Best Online Shopping Sites in the United Kingdom (UK): Top 10

Best online Shopping sites in the United Kingdom (UK): With everyone clicking away at devices these days, it seems easier to just navigate through a online store, click on certain items and pop them in your virtual cart and buy.

In addition, online stores have become increasingly popular in past few years, and you can almost buy anything online. From clothing to food, household items, electronics, tech gadgets, hair and skin products, etc. There are also so many online stores out there, ranging from amateur Instagram stores and Twitter stores, to top-grade online shopping stores with websites of their own and several other affliated stores selling items on their site.

Asides local or remote online shopping – buying from online stores based within the country – one can also navigate the international online market scene. Certain products which are not easily accessible within the country, or way too expensive are great examples of what people often buy from these international stores. Sometimes one can get these products cheaper and not have to worry about buying the fake versions, especially when the site is a popular one.

Online shopping anywhere can be tricky and tiring sometimes, but these stores come up as the best because they make shopping easy for customers and they make great offers at surprisingly affordable prices.

Stay on this page to discover what online stores are on our list.

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Top 10 online Shopping sites in the United Kingdom (UK)

1. Amazon UK: Amazon started off as a bookstore in 1998 and has expanded over the years to become of the biggest retail stores in the world. In addition to that, they sell nearly, if not everything you can buy in a physical store.

best online shopping sites in the United Kingdom
best online shopping sites in the United Kingdom

They have this wonderful A-Z concept which serves as a sorting list for all the products they sell, and this makes it easier to navigate through the plethora of products on their site. Electronics, books, cosmetics, household items and appliances, hair products, clothing, groceries, accessories, etc are but a few of the categories of products old in their online retail store.

They also have a customer review feature, where people should have tested out a particular products can offer their honest opinion. This would help other buyers know more about the product. In addition, they offer amazing price discounts.

Amazon UK is the UK- based Amazon store, and over 86% of UK online shoppers swear by it. It is also very easy to navigate; just type a product in the search bar and start shopping.

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2. ASOS: Asos or ‘As Seen On Screen’ is one of the biggest retail stores of fashion and beauty products, including clothing. It was launched in 2000, and has become popular in the UK, as a reliable online clothing store with great offers.

best online shopping site in the UK
best online shopping site in the UK

It is a British-based store and sells 850 brands, including its own label. It also offers amazing discounts to students and is a reliable platform, especially for UK shoppers. In addition to clothing, they also sell beauty products, jewelry, other accessories, etc.

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3. ARGOS: Argos sells a variety of products in different categories including beauty and health products, baby products, home décor, sports products, etc.

top online stores in the United Kingdom (UK)
top online stores in the United Kingdom (UK)

Popular among a large number of UK inhabitants, Argos is considered as one of the Best Online shopping sites in UK. Launched in the year 1973 in UK, Argos presents a multitude of broad categories such as best European clothing stores online, sports, beauty, health, baby and nursing, home décor, garden décor and so on.

It has an option for free delivery, and this is a train for avid online shoppers to hop on. It also has a feature that enables buyers make purchases from the online store retailer even outside operating hours.

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4. EBAY UK: Launched in 1999, eBay is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in UK.

It not only provides a platform for buyers to do their online  shopping, but for sellers too. If you have products you want to sell, eBay is a great place to display your products for sale. They also have online auction services and offer great value for affordable prices.

how to buy things online from UK
how to buy things online from UK

The products available in the website are for both men and women and range from electronics, clothing and shoes, sports gear and products, body products, home appliances, etc.

5. TESCO: Still on online markets for specific goods, Tesco is the one-stop online shopping site for groceries in the UK.

Founded in 1929, Tesco took their services to the online plane in 1996. They not only have an impressive collection of grocery and food items, they also offer customer loyalty card services.

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6. BOOHOO: Boohoo is a very popular online clothes store in the UK. It is known for it range of clothing lines that are celebrity-inspired. Even better, these clothes are affordable even though they are very much trendy.

online shops to buy things at cheap prices in the UK
online shops to buy things at cheap prices in the UK

It has something for both men and women and caters for the fashion needs of 16-30 year olds. Anyone looking the buy clothes that are the current trends or who has a taste for fast fashion would certainly hit it off with Boohoo.

It was launched in 2006 and focuses on selling trendy clothes in large scale for affordable prices for quick turnover. They also own their own clothes brand.

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7. MARKS AND SPENCER: Marks and Spencer, also known as M&S, is one of the oldest shopping platforms in the UK, and now one of the best online stores too. It was founded in 1884 and is a big part of the British story.

Best UK online shopping sites
Best UK online shopping sites

Marks and Spencer introduced its online retail store in the year 1999. This online shopping site has an extensive range of products including clothing for both men and women, household items, beauty and body products, etc. They also offer other unique services including access to custom-made services and products, exclusive club membership and unique gift sets.

8. CURRYS: If you are looking for an online shopin website for specific goods, Currys is worth a try. This particular site specifically caters for the needs of their customers as regards electronics and home appliances.

best e-commerce company in the UK
best e-commerce company in the UK

They have greats offers for products such as cameras, computers, televisions, refrigerators, and so on.

Besides the amazing discounts they offer, it is agreeably easier to search for particular products in markets that provide specifically for them.

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9. PRETTY LITTLE THING: Like Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing makes sale offers of celebrity-inspired clothing for affordable prices. Its target market include teenage girls and young adult women. It currently have no offers for menswear.

e-commerce sites in the UK to buy clothes with discount
e-commerce sites in the UK to buy clothes with discount

It was launched in 2012, and provides a yearly membership offer called Royalty.

10. ETSY UK: Etsy is one online market popular for its largely creative products and offers.

It was founded in 2005, and provides a platform for various, creative, handmade and vintage products. It is a place where both buyers and sellers of custom-made goods interact commercially; either displaying goods or selecting choice goods to buy.

top 10 UK e-commerce site for clothing, home, furniture, beauty, food, wine, flowers & gifts with discount
top 10 UK e-commerce site for clothing, home, furniture, beauty, food, wine, flowers & gifts with discount

On Etsy, handmade or custom-made furniture, homeware, jewelry, clothing, bags, etc are but a few of products available for grabs.

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In conclusion, we’ve been all about international online shoppers, especially those interested in UK online stores. However, it is important to note that many UK stores have shipping restrictions when it comes to certain products, so it would be wise to first check out the shipping terms of any store you want to buy from before making any purchases.