How To Make Reading Fun and Interesting: 12 Effective Ways

How To Make Reading Fun and Interesting: It’s not easy to study. You can buy yourself goodies, carefully manage your time, make sure your room is well-ventilated, and have your chair correctly adjusted for your back and yet feel like you’re counting down the days until the end of this study term, or until you leave school, or perhaps until you retire. So, here’s the question: how can you make studying not only bearable but also actively enjoyable?

How to make reading fun and interesting for yourself
How to make reading fun and interesting for yourself

This is a talent that many people develop only after they enter university and begin studying a subject that they are passionate about. When you’re still studying a subject you don’t like and wish you’d never have to study again, you have to enjoy yourself in spite of the subject, not because of it. You might grow to like the courses you despise now one day, but it’s unlikely to happen when you’re preparing for exams by cramming your books prior to exams.

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12 Effective Ways To Make Reading Fun, Interesting And Enjoying

1. Enjoy some good music: For a reason, this is a tried-and-true study tip. Everything is more enjoyable when it is put to music that you enjoy. Other people have the ability to concentrate even when listening to songs with difficult and intriguing lyrics; some even have the ability to complete an essay while singing along.

Before you go searching for your favorite music, think about whether you are one of those folks. Even if you’re not aware that your music choices are distracting you, skipping a song that irritates you or spending a long time trying to locate the ideal playlist could eat into your study time more than you know.

However, if you are able to make this advice work, it will be quite beneficial. Music without lyrics is preferable for the majority of individuals. That doesn’t have to be Mozart; movie soundtracks can be entertaining and motivating, and you can believe you’re in a training montage while studying. Furthermore, a solid soundtrack might last for a long time, decreasing the amount of time you’ll have to spend finding the perfect tune.

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2. Turn it into a game for yourself: We learn and are motivated more effectively when we play games. If you’ve ever spent time attempting to earn perfect scores on the game “Sporcle” while the job you’re meant to be doing is being neglected, you’ll understand why breaking things down into a quantifiable and realistic objective makes it a lot more enjoyable.

How To Make Reading Fun and Interesting
How To Make Reading Fun and Interesting

The type of game you make will be determined by your hobbies and subject matter; for example, history lends itself better to a lengthy 4-hour board game than statistics, where you might instead apply what you’ve learned to real-world events like sports. It may take longer to come up with a game than it does to play the game, but as long as you’re engaged with your subject and going over what you need to learn as you go, it’ll be worthwhile.

3. Make it a game with your friends: It’s a bit off-putting when you’re studying with your colleagues. It may be energizing and beneficial since you can exchange ideas that you may not have considered on your own. Alternatively, you might have so much fun that you forget to study.

Ways To Make Reading Fun For Your Child
Ways To Make Reading Fun For Your Child

Turning studying into a game with friends, if you can make it work (possibly if you have one extremely rigorous member in the group who keeps you all on track), might just be the ideal method to mix learning with fun for the most amount of both. consider a study-themed truth or dare, in which your friends ask you a series of difficult questions for the ‘truth,’ and if you can’t answer – or get the answer wrong – you have to do a dare.

Just make sure the dare doesn’t appear to be a more convenient option than attempting to correctly answer the question.

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4. Use high-quality stationery: If you have a collection of beautiful stationeries like pencils, notepaper, notebooks, and stickers, now is the time to put them to use and enjoy them.

How can I make reading more fun
How can I make reading more fun

If you enjoy using a beautiful fountain pen or it seems like something you’d like to do, go ahead and do it; it’s not a good idea to use it in a test, but being forced to slow down a little when taking notes when studying can help the material soak in better. Cover your notes in stickers if you want to increase your chances of rereading them.

5. Experiment with roleplaying: For any subject involving tales and characters — Theatre Studies, English Literature, and History are obvious examples – pretending to be one of the characters and roleplaying as them for a bit is a good approach to get your mind around the themes.

How to make reading fun for college students
How to make reading fun for college students

It may seem stupid to think about these things, but they can put your knowledge of the subject you’re studying to the test in a way that just going over your notes can’t, and they can open up new pathways for you to explore.

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6. Study at a different location: Most of the time, you get the impression that your studies have grown tedious. This is simply because, unless you count traveling from your room to the library and back, you don’t get a change of scenery. Studying outside in the summer may be difficult or unpleasant due to sunburn, glare on laptop screens, and insects that may disturb you.

Tips to Make Reading Fun, Not Frustrating
Tips to Make Reading Fun, Not Frustrating

However, if you can locate a shaded area in a garden or park, it might make the entire procedure less stressful and make you less envious of those who get to enjoy themselves outside. If being outside isn’t an option, you may be in another room of your house. Although we do not recommend taking your laptop into the bath, you may read a book or textbook there.

Because some individuals learn better by association, you may allocate various subjects to separate rooms and ensure that you study each subject in its allotted location. After all, the golden rule of studying is that nothing is frivolous if it aids your learning.

7. Put yourself to the test: When studying, it’s a good idea to do it in a paced manner. That doesn’t imply you should overwhelm yourself by taking on more work than you can do; instead, go deliberately and steadily, pausing frequently to ensure you can handle the long haul. You’re not going to harm your brain by doing something that’s a bit too challenging.

Ways To Make Reading Fun For Reluctant Readers
Ways To Make Reading Fun For Reluctant Readers

If you’re becoming bored with the same ideas and concepts – but you have to study them, so you’re trapped with them – make it into a competition to keep you motivated. You might see how fast you can compose a two-page essay or answer a math problem in three-quarters of the time you’re required to.

Don’t make the challenge insurmountable, but making your studies difficult enough that you have to exercise your brain effectively might help make it less boring.

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8. Make comics, short tales, or music: There are a plethora of tunes that may have been composed just to assist you in your studies. Consider Tom Lehrer’s song “The Elements” or Flanders and Swann’s First and Second Laws. Not just via the finished product, but also through the process of writing your poetry or song in the first place, putting something into rhyme, or setting it to music helps a lot with remembering it.

If songs aren’t your thing, try something different like creating a cartoon or writing a novel. This might be a comic that depicts a certain historical incident or a tale whose ending is based on a specific physics concept. You’ll have made a valuable study tool and had fun doing it if you include some puns and wordplay on tough subjects to make them simpler to recall.

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9. Intersperse studying with other activities: To keep your studying marathon from becoming overwhelming, load up some episodes of your favorite TV program, figure out how to break down your favorite pastime into manageable portions, or plan a brief catch-up with some pals.

How To Make Reading Fun and Interesting
How To Make Reading Fun and Interesting

Even if it comes easy to you, studying and doing your best to discover a subject that interests you is hard work, so remember to take breaks to replenish yourself.

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10. Determine what length of break works best for you: some individuals like a half-hour break, while others prefer a longer study session and a full hour’s rest.

Others find it difficult to return to studying after even half an hour since it is too much for them. Examine what works best for you, and don’t do things a certain way simply because it appears to work for your pals.

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11. Eliminate interruptions when reading: Getting interrupted might be the one issue that every reader has the most frequently. As soon as you begin reading, a never-ending stream of thoughts fills your head, making it difficult to maintain focus. A new Instagram message can appear on your phone at other times. You get sucked into the “eternal scrolling” of your Instagram feed if you pick up the phone to look into any of these.

how to make reading interesting for students
how to make reading interesting for students

Therefore, turn off or set your phone to concentrate mode before reading. Additionally, listening to music while reading your favorite book is a great way to pass the time. You can have a fun reading when there is music playing. However, you should be aware of the following regarding music and reading. According to recent studies, listening to music with lyrics makes reading less effective.

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12. Use entertaining reading logs: What is a reading log? It’s a means to keep track of the books you’ve read, just as the name implies. Alternatively, novels you intend to read in a month or a year. Reading is made more enjoyable and satisfying by keeping track of the books you’ve read.

How can I make my reading more interactive?
How can I make my reading more interactive?

The greatest reading trackers for complicated or irregular reading are available. The reading tracker makes it simple to check back and see if you’ve read a specific book. Reading diaries can even be used to keep track of a certain author’s published works. Above all, isn’t it always entertaining to reflect on the last year and count how many books you’ve read? Therefore, Goodreads is the greatest website if you’re seeking the best approach to tracking your book.

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Why not make learning entertaining if you find it tedious and difficult? There are a variety of strategies to make studying more than a tedious activity, ranging from making your environment more favorable to enhance your focus.

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