Best Tech Companies in Canada 2024: Top 15 Biggest

Best Tech Companies In Canada: There are a plethora of tech companies operating in Canada’s tech ecosystem. These include multinational companies to start-ups. These companies are playing diverse and key role in the development and sustenance of Canada’s evolving and rapidly growing tech ecosystem. Their economic and social activities contribute greatly to the development and sustainable growth of the country’s economy.

Through their innovative products and services, these companies are improving the quality of life of Canadian citizens and residents. They also enhance the standard of living of individuals through the provision of employment opportunities and valuable consumer products and essential services.

The top 15 best tech companies operating in Canada’s tech industry will be evaluated.

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Top 15 Biggest And Best Technology Companies in Canada 2024

1. Google: Google is the world’s leading internet search engine. In September 1998, it was incorporated as a private company. Google conducts its business in many countries, including Canada where it has established and operates office spaces and data centres.

big tech companies in Canada
big tech companies in Canada

Google ranks the best tech company in Canada. This is because of its efficient delivery of internet services to Canadians, its collaborative environment, outstanding technology and staff welfare. In addition to its exceptional services, Google offers a variety of ingenious products which are changing positively the lifestyle of Canadians and the operations of businesses in Canada. These products include Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Chrome, Google Calendar, and others.

Over the years, Google has been contributing to the growth of the Canadian economy. A report published by Public First in 2020 indicated that Google’s search and advertising services assisted in generating an estimated $23 billion in economic activity for more than 500,000 enterprises in Canada in 2019. This contributed greatly to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In addition, Google employs thousands of Canadian residents. These employees enjoy a lot of benefits and opportunities from the company.

Also, the company has been at the forefront of facilitating the sustainable development of Canada’s tech industry. It has contributed to research institutes with focus on technology, including Mila, an institute involved in research into deep learning.

In 2021, Google was announced as one of the winners of Glassdoor’s 13th Annual Employees Choice Awards. It was recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Canada.

2. Microsoft: Microsoft is a multinational technology and social networking services company. It specializes in the production of computer software, cloud computing, social networking services,  personal computers, consumer electronics and video games. It also offers services to its customers. The company was founded in 1975 and grown into a large, multi-billion dollar corporation with office locations in several countries, including Canada.

Top software company in Canada
Top software company in Canada

Since the inception of its operations in Canada, Microsoft has provided businesses and individuals in the country with quality products and services. The most popular of its products are the Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows operating systems, Edge Browser and Internet Explorer.

These products have enabled individuals and businesses to carry out their activities effectively and efficiently. Also, the company offers valuable online services such as Azure, bing, LinkedIn among others. The adoption of these products and the company’s services by Canadian residents has led to the emergence and continuity of the company as one of the best tech companies in the country.

In addition to being a leader in Canada’s tech industry, Microsoft is recognized as a company with a good working environment. In 2021, it was recognized as one of the winners of Glassdoor’s 13th Annual Employees’ Choice Awards. It was honoured as one of the Best Places to Work in Canada based on its flexible and supportive work environment.

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3. Apple: Apple is a transnational tech company with its headquarters in California, United States of America. The company focuses on the design, development and sale of computer software, delivery of online services, and the production of electronics including phones. Apple has significant presence in Canada with office spaces and thousands of employees.

best Canadian tech companies
best Canadian tech companies

Apple produces and markets its incredible tech products and services to Canadians, and a talented and resourceful workforce. In recognition of its commitment to the welfare of its employees and its supportive environment, Apple has been consistently ranked one of the Best Places to Work in Canada.

4. Sage: Sage was established as a start-up in 1981 by its founder, David Goldman. Few years later,, it was listed on the London Stock Exchange. Currently, Sage operates in more than 20 countries, including Canada.

Which technology company is the best in Canada
Which technology company is the best in Canada

Over time, Sage has established itself as one of the best tech companies in Canada. It boasts several ingenious and reliable tech solutions which address the accounting, finances, payroll, payments, operations and human resources needs of millions of its customers.

Sage offers its array of innovative tech solutions to Canadians. These help Sage’s Canadian customers to support and manage their construction, real estate, payments and business systems. It also employs thousands of Canadians to whom it offers great work benefits and a supportive environment.

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5. SAP: SAP ranks high on the list of the best tech companies in Canada. It is a market leader in enterprise application software. The company has offices in more than 100 countries, including Canada. It supports businesses to grow and operate profitably with its wide range of machine learning, Internet of Things (IOT), and advanced analytics technologies.

best tech company in Canada
best tech company in Canada

SAP facilitates the growth and sustainability of Canada’s businesses. Its ingenious products and services help businesses in Canada to deliver quality and sustainable services to customers. In addition to its products, SAP has a large pool of talents and a sustainable environment for employees’ creativity and improvement. SAP is one of the top tech companies that made the list of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in Canada in 2021.

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6. SALESFORCE: Salesforce is a cloud-based software company with headquarters in San Francisco, United States of America. The company has a significant presence in Canada with an office in Toronto, Canada.

best technology company to work for in Canada
best technology company to work for in Canada

Salesforce through its customer relationship management platform, helps businesses to build healthier and more genuine relationship with their customers. Since it commenced operation in Canada, it has helped Canadian businesses to use Salesforce’s digital tools to effectively and quickly resolve customer issues, eliminate redundancies in communications, and personalize their interactions with customers.

In addition, Salesforce’s tools help businesses in customer acquisition, tailoring of marketing strategy, development and implementation of sales process, designing of simple and hitch-free commercial experience, automation of processes and employee and customer satisfaction.

7. ERICSSON: Ericsson is a global Information and Communication Technology company. It provides networks and digital services to businesses. It has a significant operational presence in Canada.

Ericsson has over time, consolidated its place as one of the biggest and most valuable tech companies in Canada. This it has achieved through the provision of useful services to businesses.

Ericsson also maintains a good and flexible work environment for its employees. Its employees enjoy huge benefits and opportunities for development. In recognition of this, Ericsson made the list of the Best Places to Work in Canada in 2021.

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8. ACCENTURE: Accenture is a multinational professional services company with significant presence and office locations in more than 120 countries, including Canada. It offers strategy, consulting, technology, digital and operations services to its clients in all parts of the world.

big Canadian tech companies
big Canadian tech companies

Accenture has carved out a niche in Canada’s economy as an outstanding tech company. It has, since the inception of its operations in the country, offered top-notch consulting, strategy and digital services to businesses and individuals.

In addition to being an exceptional services provider, Accenture is recognized as one of the best tech companies in Canada because of its great work environment, its contributions to the Canadian community and the benefits and growth opportunities it offers its employees. In 2021, it was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers and Greater Toronto’s Top Employers. These awards were based on the benefits which the company offers its employees, including a digital wellness program, a committed mental health group, maternity and paternity leave top-up payments among others.

Accenture has also been given numerous awards in recognition of its role as a top employer for young employer and also one of the Best Diversity and Greenest Employers.

9. INFOSYS: Infosys is a multinational consulting and Information Technology Services corporation established in 1981. It offers business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services to clients in more than 40 countries, including Canada.

big tech companies to work with in Canada
big tech companies to work with in Canada

Since its entry, Infosys has played a key role in Canada’s tech industry and economy. It has empowered businesses with its exceptional consulting services and innovative technology-driven solutions. These include Reskill and Restart, an innovative solution launched by the company to help workers re-acquire their skills and also fulfil their employment requirements. The effectiveness of the company’s services and solutions has resulted in greater patronage of its services and the expansion of its operations in the country.

Infosys offers a safe and favorable environment to its employees. In 2021, Glassdoor recognized it as one of the Best Places to Work in Canada. The company also operates by well-defined policies and ensures transparency in its operations.

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10. INTUIT: Intuit is a financial software company with headquarters in California, United States of America. It specializes in the development and sale of financial, accounting, and tax preparation software. It also provides financial, accounting and related services to businesses and individuals.

highest Paying technology company in Canada
highest Paying technology company in Canada

Intuit has over the years, become an important player in Canada’s tech industry. Its financial and accounting software has become indispensable to businesses in the country. Intuit’s software include TurboTax, a tax preparation application,  QuickBooks, an accounting program and Mint, a personal finance application. These software help businesses and individuals to function effectively. Many businesses in Canada also enjoy the company’s exceptional services.

In 2021, Intuit was recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Canada. This recognition was based on the company’s strong work ethic, conducive environment and great respect for work-life balance.

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11. Softchoice: Softchoice is the next item on the list. Leading Canadian IT provider Softchoice offers its customers a comprehensive variety of software-focused IT solutions. Their dedication is on providing inventive and flexible solutions to businesses. Softchoice’s most well-known services include software asset management, cloud migration, business analysis, and IT consultancy.

Learn About Tech Companies in Canada
Learn About Tech Companies in Canada

The team’s skilled experts are enthusiastic about finding solutions for organizations’ problems and making sure they succeed as much as possible in this cutthroat world.

12. Computan: Computan could be the best option for you if you’re searching for a reliable software development firm. The company focuses in providing services for eCommerce development, app development, and web development. They provide excellent IT services at affordable prices.

Biggest Canadian Software Companies
Biggest Canadian Software Companies

A devoted group of professionals at Computan are committed to providing companies with specialized services. To satisfy their customers, they consistently innovate their offerings.

13. eSparkBiz: One of the most reputable IT firms, eSparkBiz provides top-notch technology solutions to corporations throughout the globe. Having worked in the field for around ten years, they have effectively fulfilled the particular needs of more than a thousand customers. A group of trained IT specialists from the organization are dedicated to providing the finest solutions.

IT Companies in Canada 2024
IT Companies in Canada 2024

The professionals at eSparkBiz can assist you with software development or web application development. They are also skilled at providing customers with trustworthy consultation services.

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14. CGI: Offering a broad variety of technical services in one location, CGI is an international IT service company. The organization is your one-stop shop for managed IT services, cybersecurity solutions, and IT transformation. CGI is an insight-driven, outcome-based organization that works to increase corporate returns.

With over 40 years of expertise in the field, the company is committed to going above and beyond for its customers.

15. Open Text Corporation: One of the top software development firms in Canada is Open Text Corporation. Its main office is located in Waterloo, Ontario, in Canada. The business provides IT solutions to a range of sectors, including the life sciences, manufacturing, banking, insurance, and healthcare.

Most Promising Tech Companies in Canada
Top IT companies in Canada Toronto

Digital business automation, information management, information security, and business process management are among Open Text Corporation’s main offerings. With professional IT services and solutions, the firm is committed to taking on the most difficult corporate difficulties.