Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree Or Experience: Top 10

Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree Or Experience: One of the main reason why people enroll in formal academic institutions is to obtain basic education and a degree afterwards in a certain preferred discipline which could be used to secure a job afterwards. It is quite instructive to note that some job specigications could be taken up and effectively executed without a formal academic degree and that would be the crux of this article.

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Top 10 Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree Or Experience In 2023

1. REAL ESTATE AGENT: It is common knowledge that matter pertaining to shelter is one that is very fundamental. Being in the line of business where you have to introduce and guide people through the process of making inquiry down to the point of purchasing landed properties can be classified as a career path that requires a level of understanding in other to practice it professionally. In other words, one may decide to enroll and obtain basic academic training in that area but it doesn’t rule out the fact that, being an agent can equally be practiced effectively without any formal degree or even past working experience.

remote jobs that don't require a degree
remote jobs that don’t require a degree

As mentioned above, the job of a real estate agent is basically the act of introducing clients to good real properties with value and prospect and also guiding them (when they show interest) on how to lawfully acquire such property. It doesn’t require a formal education and degree or even a past working experience as the basic things involved inudes identifying available properties that would suit the demand of your client and guide them on how to acquire them with less stress.

2. TECHNICIAN: In ordinary sense, a technician is someone who performs basic repairs on appliances most of which a basically home and industrial appliances. There are ways in becoming a professional technician, First of which is by obtaining basic education on technical engineering in a particular area or field like automobile, computer software or hardware, electrical and many others.

jobs that pay more than $100K and don't require a bachelor's degree
jobs that pay more than $100K and don’t require a bachelor’s degree

It usually starts by taking the relevant courses for a duration of years after which you would get a formal degree certificate to practice. Aside the popular way of enrollment to learn the skill, one may equally acquire knowledge of the skill without engaging in any form of formal tutelage in which case you may just engage in an informal learning session for a couple of months.

Further more, there are some basic technical repairs one may engage himself in which do not actually require any form of formal or even informal trainings such as repairing your touch, rechargeable flashlight, lantern, radios and other electrical connections from time to time while observing some safety rules in the process.

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3. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: It would be educative to understand in simple terms who is an administrator and an administrative assistant. An administrator can be said to be someone who is saddled with the basic responsibility of handling the execution of specified functions in a formal or informal organization. In most cases, the administrator performs supervisory functions in which case he or she oversees the general activities being carried out in the work setting.

Remote Jobs That Don't List a Degree as a Top Requirement
Remote Jobs That Don’t List a Degree as a Top Requirement

An administrative assistant on the other hand is someone who effectively provides support for and to the administrator and helps to oversee and effect proper execution of specified tasks. To become an administrative assistant, you may not be needing a formal degree or even a previous work experience as it is one of the duties that could be learnt on the job. Once specific task are assigned to you, you carry them out according to the directives issued and with time you get better.

4. FIREFIGHTER: The safety and protection of human lives and property is majorly dependent on lots of security agencies one of which is a non- paramilitary agency call the fire service. The fire service department is made up of skilled and unskilled, as well as professional fire fighters. Their major job description is to put out fire especially where it is of a threatening magnitude.

The act of fire fighting could be taken up by someone who has passion for the job even without a formal education or degree or even previous working experience as it is such that one could easily learn on the job.

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5. BUSINESS/SALES: Business is one of the activities that cuts across the formal and informal sector. It involves the act of buying and selling. The complex thing involved in the act cod be said to be the calculation of purchase, sales and profits. Stock keeping and documentation may also be required however, it is and may not require a comex computation of numbers or writing as a basic understanding of the english language could suffice.

high-paying jobs without a degree or experience for woman
high-paying jobs without a degree or experience for woman

Although one may decide to enroll in a formal institution and obtain a business degree but, it is only a matter of choice And the extent at which you want to practice and the level you intend to operate.

6. FLIGHT ATTENDANT: A flight attendant or air hostess is just like a guide, a secretary or an attendant at a bar or restaurant. It is quite clear that they have a more concise and specialized working environment but, their job is one that is simple and learnable. In which case it does not ultimately require a lot of expertise, a formal degree or previous working experience to effectively function.

Entry-Level Jobs To Pursue That Require No Experience
Entry-Level Jobs To Pursue That Require No Experience

A basic understanding of the relevant and basic languages and a good communication and human interaction skill would suffice.

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7. PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: A private investigator is someone who undertakes to watch over a certain individual either for a short or long period of time with the aim of obtaining vital information about the individual or about something or someone else.

The act of being a private investigator is one that may not require special paramilitary training or obtaining a formal degree of even a previous working experience. One cod effectively execute the job by observing some simple rules like being discreet, keeping a distance, being observant and being able to articulate thoughts.

8. WRITER: A writer is someone who effectively articulate their thought, and put them down in writing in order to convert it to an audience. Being a writer may sometime be seen as engaging in some form of complex venture that requires you to enroll and obtain a formal degree in writing or language however, it is not entirely correct.

High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require a Four-Year College Degree
High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Four-Year College Degree

This is so because, a lot of authors are not entirely degree holders or with previous experience in the act of writing since it is simply the act of putting your thought in readable words and form. All you may be needing would be having a basic understanding about the language you want to use, have your thoughts together and you will eventually get it done.

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9. CLERK: A clerk is someone who in some case maintenance orderliness by designing how things should be done in a neat and orderly manner to command coherence and organization.

High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require a Degree in 2023
High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree in 2023

Clerks are found in many official establishments and even though I’m most cases, certain criteria are used to employ such workers, it is something that even a non degree holder can effectively execute without a formal education or degree or previous working experience. It is easy to learn on the job and improve with time.

10. CUSTOMER SERVICE: A customer service is someone who undertakes the employment of a company or firm with the responsibility of providing customer support to clients in relation their complaint. The main skill required to effectively carry out tasks would be good communication skills and human relations as formal degree may not necessarily be required.

Jobs That Don't Require A Degree Or Experience
Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree Or Experience

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In conclusion, this article is not in anyway precluding the fact that some of the jobs mentioned above could equally be practiced using a degree however, the point remains that, even without a degree,some of these jobs would be effectively executed.