid shoulder.

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5. She Sends You Conflicting Messages: She suddenly starts gushing over you, toying with you, and making you feel like a million dollars. She is icy and aloof the following day. And her messages fall under this as well. She can be very anxious to talk with you at times, but she can also take days to reply.

How to know if a girl is playing you or really likes you
How to know if a girl is playing you or really likes you

She would be playing pranks if she did this. You eagerly anticipate speaking with someone you truly like. It goes without saying that you won’t ignore their messages for days.

Your estimate is as good as ours if you’re not sure where you stand with her and feel like you’re constantly on edge. Her affection for you is erratic and liable to change at any time.

6. You are unaware of her past relationships: She does not appear to have any previous romantic relationships. It could be that she frequently seduces men without committing to a committed long-term partnership.

How can you determine if a girl is a player?
How can you determine if a girl is a player?

She appears to have a lot of male acquaintances. While she may make flirtatious overtures to the majority of them, she is past relationships. Perhaps she has commitment issues or has established standards that are impossible for any man to achieve. Whatever the cause, she is tricking you, that much is certain.

She won’t commit to a meaningful relationship with you if she continues to flirt with you but refuses to open her emotions to you.

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7. Her plans for the future do not include you: She doesn’t mention how you figure into her plans when she talks about moving to a new location, going to Abu Dhabi, or having a summer vacation. She would undoubtedly include you in her destiny if she had a long-term vision for the two of you.

How to know if a girl is playing you over text
How to know if a girl is playing you over text

Even worse, she withholds information about her intentions from you until you learn from a third party that she has taken a one-month vacation. She doesn’t consider how her departure would harm your prospects of getting together. You are definitely an outsider if she doesn’t disclose her intentions to you. She doesn’t care whether you’re involved in her existence or not.

8. She Will Not label Your Partnership: You engage in all of the same activities as a fiancée and a boyfriend, but she won’t acknowledge you as her beau. She makes love to you, takes you out on romantic dates, and presents you to her acquaintances. But because they won’t say what you mean to each other, your friends are wondering about the state of your relationship just like you do.

How to know if a girl is playing with your feelings
How to know if a girl is playing with your feelings

You feel like a viable choice for her because of the circumstance you’re in. You even question whether or not she has other partners or if your relationship is exclusive. It’s time to speak to her about it. And if she won’t, end things now before she destroys your heart.

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You wouldn’t be doubting a girl’s desire to be with you if she expressed it. As much time as you spend with her, she would want to spend with you. You wouldn’t sense anything being amiss. She wouldn’t leave you hanging or make you realize how little you actually know about her. A lady is not the one for you if you can’t determine if she likes you. Make the wise decision and call a contest before it starts.