How To Known Someone Doesn’t Love You: 10 Signs

How To Known Someone Doesn’t Love You: Love is a matter of the heart and as such, it is a sensitive matter. People will always go a long way to ascertain the quantum and in fact the existence of love so proclaimed by another towards them. How then do you know that someone does not actually love you? The question as to the existence or nonexistence of love from another towards you may be necessitated by your own feelings. Probably you love someone but you are not sure whether that person feels the same way for you.

The question can also arise when two people love each other at the first instance but the love of both or either of them begins to wither down as a result of emotional or incidental factors arising from existing circumstances. At this very juncture, the existence of love has become uncertain. Certain roles and attitudinal traits would begin to play out which in fact does not fulfill the purpose of love. In other words, love could not be said to exist in such relation, considering the existence of certain indications.

How then do you know that someone doesn’t love you?

Painful Signs He Doesn't Love You Anymore
Painful Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

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Signs To Known Someone Doesn’t Love You

1. Picking Offence over Little Things: Love they say is patient and kind. Love has the capacity to endure and tolerate. Since love is founded upon mutual acceptance, patience and tolerance is therefore a necessary incidence of love. When someone picks offence over little things, it is a clear sign that the person does not love you. Sometimes it may seem as if the person consciously looks out for fault from your side. He becomes easily triggered to exert anger on you.

when someone doesn't love you anymore
when someone doesn’t love you anymore

You could feel that even when the person tries to correct you; it is not compounded in love but in abhorrence. A person who loves you would not expect you to be a perfect being. He is less likely to persistently pick offence over damn little things because he understands that you would ordinarily intend to do things the way they are not supposed to. Love renders one blind against picking offence over little things. When there is no love then, the picking offence trait is not shielded from manifesting.

2. The Person gives Excuses: A person who loves you will find every reason and chance to be available for you. In that same manner, when a person does not love you, he invents excuses over every single thing as long as it concerns you. He makes up excuses to keep you from seeing his family and friends because he does not want them to know about you.

signs your partner doesn't love you anymore
signs your partner doesn’t love you anymore

He probably isn’t proud of you. You could feel that the excuses are not genuine. You could feel it. The person does not want to be available or sacrifice any need for you, and at some point you may start to feel that you are imposing yourself on that person. Yes, you actually are. It is a clear signal to readjust and reserve some respect for yourself.

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3. The Person is unnecessarily Secretive towards you: If a person is overprotective to matters concerning himself against you and as such, shields you away from his affairs, it is a sign that he does not trust you. Trust could not have existed in the absence of love. When someone loves you, that person would be willing to let you know more about him.

How To Known Someone Doesn’t Love You
How To Known Someone Doesn’t Love You

It is true that there should exist some boundaries as to personal information, but to an extent, love does not hide its true self. Love is welcoming and peaceful. If a person is secretive towards you, it is a sign of reservation and rejection. You are simply not welcomed.

4. No Respect for you: Love is not disrespectful. Respect is in fact an ingredient of love. If circumstances point to the fact that a person who claims to love you does in fact disrespect you, you should consider the love not genuine.

Brutally Honest Signs He Doesn't Love You Anymore
Brutally Honest Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

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5. The Person does not play along: Love is a natural cause of feeling. It is undeniable whenever is exists between individuals. When you feel love for someone, you may not realize how you readjust your position in favour of that person. You would do all that is willing to get closer. Most of them you’d do subconsciously. Now, if that other person feels the same way for you, he would play along too.

Signs they don't really love you
Signs they don’t really love you

He would readjust his position in favour of you, thereby making it easier for the both of you. It is a natural cause; so you would realize that too many efforts would not be made just to fit into each other’s circle. When you extend love to a person and the person do not react positively to it; he does not play along, he does not love you.

6. The Person is not interested in your Life: You could not be said to be loved by a person when that person is not a bit interested in matters that concern you. Your life affairs do not in any way arise as a matter of concern to him. He does not care about your progress, well-being and feelings. Such a person is simply not interested in your life and how you go about it. This cannot be love.

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7. He does not initiate Contact and Communication: All the time, it is just you looking out for that other person. In fact, he would only initiate contact when he needs you. That person does not love you. He could merely be objectifying you. It could also be that you are forcing things if communication does not come from the other side.

8. The Person does not reasonably Compromise for you: Love is embedded on compromise. This however does not suggest a sense of entitlement. There are simply positions, rules and standards where someone who loves you would be bound to reasonably compromise in your favour.

In fact, compromise is that which keeps love going. If there are no compromises, the love is not genuine since there is no sacrifice. And when love has been established to be in existence, it is still compromise that guarantees its longevity.

It flows correctly therefore that if someone cannot compromise certain conditions in your favour, the real existence of love from his side is questionable.

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9. Little or no Attention: Does that person claim busy always? He probably has time for other people but certainly not you. People always make out time for the things and the people they cherish.

10. The Person is less Appreciative: When you extend love and favours to the person and he does not count it a favour let alone appreciating, there is not sign of love signaled here.

Love finds every chance to be grateful. Where love exists, very little kind gestures are well counted and appreciated, let alone a quantifiable one.

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Love is a feeling which everyone must at one point or the other seek for. It is very necessary to understand the signs from the other side of the person. This will enable you reserve and or channel your energy appropriately. The feeling of love cannot be imposed or even learnt, since love is a natural cause. You can only learn how to show love and not how to feel it. Therefore, after learning that someone does not love you, the appropriate cause to take is to move on.