Best Programming Languages for Hacking 2024: Top 14

Top 14 Best Programming Languages for Hacking: In the internet-enhanced world we find ourselves today, the subject of ‘Hacking’ is something that can virtually grab anyone’s attention. There is quite a plethora of reasons why people hack. It could be for the protection of their own software or just for the sheer ‘naughtiness’ of accessing data from the dark web.

Hacking in itself can be defined as the maneuvering of several protocols to access very important information or data in a software. This is a crucial skill, as information is a very delicate subject that has made or destroyed entities right from the beginning.

After the birth of the internet and software, hackers became a menace – collecting data from computers and software for their own interests which could include third-party trading. Also, because of how powerful the tool of hacking was and still is, just anyone with the right level of programming could even think of using hacking to access very security-sensitive issues. This was when ‘ethical hackers’ came into the picture. They came in to help governments and organizations build or create protective firewalls around their software against cyberattacks.

Programming Languages for Hacking
Programming Languages for Hacking

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Here are the types of hacking;

1. White Hat Hacking/ Ethical Hacking.

2. Grey Hat Hacking.

3. Black Hat Hacking.

1. White Hat: White hat hackers are hackers that conduct only legal hacking with permissions from the government or institution that is their employer. These hackers have no malicious intentions whatsoever, neither do they intend on following an illegal route. They mostly program a software in a way that would protect it from the ‘black hackers’.

2. Grey Hat: These set of hackers might not necessarily possess an intention to harm any individual though they could break a few rules as they go. They are not exactly the good guys as some of their protocols are still illegal.

3. Black Hat: These hackers are those that have both malicious intentions and a habit of crossing legal boundaries with their hacking. Their activity is completely illegal and prohibited. This grouping is arguably the most famous of the three.

At this point, one could ask the question of the importance or relationship between hacking and programming. It is however, important to know that a good programmer makes for a good hacker. What this means is that to become an expert at maneuvering software, just like in relationships with humans, you must be conversant with its programming in the first place. This is why we made a list of ten programming languages you can try;

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Top 14 Best Programming Languages for Hacking in 2024

1. Python: This is quite possibly the most popular and loved programming language right now due to its workability and easy-to-understand syntax. One of the perks of using Python is the fact that there is close to no compilation of codes.

Best programming language for hacking in 2021
Best programming language for hacking in 2021

One of the areas in which python functions adequately is web design. It is also worthy to note that it can be used in all locations and with its ever-growing community, questions and doubts are taken care off in record time!

2. Java: Java is famous among mobile tech base. Since the introduction of java, a lot people are getting more and more interested in programming because of the wide-spread nature of the language. It is virtually in everything ranging from phones to laptops etc.

Programming Languages used for hacking
Programming Languages used for hacking

It has a very lovely interface and anyone with basic knowledge of programming would do just fine.

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3. JavaScript: If you are on the look-out for a superior scripting language that works well with markup language, then this is for you.

Most popular programming languages for hacking a computer
Most popular programming languages for hacking a computer

You can have a really good browsing experience when you optimize your browser interface with JavaScript. Like, python, this language is also good for mastering web design and creating multiple interfaces.

4. PHP: Otherwise known as ‘Personal Home Pages’, PHP is one language that gives you a good layout of a particular website or platform. You can then discover the loopholes that exist there and then exploit them.

Most used language for hacking on the internet
Most used language for hacking on the internet

Some people may refer to this as the ‘easiest’ language in programming because of the large domain of documents in this particular language. It is however our recommendation that you start out with java and python and slowly build your way up from there.

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5. HTML: It is also known as ‘Hypertext Markup Language’. Its strongest area of expertise is web pages. From Mozilla Firefox to Google chrome, if you intend working on a webpage, (in the absence of java) This the language for you. The downside to the language rests on the limited range of hacks you can do on the platform.

Which programming language is used for hacking? See Answer
Which programming language is used for hacking? See Answer

6. C/C++: The C/C++ is more or less a general-purpose language, even as an extension of the C language. This is a language I would introduce to beginners that are finding their footing in web design and programming. This because the programming involved is clear and easier to following than most languages on our list.

Programming languages used by hackers
Programming languages used by hackers

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7. Scheme: This is quite a conventional programming language that offers you basic steps to hacking and a clean and clear result. If time is that big of deal for a programmer, they can access a tidy version of their works in a short period of time.

We recommend this language for programmers that are just starting out and are not very certain of how the whole thing works. The only edge a programming language like Java has over this one is the fact that there are a whole lot of apps that won’t function properly without Java.

8. Ruby: If you want to be a HACKER and you’re interested in a web language that is perfect for corporate systems, this is a great language to start from.


Ruby has just the right amount of flexibility during coding. There is need for a crucial language for become skilled at the art of creating and organizing functioning scripts, and Ruby creates different sizes.

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9. Perl: Perl is one programming language that that has an extendable nature. What this means basically is that it allows for several programs to run at the same time. It is a little old, but old-heads and professional programmers still prefer this one over several others due to the fact that it is way easier to use and understand with its familiar library.

10. SQL: This language is another programming language that is a little dated as it was created in the 1970s. The thing with old languages is that they can be very efficient able to do the jo, regardless of speed and several other factors.

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11. Bash: Although Bash (Bourne Again Shell) isn’t really a complete computer programming language, it’s a requirement if you want to learn how to hack. Most UNIX systems use Bash as their principal command interface, and UNIX is the basis of every significant server. When you’ve gained network access using various hacking programmes to alter the system, Bash will be useful.

Best Programming Languages for Ethical Hacking
Best Programming Languages for Ethical Hacking

It’s like the icing on top of all the existing hacking programmes, and security enthusiasts must have it. Bash enables hackers to easily break into company software and automate a number of hacking programmes. Bash is also ideal for sophisticated and intricate scripts. However, you must fully understand it before using it for your hacking purposes.

Hackers shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn Bash! When you use Bash in conjunction with the Python programme, it becomes more powerful. Hackers can exploit the payloads by making Bash fully functional on them.

12. Assembly: Writing code for a particular kind of processor requires the use of the low-level programming language assembly. Machine code is created from assembly code, and any computer with a compatible processor can execute it.

Hacking language list
Hacking language list

It is challenging to design code that can be executed on several processors since each processor has its own unique assembly language. Although assembly is challenging to master, it is a tremendously potent language. Exploits, reverse engineering tools, and low-level system software are frequently written using it. We advise reading Randall Hyde’s book The Art of Assembly Language Programming, which is regarded as one of the greatest sources for learning this difficult language, if you’re interested in learning assembly.

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13. Lua: Scripting for Game-Changing Hacks

Lua, a lightweight and versatile scripting language, finds its niche in game hacking and software customization. Widely used in the gaming industry, Lua scripts can be injected into games to modify their behaviour. This ability enables ethical hackers to uncover potential security weaknesses and design countermeasures.


While Lua might not be the primary language for in-depth system penetration, it’s excellent for creating scripts that automate repetitive tasks during testing and exploration. Its simplicity and integration capabilities with other programming languages make it a valuable tool in a hacker’s arsenal.

14. Scheme: Unleashing the Power of Functional Programming

Scheme, a dialect of Lisp, is a functional programming language known for its minimalist syntax and emphasis on code simplicity. While not as commonly used in hacking as some other languages, its unique features can provide hackers with a fresh perspective on problem-solving.

Scheme’s focus on recursion, lambda functions, and high-order programming can lead to elegant solutions when exploring security vulnerabilities. Its dynamic nature and interactive environment make it an excellent choice for prototyping and experimenting with new hacking techniques.

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In conclusion, the above types of programming languages can help you in your hacking journey. The meaning and types of hacking are also very clear to you. Even with this list, a lot of people may still not be sure on which language to pick. The trick is basically deciding on which of the programming languages work best for you and the sort of hacking you want to embark on.

The device in use is also very important. Remember that a sound programming language makes for an easier hacking process. We also encourage that you start hacking with the right intentions to prevent you from being blacklisted as a web criminal.