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Where To Invest Money In Nigeria 2022: Top 13 Trusted Investment Platforms

Most profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria for 2022

Where to Invest Money in Nigeria; Top Investment Ideas: Investing is indeed a very profitable venture. Even if it’s only a negligible amount. To begin investing in Nigeria now, you don’t need huge amounts Of money. In Nigeria, there are many legitimate financial investment alternatives for you all to develop your money. Even though it’s only just a few thousand Naira, cumulative earnings can help your investment grow.

If you want to generate wealth, you must develop positive habits such as setting aside money every month. You could also lower your living expenses by cutting less on meals, subscription fees, and even transportation. You could start to invest or perhaps just enhance your asset portfolio with the money you’ve ended up saving.

In today’s environment, sliding a mobile phone display can be used to order meals, get a cab, or transfer cash. You may do the same with investment. Why wouldn’t your investment when you can pay your debts with your mobile phone? It’s simple for any internet-connected gadget. Although many frauds and Ponzi schemes are masquerading as investment possibilities in Nigeria, there are still enough genuine investment opportunities enabling investors to not be unwilling to invest.

You’ll become smart enough to avoid fraud when you can control your ambition and remain logical. Investing, on the other hand, would be a frightening phrase. It would become easier for you to understand. Even though you’re a complete novice.

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Top 13 Investment Ideas/Platforms to Put Your Money and Get Returns in Nigeria

1. Real Estate: Within Nigeria, real estate is among the most rewarding investment options. This is due to the rapidly growing population. As well as a significant influx of people to big cities like Port Harcourt, Abuja, and others. Real estate in big cities may be quite profitable for investors.

Where to invest money for good returns in Nigeria?

Where to invest money for good returns in Nigeria?

Low-cost homes, construction materials, resorts, shopping malls, and a variety of other opportunities are all available. There are numerous ways to earn from real estate investments. One of the most pressing issues as the population and economic development keep rising is accommodation.

2. Agriculture: Nigeria’s population is estimated to be at 200 million. As a result, one of the most difficult challenges is to sustain such a rapidly rising population. Nigeria is heavily reliant on imports since the country’s population prevents it from growing enough food.

Best investment platforms in Nigeria

Best investment platforms in Nigeria

According to Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture at the time, the government spent $24 billion on food imports each year. Ever since the country’s independence, successive administrations have attempted to limit food imports. As an outcome, numerous benefits have indeed been provided. The Bank for Agriculture became established to assist agricultural enterprises in obtaining financing and support.

Several financial organizations, such as Nigeria’s Ministry of Finance, provide particular financial support to agriculture-related firms. Agriculture has been one of Nigeria’s largest promising investment prospects. If properly formulated and managed, investments within agricultural production may be a very profitable endeavor. Crops, cattle, transport, farm machinery, and several other topics are of significant concern.

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3. Oil and Gas: Nigeria’s economy is based just on the oil and gas industry. Domestic and international investors invest in Nigeria’s petroleum industry and witness their money increase. Nigeria is among the global highest oil-producing nations.
Here are several places within the petroleum industry where shareholders can make money.

Smart Ways to Invest In Nigeria With A Small Amount of Money

Smart Ways to Invest In Nigeria With A Small Amount of Money

a. Petroleum marketing

b. Pipe-lining

c. Well servicing

d. Oil and gas transportation

e. Construction and installation

f. Refinery, and so on

The oil and gas industry delivers several investment alternatives.

4. Mining: Except for oil, Nigeria has a plethora of resources that have received considerable attention. For a committed individual, investing in these underserved areas could be extremely profitable. Nigeria’s mining industry is vastly underdeveloped. There hasn’t been much progress. This allows a lot of room for shareholders to come in and take look.

Best Nigeria investment company that pays weekly

Best Nigeria investment company that pays weekly

Most of Nigeria’s minerals are unexplored, and the administration has managed to offer hints that it is willing to work with shareholders.

The following are among the resources:

a. Limestone

b. Coal

c. Iron metal

d. Bitumen

e. Gold

f. Columbite

g. Tin

h. Uranium

i. Marble

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5. Manufacturing Industry: Nigeria is a nation that’s also overly reliant on imports, even for the most little of items. That’s not acceptable enough even for Africa’s biggest economy. Even as the economy grows, there seems to be a greater demand to manufacture a variety of goods at home. The workforce is available.

Investment Opportunities in Nigeria with The Highest Returns

Investment Opportunities in Nigeria with The Highest Returns

Investing in the economic sector of Nigeria will pay off. Generate jobs and spur economic growth. Governments have consistently advocated for higher manufacturing investment.

Basic household items, such as toothpicks, are particularly important in Nigeria. Food, waters (tables or sachets), fiber wires, telephone tools, tires, and even clothing are just a few examples of crucial things to create.

6. FGN Savings Bond: The Nigerian government issues FGN savings bonds through the Debt Management Office (DMO). Individual investors will benefit from the bonds, which provide quarterly interest payments and capital payback at maturity. You are providing financial support to the Federal Government of Nigeria for a limited time when you purchase the FGN savings bong and make payments.

Because it has the full support of Nigeria’s federal government, this is seen as a relatively safe investment. A deposit of between N6,000 and N60,000,000.00 can be made for a period of 2 to 20 years. The amount of interest received by individuals is determined by the timeframe of any investment.

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7. Fixed Deposit: This is indeed a safe and secure way of investing cash. If you’ve had a substantial sum of money which you won’t want for a while, you could put this in a bank or financial institution and earn handsomely. Politicians are making extensive use of this.

Where to invest money for good returns in Nigeria

Where to invest money for good returns in Nigeria

The higher the gain, the lengthier you fix your money. Simply go to a bank and express your desire to create a fixed deposit account. The procedure will be followed. Simply return home, unwind, and carry on with your daily routine as the money grows.

8. Tech: “Tech” is an abbreviation for “technology.” Investing in technology is the best strategy for this century. Technology has a stronghold on everything we do. According to estimates, around 77 million Nigerians utilize the internet. That’s a significant achievement!

Where to Invest Money in Nigeria

Where to Invest Money in Nigeria

Nigeria is troubled by a plethora of problems that technology can solve. There appear to be a plethora of ways in which technology can make one’s life better. Invest in or build your tech startup. Choose a problem to solve and leave the rest to us.

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9. Transportation Service (Logistics): Nigeria has a problem. Especially in huge cities such as Lagos. Because these areas are so densely populated, getting around becomes a huge challenge. At the end of the day, large throngs of people may be seen waiting for shuttles at several bus stops throughout Lagos.

Most reliable and safe investment platforms in Nigeria 2022

Most reliable and safe investment platforms in Nigeria 2022

It is a sensible idea to invest in the transportation industry. Due to the high volume of major traffic, additional modes of transportation, such as marine transport and railways, are required in Nigeria. In areas where motorcycles and tricycles are permitted, it can be a good investment.

10. Franchise: There were also franchise options available to everyone who wants to make money. A franchise could be the quickest way to start a business and gain a large number of consumers.

Since you would have a trustworthy and very well registered trademark. That implies that people will patronize you from the start, even if you don’t sell yourself!

11. Cryptocurrency: In general, cryptocurrency is regarded as being one of Nigeria’s largest and scariest investment prospects.

Cryptocurrencies are leading the financial technologies and internet transactions market outside of Nigeria. Purchasing cryptocurrencies, Litecoin, and others are a fantastic investment possibility if you already have some spare cash.

Nigeria offers a diverse range of investment opportunities. Only a few industries come to mind: oil and gas, transportation, logistics, and others. Even before you make a major move, the location may be a deciding factor. This could be a stumbling obstacle in obtaining the best Nigerian investments.

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11. Treasury Bills: One of the top investment programs in Nigeria, regardless of investment money, is Treasury Bills. The Federal Government is offering short-term debt instruments in this plan. In essence, treasury bills are the most liquid money market assets even though they are guaranteed by the federal government.

Investment platforms in Nigeria

Investment platforms in Nigeria

At the basic market auction, they are frequently granted for a specific number of days; this might be 91, 182, or 364. And it typically takes place every two weeks under the auspices of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Since it is not fixed, the interest rate, often referred to as the stop rate at the market auction, typically changes depending on the degree of demand and the sum of money provided by the higher bank.
Generally speaking, if you must invest, do so sensibly and prudently. Treasury bills are tax-free, and when compared to fixed deposits, their returns are frequently greater. This security investment has such a lovely aesthetic.

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12. Money market funds: Another reputable, reliable, and profit-driven investment program you may take advantage of is the money market fund. By investing in short-term, high-quality money market instruments, this Money Market Fund is an open-ended investment program that provides financial assistance through a free flow of income.

Most profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria for 2022

Most profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria for 2022

Commercial papers, bankers’ acceptances, collateralized repurchase agreements, and certificates of deposits are some examples of these money market vehicles. You may easily invest in any type of government security, including Treasury notes, using money market funds.

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There seem to be a plethora of investment options in Nigeria to be explored. Oil & gas, transport, logistic, and other industries are only a few examples. The location might be a deciding factor even before you make a massive move. This could be a stumbling block to acquiring the finest investments in Nigeria.

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