Best Free Websites to Learn Hacking 2024: Top 12 Ethical Hacking Sites

Best free Websites to Learn hacking: With the growing demand for cyber-security specialists in today’s world of continual threats and skilled hackers, even basic cyber-security expertise is more necessary than ever. With the continual looming threats, bad men lurk on the Internet, ready to strike companies and perhaps you.

You may simply enhance the security and privacy of your life and the lives of others if you have a basic or expert understanding of cyber-security. You can start to comprehend how these attackers function and perhaps get a career in the cyber-security field if you understand the intricacy and intricacies underlying assaults.

The need for information security specialists is on the rise. Learning cyber-security is becoming a must merely to use the Internet these days, and there are a plethora of resources available. This collection of free websites to study hacking below will help you secure yourself, learn hacking, or get a career in the cyber-security business.

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Top 12 Free Ethical Hacking Websites for Beginners Online

1. Cybrary: Cybrary is a relatively new website that offers a variety of courses and programs ranging from fundamental networking to expert penetration testing. There are hundreds of thorough courses available on the Internet, all taught by industry experts.

Top free ethical hacking courses online
Top free ethical hacking courses online

Cybrary even has certification programs that will help you prepare for security certifications in a specific industry and ensure that you are prepared for the subject. Cybrary is a hacking resource that covers a wide range of subjects, including:

a. Ethical Hacking

b. Penetration Testing

c. Cryptography

d. Forensics

e. Social Engineering

f. Post Exploitation

g. Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

h. Dozens of certification courses

Aside from their broad selection of programs, they also provide material for certifications such as A+, Linux+, Network+, and Security+, as well as MCSA, CCNA, CISA, CASP, CISSP, and a variety of other certifications. Cybrary is a fantastic free learning tool that may assist any rookie or skilled hacker in taking their abilities to the next level.

2. SecurityTube: SecurityTube is, as the name implies, a YouTube for ethical hacking and information security. SecurityTube is jam-packed with hundreds of security courses, ranging from fundamental penetration testing in a number of sectors to entire hacking tool rundowns.

Which website is best for learn hacking
Which website is best for learn hacking

SecurityTube, with its community-style interface, provides a variety of courses given by Vivek, as well as hundreds of other security researchers. Hundreds of hours of material about security, vulnerabilities, and hacking may be found on the site.

Vivek started offering more in-depth security training at his subscription site, pentesteracademy, after delivering free information security courses for over eight years. All courses on SecurityTube, on the other hand, are completely free and will stay so for the rest of their lives. SecurityTube is a unique crowd-sourced information security network that is not available anywhere else.

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3. Harvard/EDX: You don’t have to get accepted into a prominent institution to take some of its classes, contrary to common opinion. That’s where EDX comes in, with a huge library of free college-level courses to choose from. EDX offers college courses in a wide range of subjects, from business to agriculture.

EDX brings together college-level courses from prominent universities and makes them freely available online, allowing you to sign up and enroll in the class. On EDX, you can get most certifications for $100-$200+ if you want a certified form of completion for your college course. This can indicate to recruiters that you are officially qualified and have finished the university level course, as well as the web duties.

4. SANS Cyber Aces: The SANS Institute is a firm that specializes in cybersecurity and information security training. The SANS Institute is among the world’s leading information security educators, with dozens of high-priced programs held throughout the world each year.

Can I learn hacking on my own
Can I learn hacking on my own

SANS Cyber Aces, a free information security project established by the SANS Institute, is among their hundreds of high-value classes. SANS recognizes that not everyone can pay $5,000 for a four-day cyber-security course, hence Cyber Aces was born.

Cyber Aces is a fantastic opportunity for both instructors and students to study hacking and information security from actual professionals. More material is being added regularly as SANS grows and develops Cyber Aces. Check out the SANS Institute and Cyber Aces for genuine cyber-security training from specialists.

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5. LEAP: LEAP (site defunct, will be replaced soon), is another amazing website with multiple free cyber-security courses encompassing a variety of themes. Cyber security basics, cyber forensics foundations, cyber legislation, and even fighting cyber assaults are among the subjects covered.

LEAP provides a variety of introductory courses, our favorite of which is cyber security fundamentals, a well-structured course that will get you started on hacking and security principles from the bottom up.

Along with their extensive and constantly updated course catalog, LEAP also provides certifications, which means that if you finish a course and want to be certified, you may pay a little price and take the exam right away.

LEAP is an excellent starting point for anybody interested in learning about cyber-security.

6. SecTools: SecTools is among the few hacking learning websites that is user-friendly for newcomers and helps them grasp the art of hacking. This website will assist you in learning about hacking attacks and vulnerabilities if you are unaware of them.

websites to Learn Hacking this 2022
websites to Learn Hacking this 2022

It covers hundreds of hacking attacks and tools that white hat, black hat, and grey hat hackers utilize. Furthermore, it provides real-time material on major security breaches, ensuring that you are up to speed on the newest hacking trends and assaults.

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7. Hacking Tutorial: As the name implies, Hacking Tutorial is a leading hacking learning website for all levels of learners, from beginners to expert. This website is primarily concerned with identifying and exploiting software and application flaws in order to improve their security.

Hacking lessons, hacking information, phone hacking, hacking news, and the real-world use of numerous hacking techniques may all be found on this page. Furthermore, you may study ethical hacking in offline mode by downloading many resources in.pdf format from our website.

8. Hackaday: Another excellent website for learning hacking is Hackaday. This website provides lessons for advanced hacking attacks with the goal of helping students better comprehend the topics.

Best free Websites to Learn hacking online
Best free Websites to Learn hacking online

It’s a community of security experts and ethical hackers where you’ll discover incredible resources for mastering ethical hacking. You may even join the community and work on one of the many projects that are offered. Simply establish a free Hackaday account; if you have a GitHub account, you may log in with your GitHub details and study and work on any development and hacking project of your choosing.

The major drawback of this site is that it is not suitable for full newcomers as you must have some prior knowledge.

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9. Hacker101: Hacker101 is a HackerOne-developed teaching website that offers free online security and ethical hacking training. If you’re new to hacking, the website is a great place to start learning ethical hacking.

Learn how to hack for beginners free app
Learn how to hack for beginners free app

With helpful guidelines, video lessons, and valuable resources, you can learn how to hack. You may also put your abilities to use by working on projects and completing challenges such as Capture the Flags (CTFs).

It progresses from the fundamentals to more complex subjects such as cracking encryption and cryptography. It is one of the greatest hacking learning websites available today to help you get a head start on your profession.

10. Break The Security: Break The Security is another excellent resource for learning hacking, with ethical hacking news and lessons available for free.

What are some really good websites where one can learn ethical hacking
What are some really good websites where one can learn ethical hacking

The site includes the most recent postings on how to hack items, devices, and exploit apps, as well as other topics. If you’re a beginner, it’s another wonderful place to learn hacking online.

If you’re searching for anything particular to learn about ethical hacking, you may use the search bar to find a post or lesson on the subject. The biggest benefit of using these sites to learn hacking is that you don’t have to make an account or register anyplace.

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11. Hack This Site: This is a completely free and authorised approach to learn ethical hacking. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is one of the greatest training sites to learn hacking. On this website, beginners can learn how to hack, and even seasoned hackers can improve their hacking abilities. This website offers you a wealth of resources for free, making it one of the greatest places to learn hacking. For instance, you can find various hacking challenges, blogs, articles, lessons, and even underground debates, as well as the most recent hacking industry news, on this website.

 Free Ethical Hacking Courses & Tutorials Online
Free Ethical Hacking Courses & Tutorials Online

Since the interface is not very user-friendly, beginners may initially feel apprehensive. But you will get used to it quite quickly. In spite of the fact that you’re learning to hack, the user interfaces are made for regular internet users. Its encouragement for you to study as much as you can makes it one of the top websites for learning hacking. Additionally, it challenges you to hack their own website, hence the phrase “Hack This Website.”

They even honour your name in the Hall of Fame section of Hack This Site as a prize for your efforts and abilities. All you need to do to get started is visit the website, set up a free account, and you are ready to go.


It is free to use.

It is a 100% safe legal website hack training platform.

You can join Discord, forums, and IRC to engage in real-time conversations.

12. Hacking Loops: This is a fantastic option to learn mobile hacking, ethical hacking, and penetration testing all from one source. This easy-to-use website has all information you require to train and test your knowledge appropriately. Here are some more outstanding features, albeit they might not help you with the website hacking prank:

 Free Ethical Hacking Courses & Tutorials Online
Free Ethical Hacking Courses & Tutorials Online


Easily download a step-by-step guide to set up your hacking lab.

It is available for free.

Practice tests to implement what you learn.

This one of the best hacking websites to prank is a beginner-friendly website.

Free blogs and material on hacking.

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There’s no reason why you shouldn’t begin your cyber-security profession this year. Cyber-security specialists have made it simpler than ever to become a certified ethical hacker, thanks to the millions of free materials accessible online.

Whether you want to hack for profit or for pleasure, learning the fundamentals of Internet security is essential. Hacking is not only a fun talent to learn, but it may also come in handy when analyzing and solving complicated or important problems.