Best Tech Companies in Nigeria 2024: Top 19 Nigerian Software Businesses

Best Tech Companies In Nigeria 2024: Nigeria as a country has been able to stand out among other countries in Africa, due to tech companies that are in the country. We are presently in a digital age where the economic and digital strength of a Nation lies in the volume and quality of tech companies that are in the country.

There are a lot of quality tech companies in Nigeria which are part of the co reasons why Nigeria is referred to as the giant of Africa. In this article, I will be talking about the best quality tech companies that are in Nigeria, which you may not know about. Do read along to discover them.

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Top 19 Biggest Tech and Software Companies in Nigeria 2024

1. Andela: The first best software company in Nigeria is Andela. Andela is an American company that has operational campuses in most African nations. It launched operations in 2014 to aid global companies overcome the skilled shortage of skilled software developers. It was co-founded by Jeremy Johnson and three other persons.

Best Software Companies In Nigeria
Best Software Companies In Nigeria

Andela company offers Engineering as a Service (EAAS). It identifies, trains, develops and connects African talents to the engineering team of global companies.

2. Flutterwave: Most of us that like using online banking platforms, won’t find it surprising to find flutterwave, at the top of this list.

Remember the saying “the young shall grow”? Flutterwave perfectly fits into this definition.

top 10 technology companies in Nigeria 2021
top 10 technology companies in Nigeria 2021

Flutterwave was founded by Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Olugbenga Agboola in 2016, as a Nigerian and U.S.-based payments platform.

The company started with few staffs as a new company.

However, the quality service that this company offers, has brought it to where it is today. The company now has branches across African countries and the United States.

Amazingly, the value of this company is now $1 billion, amazing right? This is as a result of their quality service, as a result, it has attracted millions of users to them.

3. MTN: MTN is a popular tech company in Nigeria. I’m quite sure, 95% of Nigerians make use of their service.

The company was launched on May 16, 2001, and was the first GSM network to make a call, after the launch of GSM in Nigeria.

best tech companies in Nigeria
best tech companies in Nigeria

MTN provides internet and calling services in Nigeria. The service of this company is mostly used by Nigerians due to their strong signal.

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4. started their service in Nigeria in 2016.

The company takes up the responsibility of providing good accommodation for travelers by booking a hotel for them.

It all started as a small company, people traveling into Nigeria, can easily browse to the site, and book a suitable hotel near them, without having to drive around and search for a hotel, or getting stuck in a particular position.

However, their quality service has made them what they are today, the service of the company is now widely used by thousands of people daily, and not only in Nigeria, across all African countries.

5. ULesson: The world is becoming more digitized each day. However, this is not just happening on its own, it’s some people that are behind it.

biggest tech companies in Nigeria
biggest tech companies in Nigeria

Back then, the only way to read and learn is to make use of textbooks or learn from a tutor. However, this could be quite hard, especially when one is having a tight schedule. Nevertheless, this has now been simplified via uLesson. Students can now read with their mobile device, once they are on the uLesson web platform, or via their app.

uLesson started its operation in Nigeria in 2020 by Sim Shagaya, who is as well the owner of Konga (A popular E-commerce store).

The platform is aimed at helping students assimilate things faster. Today they cover all the secondary school subjects, and a detailed explanation of all the questions students may be battling with.

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6. Opay: Opay is an online payment platform for Nigerians. Most people will prefer to use this virtual banking platform than their normal bank because you won’t be charged for any transfer you make.

top technology companies in Nigeria
top technology companies in Nigeria

I’m sure you know that, if you want to make a transfer to someone from your normal bank, no matter how little it is, you will be charged. However, if you make use of opay, it’s #0 transfer fee, worth giving a trial right?

Aside from this, you will also get discounts on the recharge card you purchase from the platform, for example, if you want to buy a #100 recharge card, you will get it for #97.  This is not all, the platform also offers loan services, without requesting collateral from you. All you have to drop is your BVN.

You can also make use of the Creditme feature, to get loans faster, provided you only need a little amount of money.

7. Airtel: Airtel is a recognized telecommunication company in Nigeria, that provides postpaid, prepaid, and 4G services for Nigerians. Their internet service is easy to afford, which is why many prefer to use their service.

which tech company is the best in Nigeria? Answered
which tech company is the best in Nigeria? Answered

Many people whose work is basically online-based, prefer to use the Airtel Network, because they have good internet bundle packages, and their service is as well very strong. I, as a person, love using the Airtel Network, because their service is very fast and reliable.

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8. Paystack: Paystack is an online payment platform that makes it easy for Nigerians to receive funds from international countries.

Gone are the days, when the ability of people to offer service online is limited because there is no means of payment. However, this is no more, with haystack, as you can now receive money from international countries on the platform.

9. Google Nigeria: Google Nigeria has its headquarters located at Rewane, Ikoyi Lagos. According to Forbes, Google is worth billions of dollars, and its service is actively being used all over the world. However, to make its service more effective, Google has branches in the most important parts of the world including Nigeria.

10. Ericsson Nigeria: This company will ever continue to remain relevant among all the technology companies in Nigeria.

Ericsson Nigeria is part of the early technology company in Nigeria, which exposes the country to the usefulness and importance of technology.

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11. 9Mobile: 9Mobile was formerly recognized as Etisalat. The company is a multinational company from the United Arab Emirates and has its operation spread to most parts of Africa including Nigeria.

Among all the internet service providers in Nigeria, I can say this network offers the cheapest among them all.

9mobile started its operation in Nigeria in 2008, and its headquarters in Lagos. You can browse their website at, to learn more about this company.

12. Interswitch Limited: Interswitch Limited is another powerful tech company in Nigeria. It was founded in 2002 by Mitchell Elegbe and since its inception, the company has been doing its best to make online transactions easier and faster for Nigerians and Africa as a whole.

As a matter of fact, the company is ranked No 1 In the list of tech companies that are into processing payments for businesses in Africa. Interswitch Limited also has other subsidiaries like; Verve International (known for the verve credit and debit card used all over the country), Paynet Kenya Limited (a payment system in Kenya) and even eClat Healthcare Ltd. No doubt, Interswitch Limited is one of the best in Nigeria.

13. IBM: IBM stands for an international business machine. This company is an American-based multinational company that deals with software and hardware.

The company sells software and hardware, and the company does not only have its Nigeria only but around the world.

Ever since the company started its operation in Nigeria, the country has experienced a massive development in the usage of computer software and hardware.

14. Dataflex: One of the oldest ICT companies in. Nigeria is Dataflex. The company provides internet service for Nigerians.

highest Paying tech companies in Nigeria
highest Paying tech companies in Nigeria

In addition, the company has international partners such as,







And has its headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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15. Identitypass: Nigerian identity verification startup, Identitypass raised $2.8 million in seed money to grow its enterprise. The company stated that it aimed to expand into new African nations, launch new compliance, security, and data gathering verticals, and add new employees to its 14-person team with the funding that was revealed in June.

Top Nigeria Custom Software Development Companies
Top Nigeria Custom Software Development Companies

Last November, the startup raised $360,000 in pre-seed capital, bringing its total funding to $3.1 million. With participation from other investors including Y Combinator, Soma Capital, True Capital Fund, and Sherwani Capital, MaC Venture Capital led the most recent round of fundraising.

The two-year-old SaaS platform was founded by Lanre Ogungbe, Niyi Adegboye, and Ebuka Obi. It also has APIs. The software was developed to increase Identitypass’ growth potential and set the company apart from its rivals in the industry.

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16. Afriex: In order to develop its blockchain money transfer platform, Afriex, another Nigerian fintech startup, closed a $10 million Series A round in April. The startup, which was valued at $60 million, operates a method for sending money that uses blockchain technology to turn user payments into stablecoins, which are digital currencies backed by physical assets.

Tech companies in Nigeria for internship
Tech companies in Nigeria for internship

This Tope Alabi and John Obirije’s firm, which was launched in 2019, raised $1.3 million in a seed round last year. In addition to Sequoia Capital China and Dragonfly Capital, other investors in the most recent investment round included Goldentree, Stellar Foundation, and Exceptional Capital.

17. Indicina: A new credit agency called Indicina raised $3 million in June to fund its plans to expand across Africa. The business, which has operations in Nigeria and Kenya at the moment, stated that it would also utilize the money to strengthen its infrastructure and develop more products for consumer credit advice.

How many tech startups are in Nigeria?
How many tech startups are in Nigeria?

Target Global, a pan-European venture capital firm with headquarters in Berlin, led the round and has a long history of funding Nigerian firms like Kuda, Kippa, and Edukoya. Ricardo Schäefer, a partner at the company, will join Indicina’s board. Both Greycroft and RV Ventures took part in this round.

The investors’ interest in Indicina was based on its original strategy for addressing Africa’s credit crisis. The business uses data to address the issue of incomplete creditworthiness assessments determining loan eligibility in the past.

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18. Kaltani: In order to extend its recycling operations throughout Nigeria, Kaltani, a firm that recycles plastic trash for cleaning technology, obtained $4 million in seed capital in May.

tech companies in Nigeria
tech companies in Nigeria

Obi Charles Nnanna founded Kaltani with the intention of addressing Africa’s mounting plastic waste problem by advancing the circular economy and recycling best practices. With its technologies, the organization can guarantee transparency and traceability along the entire value chain by using data analytics, predictive analytics, and geo-mapping. The company stated that it intended to expand its team to over 500 workers and create 20 new collecting and aggregation centers across Nigeria with the cash.

19. Umba: Umba, a Nigerian startup in digital banking, raised $15 million in a Series A funding round in April, bringing its overall fundraising to $17.5 million.
Along with Lux Capital, Lachy Groom, Act Venture Capital, Streamlined Ventures, Palm Drive Capital, Chandaria Capital, Banana Capital, and Monzo co-founder Tom Blomfield, the round was led by venture capital firm Costanoa Ventures.

notable tech businesses in Nigeria
notable tech businesses in Nigeria

In order to enhance access to financial tools like current accounts, bill payments, loans, cashback, P2P payments, and bank transfers, Umba prides itself on being a customer-focused, mobile-first digital bank. With the money, the company claimed it will expand into Egypt, Ghana, and Kenya as well as introduce new financial services like stock trading, debit cards, and savings accounts.

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In conclusion, it is pertinent to know that the importance of tech companies can’t be underrated in any part of the world. They help, both in the economic and digital development of a country. Do I hope you find this piece of information informative? If yes, kindly share with others.