Salary of UK Doctors: 2021 Salary of Doctors in the United Kingdom

Salary of UK doctors 2021: United Kingdom is home to one of the most beautiful Cities and best Medical Practitioners in the World. There are over 400,000 Medical Practitioners in U.K, Particularly Doctors who enjoy numerous benefits of Working in U.K including a Lucrative Salary.

salary of UK doctors
salary of UK doctors

This Article Examines the Medical Profession in UK and the Salary of Doctors therein. I encourage students all over the world who are intending to study or practice medicine in the United Kingdom as this article will explicitly explain everything about medical practice in the UK and the salary of medical doctors in the country.

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Who Is A Doctor?

A Doctor is a trained Medical Practitioner qualified and licensed to diagnose and treat patients, as well as involve in all required Medical Practice.

Extensively, a Doctor may be referred to as an Individual concerned with maintaining and restoring Health through the Study, Diagnosis, Prognosis, and treatment of diseases, patients, injuries, and other Medical impairments.

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What you should know about Doctors in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom welcomes all grades of Doctors and equally endorses all various areas of Specialization of Doctors. Doctors in U.K are usually known as General Practitioners (GP) as they work closely with other Health Professionals towards improving Healthcare. By way of Definition, a GP is a Medical Doctor who treats acute and Chronic Illness, provide Preventive Care, and Health Education to Students.

How much are doctors paid in the United Kingdom
How much are doctors paid in the United Kingdom

The holistic approach of General Practice takes into Consideration the Biological, Psychological, and Social factors relevant to the case of each Patients illness. However, there are over 20 Specialties of Doctors who are fully trained and equipped in these areas in the United Kingdom.

Medical Doctors in United Kingdom are regulated by the Governing Council of Medical Education and Registration of the United Kingdom (GMC) established by the Medical Act of 1858.

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Qualification As a Medical Doctor In UK

To qualify as a Medical Doctor in the United Kingdom, you must complete the following:

1) A combination of GCSE, A level, and all necessary Grade 12 Certificate Exams required to get admission into the Medical School. N/B: Most Medical Schools/Universities usually require Prospective students to take an Admission test and Interview.

2)  Your Undergraduate studies and obtain the necessary degree in Medicine, recognized by the General Medical Council.

3) Your two year foundation training program of General training usually called FY1 and FY2.

4) A Core Medical training (CMT) or Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) Program, as well as your Specialty training which depends on your chosen area of Specialization.

Upon the Completion of all these, you will be Registered, Licensed, and Qualified to Practice as a Medical Doctor in United Kingdom. Upon Qualification as a Medical Doctor you may choose to Work at any place of your Choice, thereinafter you will begin to earn Salary.

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Salary of Medical Doctors In UK

Salary of Medical doctors in the United Kingdom 2021
Salary of Medical doctors in the United Kingdom 2021

Having laid proper foundation on the Medical Profession in the United Kingdom, it is therefore important that we consider the Salary such a Qualified Medical Doctor in U.K earns.

Generally, a Medical Doctor in U.K earns a base Salary of £28,213 in their FY1 and £33,000 in their FY2.

This Salary usually increases by Year and Level of Experience. Thus, the Higher your Level of Experience, the Higher your Salary. For Instance, Doctors who have passed the Foundation training Program, and now undergoing Core Training usually earn £38,000 – £41,000, While a Specialty Register earns £45,000 – 49,000. N/B: As a Doctor in training, you will earn a basic Salary for 40 Hours per week, plus pay for Additional Hours worked, allowance for Weekend work, Call allowance, and other required pay.

Upon becoming a General Practitioner or Consultant in your area of Specialization after undergoing your Specialized training program in an Area of Specialization, the Average Salary according to Research are as follows:

A Doctor with 1-2 years of Experience earns £79,000 – £85,000

A Doctor with 3 – 8 years experience earns £86,000 – £90,000

A Doctor with 9-13 years experience earns £93,000 – £100,000

While a Doctor with 14 years of experience till infinity usually earns above £100,000.

Additionally, Doctors in U.K usually receive Performance related bonuses and additional benefits such as Sick Pay, Health and Maternity Pay.

Conclusively, it is imperative to state categorically that there are three major factors that act as a determinant for the Salary of Doctors in United Kingdom. The first of which is your Job role or title, as every role has a different pay scale.

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Secondly is your Level of Experience in such Job role, title or Specialization. This is very crucial in determining your Salary as Doctors with a succulent level of Experience will earn a Corresponding lucrative salary and vice versa.

Thirdly is your Hour of Work. Salary of Doctors in U.K are often based and established using Programmed activities. Each Programmed Activities is worth four hours of your Week, and a Standard Week is 40 Hours. A Standard Salary thus is based on a full working week of 10 PA’s (40 Hours). If you work above 10 Pa’s, then you will gain additional salary in addition to your basic Salary.

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