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Areas of Concentration for Government in JAMB 2020

areas of concentration for government in JAMB

I was stuffing the internet lately to find out what most JAMB candidates are searching online and i found that most candidates are thoroughly searching for areas of concentration for government in JAMB 2020/2021 examination. Well, compiling all the areas of concentration for government in JAMB examination will not be an easy task for me, but because it is something that will help thousands of JAMB candidates out there, i have done it. Today, i will be sharing with you the areas of concentration for government in JAMB 2020.

areas of concentration for government in JAMB

areas of concentration for government in JAMB

On that note, if you are supposed to take the impending JAMB 2020 examination and you really want to pass Government questions, it is very important that you read this post very carefully. Nonetheless, it is also worthwhile to note that these areas of concentration were not officially published by JAMB. These are the areas of concentration I was able to gather after doing so much research on the way JAMB usually ask their questions.

Accordingly, you are not expected to read only these areas of concentration for JAMB government examination. The purpose of this work is to help you know the areas you should concentrate more on. Now below are the areas of concentration for government in JAMB 2020 examination.


Areas of concentration for government in JAMB 2020 examination

Below are the areas you should concentrate on in JAMB 2020/2021:

  1. Elements of government
  2. Political development in Nigeria
  3. Nigeria and the international community
  4. International Organizations

Under elements of government, candidates should read the following topics very well:

Basic concepts in government: JAMB usually ask questions on the basic concepts in government. Here, you are expected to know the meaning of Power, Right, Legitimacy, Authority, Sovereignty, Society, State, Nation, Nation-State.

You are also expected to study all the political processes. They include Political Socialization, Political Participation and Political Culture.

Forms of Government: Trust me; you can’t escape this topic in JAMB examination. They ask it almost every year. Here, you are expected to know the following forms of government: Monarchy, Aristocracy, Oligarchy, Autocracy, Republic, Democracy. Study their definitions, features, merits and demerits.

Arms of Government: Next is the arms of government. Under this subtopic, you should know the types, structure, functions, powers of the different arms of government.

Structures of Governance: You are expected to concentrate on the following types of government: Unitary, Federal, Confederal-features, reasons for adoption, merits and demerits.

Systems of Governance: This is another “Must read” topic to pass JAMB government examination. Make sure you know the meaning and differences between a Presidential, Parliamentary and Monarchical system of government.

Political Ideologies: If you must pass JAMB government examination, you must study this topic very well. Here, you should know the features and definition of communalism, feudalism, capitalism, socialism, fascism and communism.

Constitution: Also read about constitution. Know the key differences between Written, Unwritten, Rigid and Flexible constitution.

Principles of Democratic Government: Here, you are supposed to know Ethics and Accountability in Public Office, Separation of Power/Checks and Balances, Individual and Collective Responsibility, Constitutionalism, Rule of Law.

Processes of Legislation: Questions are likely to come from processes of legislation too. Just make sure you know how acts, edicts, delegated legislation and decrees are made.

Citizenship: Meaning, types of Citizenship rights; Duties and obligations of citizens.

Electoral Process: You should also study Franchise, Election, Electoral System and the Electoral Commission in Nigeria.

Party Systems: This is another must read topic to pass the impending JAMB examination. You must know the definition, function and types Political parties in Nigeria.

Pressure Groups: JAMB usually ask questions on pressure groups every year. According to Wikipedia, a pressure also known as special interest groups are groups that use various forms of advocacy in order to influence public opinion and ultimately policy. If you must pass this topic in JAMB, you must know the types, functions and modes of operation of pressure groups.

Public Opinion: Here, you are expected to study the meaning, functions and measurement of public opinion.

Civil Service: Since JAMB is a CBT exam, questions do not always come from here but i still advice you to read it. Know the Definition, characteristics, functions, structure, control and problems of civil service in Nigeria.

Also read: Fundamental human rights in Nigerian: Cases and provisions in the constitution

Under Political development in Nigeria, candidates are to concentrate on the following subtopics:

Precolonial Politics in Nigeria: Basically, you just need to know the type of political system practice by Nigerians before colonialism. Study the political system of Sarauta, Emirate, Tiv, Igbo, Yoruba.

Imperialist Penetration: Conversely, you should have knowledge of the British process of acquisition, trade, missionary activities, company rule, crown colony, and protectorate.

British colonial administrative policy: Here, you are expected to study the administrative system used by the British on the difference regions of Nigeria. Also study the Impact of British colonial rule economic, political, socio-cultural; Comparison of British and French colonial administration.

Process of Decolonization: In this topic, i enjoin you to pay good attention to the dates and significant names that contributed to the decolonization in Nigeria. Study nationalist Movements, meaning, emergence, goals, strategies, nationalist leaders.

Post Independence Constitutions: This is apparently a “must read” topic to pass JAMB government examination. Make sure you know the features of the 1963, 1979, 1989 and 1999 constitution and their shortcomings.

Public Commissions Established by the
1979 and Subsequent Constitutions: Here, you need to know the objectives and
functions of Civil Service Commission, the Public Complaints Commission, Electoral Commissions and others.

Political Parties in the Post Independence Period: Here, you should concentrate on knowing the names of political parties during first, second, third and fourth republics.

The Structure and Workings of Nigerian Federalism: know the Rationale for a Federal System in Nigeria. You should also study the levels of government and their relationship.

Creation of States: Study and cram the states created in 1963, 1967, 1976, 1987, 1991, 1996 in Nigeria and the people responsible for creating the states. Also pay attention to the problems of Nigerian Federalism, census, revenue allocation, conflicts etc.

Public Corporations and Parastatals: Whether you like it or not, questions are coming from this topic. Just know the definition, types, purpose and functions, Finance, control and problems of Public Corporations and Parastatals.

Local Government: To answer questions on local government, you must know the administration of local government administration prior to 1976. Accordingly, you should know the Features of local government reforms in Nigeria. Study the structure, functions, finance of local governments in Nigeria too.

The Military in Nigerian Politics: You will definitely see questions from Military in Nigerian politics. To pass these questions, make sure you know the factors that led to military intervention; structure of military regimes; impact of military rule – political, e.g creation etc. economic, e.g SAP, etc. processes of military disengagement.

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Under Nigeria and the international community, JAMB candidates are to concentrate on the following subtopics topics:

Foreign Policy: To answer questions in this topic, you are expected to know the Definition, purpose, determining factors of a foreign policy. Nigerian foreign policy; Relations with major powers; Relations with developing countries.

Relations with African Countries: Africa as “centre piece” guiding principles, implementation and implications; NEPAD’s origin, objectives and implications.

Nigeria in International Organizations: This is where JAMB always get their questions from. In this topic, you are supposed the note the presence of Nigeria in international organizations like the United Nations; Commonwealth; Organization of African Unity; African Union; Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS); The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Under International Organizations, JAMB candidates are to concentrate on the following subtopics:

International Organizations: You will definitely see questions from this topic in JAMB government examination. Just make sure you study the Origin, objectives, structure, functions, achievements,
problems and prospects of international organizations like: ECOWAS, OAU, AU, Commonwealth, UNO, OPEC.

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Okay! This is all for now on the areas of concentration for government in JAMB 2020 examination. Trust me; you cannot read the topics in this page very well and fail your JAMB government examination.

In fact, if you study this very well, you will not pass with anything below 80% in JAMB government exam. Meanwhile, if you have any question or contribution to make on these areas, please let us know via the comment section. I will be glad to here from you!

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