Advantages of Android Over IPhone 2024: Top 11 Benefits

Advantages of Android over iPhone in 2024: The versatility, utility, and freedom of choice offered by Android much outweigh those of the iPhone. Apple has added new physical features to its iPhone series, including wireless charging and, in the case of the iPhone X, a high-resolution OLED display. Apple’s phones received fresh improvements at the same time thanks to iOS 15. iPhones are the finest they’ve ever been, but Android phones still provide a much better balance of price and functionality than Apple’s little selection.

Is it worth switching from Android to iPhone 2024
Is it worth switching from Android to iPhone 2024

With the training wheels off, Android gives users access to a wide range of hardware and software options as well as essential features like 3.5mm headphone connectors and USB-C connections that you won’t find on the newest iPhone models. Additionally, an unlocked Android phone costs a lot less than Apple’s cheapest smartphone, the iPhone SE. Ten factors make Android superior to the iPhone. Read on to discover them.

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Top 11 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iPhone

1. Superior values: Some of the cheapest iPhone models available: the $349 iPhone SE, $449 iPhone 6s, $549 iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7, $669 iPhone 7 Plus, $699 iPhone 8, $799 iPhone 8 Plus, and the $999 iPhone X. In comparison to its larger brothers, the 4-inch iPhone SE may seem like a good deal, but you can purchase a genuinely good Android phone with a considerably larger screen for less than $349.

Android vs iOS pros and cons
Android vs iOS pros and cons

Excellent Android smartphones may be found for less than $250. A dependable phone, like the Moto G5 Plus, with a 5.2-inch, 1080p display, a speedy Snapdragon 625 CPU, and a good 12-MP camera, can be had for only $239. MetroPCS sells the $130 ZTE Blade Z Max, which has a 6-inch full-HD screen and more than 11 hours of battery life.

2. 3.5mm headphone jacks: Since the iPhone 7, no iphone has had a 3.5mm audio jack, which is required to connect a set of regular headphones. You’ll need to utilize a dongle, pair of Bluetooth headphones, or an Apple-exclusive Lightning-compatible wired headphone set if you wish to listen to music on your Apple device.

Top Best Advantages Of Android Over iPhone In 2022
Top Best Advantages Of Android Over iPhone In 2022

However, the majority of headphones still use the 3.5mm connector, including the $3 pair you can buy at Walgreens and the $300 set of Bose QuietComforts you received for your birthday. The majority of Android phones, including all the trendiest models from Samsung, LG, and OnePlus, still retain this well-liked port, with the exception of the Moto Z and Google Pixel / Pixel 2 devices.

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3. Ports for rapid charging with USB Type-C: You’ll need a cable with Apple’s exclusive Lightning port if you want to charge your iPhone or use it in any other way that requires a connection to a computer. Since none of the equipment—aside from iPhones and iPads—charges via Lightning, you cannot use the same set of connectors for all of your equipment. Ironically, Apple MacBooks are recharged using USB-C.

Modern Android phones may connect to a wide range of ports and accessories, including docking stations and universal chargers, because the bulk of them employ USB Type-C connections for charging. Fast wired charging is also made feasible by USB-C on the majority of more recent Android phones. A USB-C to Lightning cable and an additional power source of at least 29 watts are required for rapid wired charging on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X as well as more recent versions.

4. Widgets, skins, and customization: Apple restricts the UI and provides fewer modifications than Google because it believes it knows what’s best for you regardless of what you need or want, like a father in a 1950s sitcom. You can only use a small number of widgets. Instead, with Android, you may pick from a wide selection of widgets that show up on your home or lock screens and provide features like weather, note-taking, and music playback.

Advantages of Android Over iPhone in 2022
Advantages of Android Over iPhone in 2022

On top of the basic operating system, manufacturers like Samsung and LG provide specialized “skins” with a unique look and feel. Even better, you can add a custom theme or install your own launcher to entirely change how your phone looks and feels and give it a really unique appearance.

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5. Additional hardware choices, like  rugged phones: Google used to advertise Android under the following phrase: “Be Together. Not the same.” The platform is present on hundreds of different phone types all throughout the world, so that makes sense. Android phones come with a variety of display options, including large Screen area, tiny ones, modular accessories, QWERTY arrangement for the keyboard, and removable batteries.

Why Android is better than iPhone
Why Android is better than iPhone

It’s comforting to know that the newest iPhones are water-resistant, but if you’re really concerned about damaging your phone, there are some truly robust phones out there, like the Moto Z2 Force, which includes an optional projector add-on and a screen that is guaranteed not to fracture for four years. You might also take into account the LG X venture, which is shock-resistant up to 4 feet in the air. The BlackBerry KeyOne is your best option if you prefer the sensation of typing on actual physical keys.

6. A real, functioning file system: Would you like to transfer files from your iPhone to your computer? You can only transfer media files, like as images, back and forth without installing iTunes or creating an account. On the other hand, when you connect an Android phone to your PC, it immediately mounts as an external drive with drag-and-droppable folders.

What are the biggest advantages of having an iPhone over a decent Android?
What are the biggest advantages of having an iPhone over a decent Android?

iPhone users gained access to the new Files app, which allows them to browse through some of their data files, with iOS 11. However, unlike Android apps like Astro File Manager and ES File Manager, Files does not offer you access to every folder on your device. And when you connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable, the iOS 11 Files app still doesn’t make it appear as an external drive.

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7. A back button: No matter where you are, you can easily and helpfully go back to a previous screen by pressing the back button on an Android device. Even between apps, the button functions. If you click a link on Facebook and are taken to the Chrome browser, you can hit the back button to return to the social network app.

On the iPhone, you can receive contextual return buttons inside of programs or a back button that shows up when you click a link that switches you between apps. However, there isn’t a single button that allows you to back up.

8. Supports multiple windows: You need an Android phone if you want to multitask on your phone. With the built-in multiwindow mode found in Android 7 Nougat and Android 8 Oreo, the two most recent iterations of Google’s mobile operating system, you can, for example, view the corporate website in one window while responding to your boss’s email in another. Samsung and LG phones already have this split-screen feature built in, even without the most recent OS upgrade. Only Apple’s tablets, not its phones, support split-screen views in iOS.

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9. Use a stylus to write: While you can purchase an Apple Pencil for your iPad, you’re pretty well out of luck if you want to doodle on your iPhone’s screen (you can buy a capacitive stylus which is no better than your finger).

The Galaxy Note 8, on the other hand, comes with the incredibly potent S Pen, and the built-in software enables you to use the stylus even while the phone’s screen is off for drawing, composing instant messages, and taking notes. The G4 Stylus and the Stylo 3 are only two of the stylus-capable phones made by LG.

10. Additional login choices: The iPhone 6, 7, and 8 each employ Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint recognition to help you log in with a single touch, but neither facial nor retinal recognition is available. However, the iPhone X and some of the later versions do not include a fingerprint or retina option.

You have several different authentication options available on Android smartphones. For instance, the most recent Samsung Galaxy phones have the option of fingerprint, retina, or facial identification.

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11. More Storage Options: When it comes to storage, many Android phones provide expandable storage through microSD card slots, allowing you to simply add extra storage space as required without having to worry about losing data or programs to make room. iPhones, on the other hand, do not support external storage. This means you’ll have to spend a considerable amount of money up front for additional storage, and if you run out of space, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for iCloud storage or remove data to make room.

iPhone vs Android users
iPhone vs Android users

In terms of cloud storage, Apple only provides 5 GB of free storage with iCloud, but Google provides 15 GB of free cloud storage. Furthermore, the Google Drive app is available on both platforms. Although there is no iCloud for Android app, there are many methods for accessing iCloud on your Android phone.

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Pick a smartphone based on your requirements and preferences. It all depends on your wants and choices as this age-old argument rages on and splits people into two groups. Selecting the best fit for you is perhaps more significant than deciding which is superior to the other. An Android phone is the best option for you if the reasons we’ve stated above apply to you. Naturally, there are also justifications for the other position.