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How To Woo a Girl: 7 Tips That Works

proven ways to be the perfect girlfriend

How To Woo a Girl: In different times, there have been different ways to woo a woman, in the olden days,one of the way to woo a woman is you should be able to know how to do some some farm works, you go to her father’s farm, help out and other ways, but things have changed now. Hitting on a woman is easy, But wooing a woman is a more complex task.

There’s so much more to wooing a woman than just telling her you like her; you have to find ways to prove that you’re a charming, dependable guy, Sound difficult? It’s actually easier and less complicated than it sounds.If you’re trying to woo a woman, it’s important that she knows you’re trying to woo her. So here we’ll be discussing the recent ways on how to woo a woman.

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7 Tips On How To Woo A Lady and Make Her Become Yours

1. Nice Impressions: When you meet a woman, you need to break the ice, when you make a nice impression, she can be comfortable with you, so whatever you’d be doing will be making sense to her. Furthermore, this can seem scary to do, but once you have done this, holding a conversation and laughing will be easy, and you will be able to build a friendship.

Secrets To Wooing A Girl The Right Way

Secrets To Wooing A Girl The Right Way

There are lots of different ways that you can break the ice, but just remember to make a good first impression. You don’t want her to remember you for being a jerk or making a really offensive joke! A good laugh is always a smart way to break the ice.

For example, you would show this webpage to her, and have a laugh over what is written and the whole idea of having such a page as well. Learn to be spontaneous; Taking an improv acting class can help with ideas for breaking the ice, and can help you be confident with talking to new people. Ideas flow, and it becomes easier to enter into and disengage from conversation, and can help you be more comfortable with any situation.

2. Make her laugh: Don’t be boring around her, crack nice jokes and watch her as she’s laughing, women love guys with a great sense of humor. Don’t be offensive or mean with your humor, because you’ll make her worry that you also say bad things about her when she’s not around.

How to woo a lady for the first time

How to woo a lady for the first time

Instead, be smart with your humor. You can watch comedy videos to help you with some funny lines. This doesn’t mean you should never take anything seriously though, or else you’ll come off as a clown.

Try to know her a little bit more before you attempt to be jocular (certain jokes for you might not be funny to her). Knowing her culture, her background, and most importantly things she likes will also be helpful.

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3. Date: It’s important than when you meet a woman, you go out with her, plan a date, dress sensibly, smell nice, hold the door for her to come down, bring out seat for her to sit down, be a gentle man. And show that you put some thought into it.

How to woo a lady and make her become yours

How to woo a lady and make her become yours

For example, rather than just going to a restaurant and hoping for a table, make a reservation beforehand. It’s a small gesture that shows you put time and effort into planning a nice date.

4. Smell nice: No woman wants to be with a man that smells badly, if you want to get a woman’s attention, whenever you’re going to see her please smell nice, you may even have a signature perfume that even if she perceives it somewhere else she remembers you and this will help keep you in her thoughts. Smell is incredibly important in attracting people.

How to woo a girl faster

How to woo a girl faster

While smelling amazing may not be a deal breaker, being stinky is! You’ll want to take some basic steps to fight all of the normal body odors that come along with being human! Shower often, and not just with water. Actually use soap & give yourself a good scrub to help keep your skin healthy. If you’re all sweaty, this step is going to be extra important. Some women are attracted to the smell of fresh sweat, but anything more than a couple hours old will scare them away!

Get a basic clean-smelling or citrusy cologne or body spray. Use it only lightly. It should be a hint of smell, not a cloud. If you use just a hint, she’ll want to lean in to smell you more…a cloud will keep her 5 feet (1.5m) away. Ensure you brush too, don’t go see her with a stinking mouth, have a good breath and if you can’t brush before going to see her, get a mint either chewing gum or sweet, so she wouldn’t perceive an offensive odor from your mouth.

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5. Don’t be Threatening: With the recent physical abuse in the internet, no woman wants to be with a violent man, You have to remember that girls and women are often subject to violence and are often cautious around guys for this reason. You have to make them feel comfortable if you want them to get the chance to know you.

How to woo a girl online with words

How to woo a girl online with words

One common mistake is to be a little too much on the stalker side: being too familiar with the girl and too clingy, You have to give a woman space. If you stalk them and cling too much, they’ll feel harassed and they will start to avoid you.

Be close, keeping in touch every once in a while, but remember she has friends and doesn’t (or shouldn’t) want to hang out with just you. Dropping cute text messages once a week or so is okay, though. Compliment her in a non-stalker way too. If she’s wearing an interesting necklace, say “That’s an interesting necklace” or “That’s a cool necklace” NOT “I always like your necklaces“.

6. Eye contact: Always look it into her eyes while talking to her, or when she’s laughing,watch her laugh or smile, Looking into her eyes helps tell her that you’re paying attention to what she’s saying, and she’ll appreciate having someone that really listens to her.

How to Woo a Woman

How to Woo a Woman

This also will subtly will make her see that you are really taking an interest. Just be careful not to get lost in her eyes when she’s talking, otherwise the only thing you’ll have to respond with is “Wow, you’ve got pretty eyes.”

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7. Be sensitive and caring: Don’t always talk about you, you,you, allow her talk too, don’t cut her short when she’s trying to tell you how she’s feeling; Let her cry on your shoulder if she’s sad. Make her smile when she’s feeling crummy. Listen to her when she talks and support her when she’s going through a tough time.

How to woo a girl by texting

How to woo a girl by texting

Women look for relationships with someone who can be their pillar of strength when everything else is going wrong, so show her that you really care for her and that you’re up to the task. Ask her how she’s doing and try to notice her moods. If she’s sad, comfort her.

If she is mad, ask her “What’s wrong?” If you think something’s wrong, ask her but if she does not want to talk about it then don’t press. If she has little siblings, nieces, or nephews, show her that you really care for them. Play with them, watch over and protect them, show the girl that they look up to you. Help others in front of her (although you should be helpful anyway). Help the poor and needy to show that how much you care for others. This shows her that you have a good spirit.

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Remember, women don’t all act one way. Some will be sure to act like they DON’T like you at first, because they’re afraid of giving you that idea and in turn giving you a big ego and/or making things awkward between you two. She will ONLY respond with genuine interest when she is sure you have an interest in her.

Finally Don’t just act natural, be natural. If she’s observant she’ll be able to detect that you’re trying too hard, or striving to be something you’re not. Be confident in yourself too!

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