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Why Day Schools Are Better than Boarding Schools: Cogent Reasons

Major advantages and disadvantages of attending boarding school

Are you still contemplating whether to attend a boarding or day school? If yes, then you are in the right place. This article explicitly explains why day schools are better than boarding schools. It is advisable to read this work till the end as doing so help you see reasons why you should choose a day school over a boarding school.

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why day schools are better than Boarding schools

why day schools are better than Boarding schools

Almost every government in the world today has invested so much into the educational sector. The reason being that, every nation understands the importance and impact of education on its citizens. This impact ranges from enlightenment, being able to read and write and to communicate with one another. Education also washes off the taints of the crude days in the society. The value of education cannot be overemphasized in a nation’s life as is seen in the quote that education is the key to a country’s development.

Furthermore, education is known to be divided into the formal and the informal categories; that is the sector that deals in individuals not attending institutionalized schools where knowledge is imparted. This informal part of it entails the individual staying at home and learning from his immediate environment which includes his natural environment and his parents.

The formal sector has to do with establishing institutions where people attend in order to acquire a form of formal knowledge. In Nigeria this sector is decentralized into three which are: the tertiary, the secondary, and the primary institutions. In most settings, it is usually the secondary and tertiary sectors that make use of boarding facilities as a result of the fair maturity of its students.

However, there has been an ongoing debate on which of the two facilities that is, the boarding or the day format used in the formal sector is better for students. It is a reality that each of the forms has its attendant advantages and disadvantages, but this write-up/exposition is here to take a side and to show reasons why Day schools are better than boarding schools.

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Why day schools are better than Boarding schools

1. Less cost

The first reason why day schools are better than boarding schools is because they are less expensive. Findings have shown that day schools are less exorbitant than boarding schools because students concentrate only on their tuition rather paying for accommodation and feeding fees in the school, and even extending it to the purchase of provisions.

This advantage is very beneficial to the parents in third world countries where resources are limited and cost of living is high, because it limits their spending.

2. Faster response to emergencies

Another important reason why day schools are better than boarding schools is because there is effective and rapid response to emergencies for students that attend day schools. It is natural to human beings that in life, there must be some occasions of unprepared happenings. This can come in the form of injurious accidents, sicknesses, etc.

Day schools give students immediate access to their parents in the case of any of the above happenings, for proper attention and quick recovery which the boarding schools in most cases do not give. In boarding environment, school authorities tend to have formal and less cordial relationships with their students, and this goes on to affect the students even in emergency situation. Also, in recent times, boarding school facilities have shown not to usually be in good conditions or are poorly equipped, one of which could be their clinics.

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3. Evaluation and guidance

Thirdly, there is the presence of parental evaluation and guidance due to the fact that the students return to their parents after school activities, this gives parents ample opportunity to evaluate and cross-check their children’s school work, making sure that their wards do assimilate what is being taught in school. Parents also help in assisting the students in their assignments of which no one will in boarding schools.

6. The ability to optimize concentration

Day schools offer students the opportunity to focus and concentrate on their studies more than boarding schools will ever grant. This is as a result of the fact that since the students are with their parents after school, the distraction of what to eat or how little the food will be is set aside.

Also, the distraction of sneaking out of school to party and the distraction of cultism will be removed. Thus, offering the requisite concentration for studying to the students.

7. The ability to practice/experiment what is learnt in school

Day schools offer students wider opportunities to practice what has been taught in school. For instance, in colleges or secondary schools where Biology is taught, some plants would be mentioned.

A day student will have the wider chances of finding varieties of plants, thereby having firsthand knowledge about what are being taught, more than a boarder who is confined in a limited environment.

8. The ability to have a balanced social life

Day schools as we know are usually a combination of both sexes, that is, the male and the female child. This combination goes a long way in shaping the lives of the students; it helps the different genders in familiarizing with their differences thus creating a harmonious wider society in the future as against boarding schools where only one gender is confined in an environment at the exclusion of the other.

Conclusively, day schools have proven over the years to be more beneficial to students than boarding schools as mentioned above and also in the aspect of the adequate care given by parents and other inclusive trainings offered by parents to their children in their formative years.

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Hope this article was helpful? From what he have discussed so far, i guess you have seen reasons why Day schools are better than boarding schools. Well, i attended a day school throughout my primary and secondary education and I must confess that I actually gained a lot. For that reason, I recommend that you attend a day school too. Trust me; you are not going to regret it.

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